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@Bjorn - MD It's hard to even use "the left" to describe what these people want and celebrate.

It's so beyond the beyond at this point. Indescribable.

"Classical Liberal" is an atomic cringe.

You guys should look at the kinds of comments being dropped on this livestream

I remember hearing about a mixed white and asian guy with terminal leukemia and the doctor said something to the effect of "no chance in hell" when it came to the possibility of a marrow donor.

Hopefully we'll have our own Hasbara in coming years

I really thought we were close enough to the point where the SPLC is considered a known racket.

I get that they still have power.

But my god.

Right in the second paragraph of the Daily Beast article on AmRen

" according to the Southern Poverty Law Centerv"

Yeah I know. Don't you think they've got like 3 to 5 years left max before "SPLC" is like a household name for being a joke?

ADL and SPLC will easily come to be known for what they really are in our lifetimes.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN It's worse at sometimes than at others.

So many slides today

@V.Balboa - PA That classic combination of sadness and amusement.

More sadness though

Effing loves science.

Is that the same thing as Slack?

I have Slack

Feels bad man.

The Estrogen Post


32 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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