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2018-10-02 04:15:26 UTC  

And Wang show

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Hilariously, I recall some Convict Report episode that recalled some stand-off between the China Shills and Israel Shills in their senate

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Me and mine will likely never stand in the sun of the Tasman Sea. But they are our cousins, and I wish them well

2018-10-02 04:23:08 UTC  

By “detailed response” the Aussie means “absolute wall of text”

2018-10-02 04:23:53 UTC  

I love dingoes, no homo

2018-10-02 04:24:06 UTC  

Those things eat babies you know

2018-10-02 04:24:23 UTC  

Metapolitical Dingoes, right wing ozzies, ya know

2018-10-02 04:25:53 UTC  

I wonder if dingo fur is any good. Folks in the great plains (north or south) will harvest coyotes for cheap, but warm, fur.

2018-10-02 04:26:57 UTC  

I can't help but think dingo fur is similar, yet shorter.

2018-10-02 04:41:40 UTC  

I suppose only an expedition to outback ranches can elucidate this mystery.

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Anyone else see this?

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Totally NOT racist, Tuckahhhh

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a comment under the post ^

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seriously imagine that about anyone else

2018-10-02 05:11:57 UTC  

Tucker: unironically our greatest ally

2018-10-02 05:12:02 UTC  

I love watching the left double down

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@BigBadSaxon - ID congratulations

2018-10-02 05:16:21 UTC  

Newest member of IE, my daughter

2018-10-02 05:16:35 UTC  

Future trad-stacy

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Great job!

2018-10-02 05:32:56 UTC  

@BigBadSaxon - ID Congradulations! I remember meeting you and your wife back when the baby was just a little bump, crazy how time flies.

2018-10-02 05:34:02 UTC  

Still feels so recent

2018-10-02 05:42:06 UTC  

Thanks everyone. @Jacob Next time we come up there you can meet her!

2018-10-02 05:48:49 UTC  

I'm looking forward to it

2018-10-02 07:57:07 UTC  

Add another IE member to last night's list. Welcome my son (Flint 2.0) to the world

2018-10-02 08:56:02 UTC  

Nice, it's like we're having a baby boom here

2018-10-02 08:56:37 UTC  

I'm writting a speech, if someone wants to look at my rough draft and give feedback, DM me please

2018-10-02 11:50:52 UTC  

@Flint congratulations!!!

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The SPLC is trying to get Amazon to pull my book. Consider getting it before it's too late!

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for reference this was what she was tweeting: