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2018-10-22 23:24:42 UTC  

*"wtf is this nonsense, dad?!"*

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2018-10-22 23:25:10 UTC  

told her to return it

2018-10-22 23:25:58 UTC  

My dad literally called Piccolini lmao

2018-10-22 23:26:26 UTC  


2018-10-22 23:26:38 UTC  

told my mom he was a puppet for rich jews

2018-10-22 23:26:53 UTC  

went a bit overboard there

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2018-10-22 23:27:00 UTC  

TFW parents are only maga woke

2018-10-22 23:27:13 UTC  

Ha! I just called him a traitor and money motivated

2018-10-22 23:27:24 UTC  

He never contacted me or anything

2018-10-22 23:27:28 UTC  

MAGA woke is much better than anti-white...

2018-10-22 23:27:46 UTC  

maga woke can be antiwhite

2018-10-22 23:27:53 UTC  

Yeah they are at the stage of pro Trump but "not racist"

2018-10-22 23:28:08 UTC  

i left CoC out one day and my dad picked it up and cruised through the first few chapters... he was like "oh yeah that all makes sense, dont think it would be wise to voice those opinions though"

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2018-10-22 23:28:43 UTC  

The original Alternative Right blog

2018-10-22 23:30:26 UTC  

Are people talking in the VC? It's silent for me

2018-10-22 23:30:27 UTC  

The lack of an Easter google doodle was surprisingly the last straw for my dad, after that he began agreeing with me and even noticing on his own

2018-10-22 23:30:31 UTC  

my mom was reading Jeff Flake's book once lol

2018-10-22 23:30:52 UTC  

@StevePines -WA they’re waiting for Patrick to start talking

2018-10-22 23:31:11 UTC  

Ok was just making sure because I thought I saw people light up but it's completely silent rn

2018-10-22 23:31:19 UTC  

@StevePines -WA press "undeafen"

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2018-10-22 23:31:35 UTC  

At least once Patrick gets in...

2018-10-22 23:31:44 UTC  

My dad said that fascism and communism are the same thing after I went to the Northwest Forum

2018-10-22 23:31:53 UTC  

Lmao if you chew ice you’re DONE

2018-10-22 23:31:55 UTC  

Everyone remember to chew ice

2018-10-22 23:31:57 UTC  

I mean, clearly

2018-10-22 23:32:16 UTC  

that's why they fought eachother right?

2018-10-22 23:33:31 UTC  

My dad is simultaneously dude weed lmao and also gave me a copy of camp of the saints

2018-10-22 23:33:34 UTC  

Mixed bag

2018-10-22 23:33:59 UTC  

Vast majority of the people in pledge hall are pledges <:whitepill:439924104406106113>

2018-10-22 23:34:07 UTC  

So many lol

2018-10-22 23:34:08 UTC  

What's weird is the context that he said it in

2018-10-22 23:34:18 UTC  

@Deleted User = Pledge. <:nervous:359009898115104770>

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2018-10-22 23:34:33 UTC  

Tide are you down South