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2019-01-06 20:04:12 UTC  

We must separate the Kurds and whey.

2019-01-06 20:25:33 UTC  

I think this troop withdrawal news has turned Lindsey Graham back into John McCain's loyal servant. He should be primaried in 2020.

2019-01-06 20:25:59 UTC  

Can someone remind me why our leaders care so much about the Kurds?

2019-01-06 20:29:28 UTC  


2019-01-06 20:36:32 UTC  

Probably because it gives them at least a weak justification for staying there

2019-01-06 20:36:49 UTC  

The military industrial complex needs those sweet wars

2019-01-06 20:38:02 UTC  

I wonder if this means the Syria withdrawal will never happen.

2019-01-06 20:39:51 UTC  

Only time will tell.

2019-01-06 20:48:04 UTC  

@Nemets is 100% right. There’s a great chart overlaying the replacement of Armenians with Kurds in 1915 and in 2014 with the SCW.

2019-01-06 20:48:13 UTC  

I can find it but I’m sure somebody else will first

2019-01-06 20:50:09 UTC  

Does the yt video linked in the announcement work for yall? It isnt for me but idk if it’s bc my signal sucks rn

2019-01-06 20:53:45 UTC  

If Trump really does base some policy on what he sees on Fox News, I hope Tucker spends his Monday night monologue discussing the futility of the wars in Syria and Afghanistan.

2019-01-06 20:55:35 UTC  

Hello folks, hope everyone's day is well. Being a classically trained Chef & specializing in the European tradition I am making a classic French desert called "Pears belle Helene".

2019-01-06 20:56:12 UTC  

That's a photo of it but not mine. Will post pics when done if cute, might delete later.

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2019-01-06 21:43:42 UTC  

We have sports products? 😀

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2019-01-06 21:45:34 UTC  

I doubt it.
In other, more personal news: I may now have my Thesis Problems figured out and I'll probably get that M.Sc degree in a year or so

2019-01-06 22:04:00 UTC  

and knowing my luck I'll end up in Canda

2019-01-06 22:04:16 UTC  


2019-01-06 22:09:40 UTC  

@Salo Saloson congrats brother

2019-01-06 22:09:54 UTC  

What’s the thesis problem?

2019-01-06 22:13:28 UTC  

The problem had been finding a thesis to do (all the other ones failed for... a lot of reasons). This time though there's something actually definite in the works.

2019-01-06 22:15:40 UTC  

I hope it works out for you this time

2019-01-06 22:19:16 UTC  

I have just recently-in barely the past two months- came to appreciate the Jewish I find myself googling major “white” liberals and Neo conservatives and wow. Nobel prize winning liberal economist Paul Krugman, Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, George Soros (duh lol), Sheldon Adelson...

2019-01-06 22:21:22 UTC  

But Trump touched the wall, he had the hat-let on and everything....

2019-01-06 22:22:52 UTC  

Lol yeah he’s not perfect...and he’s playing the game

2019-01-06 22:23:38 UTC  

With that being said, I wanna get Stephen Miller’s autograph 😀

2019-01-06 22:26:44 UTC  

Hopefully Trump is pulling a Bane with the Jewish lobby...and he will eventually do this:

2019-01-06 22:29:46 UTC  

These are birds. Just saw a whole sky full of them. Clouds of birds covering the sky.

2019-01-06 22:32:03 UTC  

As much of a threat to white well being as our mercantile friends can be, don't let the endless levantine red pills blind you to all of the other threats to white-well being, including many whites! What's the Chinese equivalent of "shabbos goy"? Good Gweilo?

2019-01-06 22:33:00 UTC  

The JQ is real and all, but it can consume if not taken measuredly.

2019-01-06 22:33:54 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Oh my friend, I’m very aware of what you speak of...I’m about to go to an evangelical church service...they’re some of the biggest Zionists and most of them are white

2019-01-06 22:34:36 UTC  

Honestly I would side with the Jew Stephen Miller over a white liberal anyday

2019-01-06 22:34:45 UTC  


2019-01-06 22:34:53 UTC  

To a point.

2019-01-06 22:35:04 UTC  

Race is important but it is not everything

2019-01-06 22:35:20 UTC  

Ideology is important too

2019-01-06 22:35:31 UTC  

Stephen Miller wants to stop Mestizo invasion, which is good for whites.