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2018-10-07 18:47:39 UTC  

@Matthias Oohhh I see, it's superimposed. I thought they actually had those lights hanging at the wedding lol.

2018-10-07 18:48:41 UTC  

Haha! Nah, instagram has some cool features for tagging and basically hand held graphic design that are pretty fun.

2018-10-07 18:48:55 UTC  

The GI accounts do these promo posts that look like professional adverts.

2018-10-07 18:50:26 UTC  

What are some good European/ GI accounts to follow?

2018-10-07 18:57:46 UTC  

Just pay attn to what I post in <#497878998949429249> 😃

2018-10-07 19:13:04 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD @Undercover Academic - IL I don't think any significant percentage of Russians are Muslim

2018-10-07 19:13:19 UTC  

There are Muslim ethnic minorities in Russia, though

2018-10-07 19:13:53 UTC  

@Jacob Ehhhh... Lots of bleed over from the 'Stans. And yeah we mean "citizens of the Russian Federation."

2018-10-07 19:14:15 UTC  

Lots of Muslims from the Caucus

2018-10-07 19:15:00 UTC  

It’s not significant but it is more than what you would think

2018-10-07 19:15:06 UTC  

It’s 8-12%

2018-10-07 19:15:14 UTC  


2018-10-07 19:15:18 UTC  

Put in said this himself in interviews with Roger Stone

2018-10-07 19:26:14 UTC  

Timbersports (lumberjack games) on ABC presently. A more wholesome, interesting and whiter alternative to football if you're in a family TV situation now.

2018-10-07 19:29:58 UTC  

seen that before, it's wild how fast those guys are with an axe

2018-10-07 19:31:10 UTC  

@Deleted User crosscut saws too!

2018-10-07 19:31:47 UTC  

All white contestants. Although Amerindian timber athletes are not unheard of.

2018-10-07 19:33:20 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN It is great to see an all white classic sport. Entertaining as well!

2018-10-07 19:37:08 UTC  

Hosted by German fest in Milwaukee- it just keeps getting better.

2018-10-07 19:45:51 UTC  

""""performance art""""

2018-10-07 19:47:52 UTC  

@canadianwall anyway to send wedding gifts?

2018-10-07 19:52:06 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Meanwhile, this is what Spotify is shilling on the front page of their app... <:really:453005408064241674>

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2018-10-07 19:56:02 UTC  

Mike Enoch's take on gangsta rap is absolutely devastating to the white rap fan: "It's a minstrel show."
Never was a more NPC disrupting sentence devised.

2018-10-07 19:56:37 UTC  

"You like rap because you like confirming blacks as thuggish."

2018-10-07 19:57:41 UTC  

@canadianwall Congrats, man! Thanks for everything you do!

2018-10-07 20:00:12 UTC

2018-10-07 20:00:54 UTC  

I’m dying

2018-10-07 20:01:22 UTC  

Prison grows back your hair? Then maybe Weinstein will do a plea bargain.

2018-10-07 20:01:53 UTC  

Funny how their tune suddenly changes in those rare instances when globalist figureheads find themselves being criticized 🤔 :

2018-10-07 20:02:28 UTC  

Drunker Junker!

2018-10-07 20:04:08 UTC  

It wasn't the intravenous wine; it's sciatica, wink, wink:

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2018-10-07 20:06:14 UTC  

With enemies like these, how can the Right lose?

2018-10-07 20:06:45 UTC  

By not learning from their mistakes and taking advantage of our current momentum

2018-10-07 20:06:47 UTC  

Don't forget to catch yesterday's Radio Renaissance and today's FTN, folks:

2018-10-07 20:07:06 UTC  

Oh good it’s finally out

2018-10-07 20:07:47 UTC  

@Grossly Incandescent haha yeah I wanted to put this on while working out

2018-10-07 20:07:58 UTC