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2018-09-29 07:40:35 UTC  

here specifically, not Washington as a whole

2018-09-29 07:40:37 UTC  

East has Cedar Rapids and Iowa City and waterloo

2018-09-29 07:41:05 UTC  

Don't forget Des Moines.

2018-09-29 07:41:17 UTC  

That isn't eastern

2018-09-29 07:41:17 UTC  

How big in terms of population is Steve King's district in relation to the rest of Iowa?

2018-09-29 07:41:44 UTC  

But yes sesmoines is very liberal. Iowa is a microcosm. There is a reason it gets first primary

2018-09-29 07:42:05 UTC  

Very sparse. easily least populous district

2018-09-29 07:42:51 UTC  

So if a moderate-left from De moines or thr Omaha suburbs or Ames ran against him it would be tougb

2018-09-29 07:43:16 UTC  

I'm so glad Iowa passed a sanctuary city ban this year. They did it at just the right time.

2018-09-29 07:43:29 UTC  

Tennessee did too.

2018-09-29 07:44:03 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Omaha? That's in Nebraska.

2018-09-29 07:45:52 UTC  

It is over the river

2018-09-29 07:46:22 UTC  

Suburbs in Iowa. Like how Kansas City and St Louis metros straddle state boundaries

2018-09-29 07:47:38 UTC  

@Hakujin - CA I actually wasn't aware of that. nice

2018-09-29 07:48:09 UTC  

okay I mus sleep. Memories of Iowa... cornfields...

2018-09-29 07:50:18 UTC  

Lol ultimate meme now that Lindsay has taken her super male vitality

2018-09-29 07:50:37 UTC  

But for real. Onnit Alpha Brain is great stuff

2018-09-29 07:51:36 UTC  

One of the few reasons I came home this weekend. Missing great parties because I do not trust 70 bucks of Alpha brain being delivered to my house near campus.

2018-09-29 07:57:00 UTC  

those brain things actually work?

2018-09-29 07:57:45 UTC  

I just assume everything named "Super Extra Big Brain Plus" is a scam

2018-09-29 10:44:37 UTC

2018-09-29 11:27:47 UTC  

Flying to dixie, not staying long

2018-09-29 12:37:34 UTC  

@Sam Anderson what benefits do you feel you get from alpha brain?

2018-09-29 12:48:09 UTC  

Good Morning, Champs.

2018-09-29 13:01:16 UTC  


2018-09-29 13:01:26 UTC  

What's poppin gg?

2018-09-29 13:19:48 UTC  

prepping to setup my white power rack in the 2nd garage

2018-09-29 13:19:52 UTC  

pretty psyched

2018-09-29 13:20:03 UTC  

its gonna be EPIC

2018-09-29 13:52:58 UTC  

@Koba Power rack is a great investment!

2018-09-29 14:11:40 UTC  

Man, I’m ready to finish school and have house with my own gym. Apartments and mainstream gyms suck.

2018-09-29 14:13:00 UTC  

Make them gains tho @Koba

2018-09-29 14:32:19 UTC  

Okay guys so I’ve been kind of out of the loop...

2018-09-29 14:32:32 UTC  

So Jeff Flake voted yes or no in the committee?

2018-09-29 14:32:44 UTC  

But he also said he wants a full FBI investigation?

2018-09-29 14:33:07 UTC  

I swear, I don’t autisticly follow the news for one day and everything changes

2018-09-29 14:37:21 UTC  

From what I understand, and it seems like every source is reporting bits and pieces, the vote is postponed until the FBI investigation. Not sure why Trump ordered the investigation, but possibly because Flake and a few others said they would flip without it.

2018-09-29 14:38:41 UTC  

Okay... and since he won’t get on the bench before Oct 1. I think he can’t get on the bench until July?

2018-09-29 14:38:55 UTC  

Because he can’t hop on the bench mid session, I believe

2018-09-29 14:41:21 UTC  

Part of the agreement was a strict one week time line for the investigation.

2018-09-29 14:48:50 UTC  

Since I don't have a home gym I am about to head out for my local, community gym. Stay strong, brothers and sisters.