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God I wish I was about 25 or 30. We had nothing like this when I was more your age. All we had when I was your age were cheaply printed pamphlets that you would only encounter from time to time at businesses owned by far-rightists.

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*sips monster energy*

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@OMGDwayne Even I would love to be 30 again. 😒

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Same...I'm 31

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Gen Z gang master race

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soon-to-be-25 reporting in

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juche gang

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militarism gang on deck

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purely from the standpoint of being militantly against the destruction of the faustian spirit

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i don't like the word

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I prefer something that confuses normies

2018-09-18 05:28:52 UTC  

and is an oxymoron

2018-09-18 05:28:57 UTC  

like revolutionary traditionalism

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Lots of things confuse normies...

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the lemmings aren't confused by anything

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they just trust Uncle Sam

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Seen this had to share

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I'm a bit late to this, but welcome! @Belle Dobbs - FL We're glad to have you!

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goodnight friends. Dentist appointment tomorrow. Take care of your pearly huwytes!

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Congrats! @missliterallywho @Logan I can't imagine the joy you two are experiencing right now. God bless you two and the new addition to your family!

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@Belle Dobbs - FL Is that Scarlet O'Hara?

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Adios mi <#481597551272001546>

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Time for bed

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What you did there, I see it.

2018-09-18 11:30:56 UTC  

Such a perfect distillation of how asinine the White position still is in 2018: Two blegs debating whether or not Whites have the right to a space to discuss racial issues on campus:

2018-09-18 11:32:43 UTC  

Try to imagine for yourself any timeline in which Russians would watch a Chechen and a Tajik debate on live TV about what rights they do and don't have on their campuses...

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Good morning IE.🌞

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John David Ortiz is the guard in question. Idk sounds pretty Hispanic to me.

2018-09-18 11:58:31 UTC  

Well this dude was sick, but bad at planning lol.

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The lady’s name is Christina Blasey Ford.

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Morning lads