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Love seeing guys come in daily in receiving. Great work to our interview guys

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I believe US and RUS diplomats met and discussed this @Flint

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I could be mistaken though

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What was the conclusion?

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@Jacob have you listened recently?

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@Flint I'll have to do some digging, but I'm optomistic.
Then again you're talking to the guy who believes a USA/RUS super-alliance will happen after 2024...

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@Goose you need to redpill me on that goy

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God Emperor will until the world under one Catholic Monarch. t @Goose

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Nrx posting is so 2014

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Does anybody have any red pills on race mixing and the negatives effects on it?

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Awesome, ty my man!

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That domain name though. <:nervous:359009898115104770>

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Evening folks. I wanted to put a little white pill out there for people who feel discouraged about our ideas winning.

I recently got into an immigration debate with someone at my college (an international student from Libya, no less.) She took the “refugees/illegals welcome” side, and I took a *very* soft identitarian angle. I got her to admit that Americans are justified in resisting displacement and that there‘s a historical American people, not just muh nation of immigrants. And we were somehow still on good terms.

This isn’t a “and then the whole library clapped” story, and I’m not saying long debates with randos are productive. But *it can be done.*

2018-09-01 02:19:44 UTC  

@Alex Kolchak - NY Broadly speaking, I have had similar experiences. You don't even need to take an identitarian angle. You just have to hold them to their own standard to get them to admit that there is a historical American people.

2018-09-01 02:20:08 UTC  

Once you get them to do that, the debate is effectively over.

2018-09-01 02:21:09 UTC  

Actually, that's a really good point. If we want to win, we don't have to convince the majority of the population of most of our core tenants. We just have to convince them that a historical American people exist and that we have a right to Freedom of Association.

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Diamonds are a scam, sorry to say if this offends anyone. We know who is effectuating that scam. It's not at all a rare resource anymore (if it ever was). Between being able to grow them in labs for pennies on the dollar, to better drilling and mining methods...they're as common as really any other gemstone.

2018-09-01 02:22:00 UTC  

However, I think that most people will ultimately find the last two premises non-controversial once you unpack their base assumptions.

2018-09-01 02:23:03 UTC  

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL Diamonds aren't rare. In fact, I'm fairly certain that they were never actually that rare. The thing that makes them valuable is the fact that it's hard to find one without a flaw.

2018-09-01 02:23:19 UTC  

Also, aren't diamonds found near or in coal beds?

2018-09-01 02:23:42 UTC  

I'm fairly certain that they are one of the most common gemstones on Earth. (being made of carbon)

2018-09-01 02:24:05 UTC  

They are.

2018-09-01 02:24:30 UTC  

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL However, that being stated, an item's value is not influenced by its rarity. It's influenced by supply/demand.

2018-09-01 02:25:05 UTC  

The supply is deliberately limited. Again...part of the scam effectuated by a particular group of people.

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@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL The supply is generally restricted and the demand is kept high through marketing. Ergo, companies can massively overcharge.

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Also, in regards to the point that I made previously, we should remember Rules for Radicals when dealing with the growth of our movement.

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we need a nice teal gemstone that doesn’t come from an African warzone

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If we can't get the majority of Americans on board with our message, we should at least strive to make sure that they aren't opposed to it.

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@Freiheit - CA What about emerald?

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apatite is a nice teal color

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reactionary wedding rings when

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Guys. Let's get back to discussing bird watching. 😉

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doves r best birbs