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China as a society is nearly an ecosystem. Rivers, Rice, Masses of people, routine mass war to reset the process

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>high school

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Occasional barbarian invasion/assimilation, rinse, repeat

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u wot m8

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The Mongols might have had something to do with ending Chinese innovation, after they wrecked the Middle East that whole region regressed and still hasn't intellectually recovered.

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>yfw you change the course of an entire region of the world
the eternal nomad strikes again

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and a squiggly mark to you too

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💪 flexin' on them monolingual fools

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Alright that was enough for me, it's time for bed after that one

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I have a great redpill screen cap on China but I need to edit it for optics...

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@Trashboat Well...ching ching bing bong to you too, fellow h'white man.

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Could be bullshit, but interesting take on the bowl of mud that is the "eternal" middle kingdom

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Very interesting

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Off topic: Any chess players? (Although, since chess - or rather, a precursor to it - originated in China 3000 years ago, not totally off topic).

2018-10-26 03:32:35 UTC  

I play

2018-10-26 03:32:49 UTC  

@Gibson and @ChippedStones do as well

2018-10-26 03:33:03 UTC  

I play with them some times

2018-10-26 03:33:15 UTC  

Do you guys have accounts? I’m always looking for a good game

2018-10-26 03:35:55 UTC  

And I’d rather engage with an Identitarian in any activity

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Hold on lads, talking to family

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I play but not good lol

2018-10-26 03:52:10 UTC

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I might actually do that Green Nation

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Z? Bruh

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@JohnAtlas Redbad719 is my account

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Re: Voice Chat, Indians ARE more likely to be mentally deficient

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@FACINEMA fun fact about that episode, those walnuts were not supposed to be 3D animated, but it was somehow sent off to be 3D animated. It was so expensive that I blew their budget for the rest of that season, and they ended up barely scraping by by reusing stills, etc.

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Is Richard Spencer really dating a liberal satanist or is that a joke?

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@ophiuchus you didnt actually work on Invader zim.... Did you?

2018-10-26 04:20:23 UTC  

@Rick Who can know? The man has moved beyond parody

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2018-10-26 04:21:18 UTC  

@Rick I would like to know too

2018-10-26 04:25:38 UTC  

@FACINEMA I prefer the mystery

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I wish I wasn’t with people right now, the conversation you guys are having seems interesting.

2018-10-26 04:26:21 UTC  

I studied in China after my freshman year and speak more Chinese than I care to admit

2018-10-26 04:29:30 UTC  

Chinese students also cheat all the time in China from what I saw.