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2019-01-08 08:00:16 UTC  

I've heard rumors such things, but I know not if they are true

2019-01-08 08:01:13 UTC  

Any of you guys like Jesse Lee Petersen?

2019-01-08 08:02:59 UTC  

I don’t know enough about him. I’ve only listened to him on one occasion when he was with Richard Spencer. All I gathered is that he wasn’t too adverse to the idea of white advocacy.

2019-01-08 08:04:30 UTC  

I actually like him alot, just because I think he's a real nice guy. He basically claims to be "uniting the race" (civnat) but then constantly contradicts himself by pretty much encouraging white advocacy

2019-01-08 08:04:52 UTC  

I just watched him say that most black people are of the devil lol

2019-01-08 08:06:00 UTC  

Alot of people diss him for not being an intellectual, but if you follow his slang, he's a wise man, a good guy, and really friendly to our cause

2019-01-08 08:06:06 UTC  

He was even on Red Ice with Lana

2019-01-08 08:09:13 UTC  

I tend to stay away from the “based minorities” I really appreciate their reasonable viewpoints and support, and I think that they are a good thing to lead their people on their own path. However I will always look to our people and our voices for insight and leadership before one of them. Of course, I appreciate their support and am open to their conversations if it has something to learn from it!

2019-01-08 08:11:49 UTC  

he seems like a nice guy

2019-01-08 08:11:59 UTC  

@Gerald Cunningham I get that. I suppose one of the dangers behind it is that it might lead people back to a civnat position. What stinks is that black Americans, more than any other group, have many reasons to ally with white identitarians

2019-01-08 08:12:39 UTC  

I don't know if I'd call him "based"

2019-01-08 08:13:15 UTC  

I have a friend who hates Trump but knows my views and accepts me for who I am. She's not "based" but she's a nice person.

2019-01-08 08:13:26 UTC  

@Jacob He's not quite there, but he has no problem with what IE is doing. He'd probably praise us if he knew about our existence. I agree with you. I'm just saying that if nonwhites ever helped us, people like Jesse Peterson are the ones they would follow

2019-01-08 08:17:15 UTC  

I can see that viewpoint. If he does support us, excellent! More power to him!

2019-01-08 08:34:02 UTC  

JLP has some really good points. He made July White History Month on his show.

2019-01-08 08:34:16 UTC  

He luuuhs Wypeepo

2019-01-08 08:35:28 UTC  

He probably says White People with like a mix of Jared Taylor and Ebonics

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2019-01-08 08:35:57 UTC  

Decent content at times

2019-01-08 08:36:02 UTC  

In Greg Johnson's book, he says something like "if separating families is bad, and immigration separates families, then immigration must be bad, too"

Should we start concern trolling and actually using that as an argument?

2019-01-08 08:36:44 UTC  

Next time someone asks you why you're against immigration just freak out about how it separates families

2019-01-08 09:07:24 UTC  

I’m imagining a black identitarian who agrees with us but for all the wrong reasons lol

2019-01-08 09:09:09 UTC  

Wypeepul always wanna take black and brown bodies to dey white countries. Leave us brown people alone whitey!

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2019-01-08 09:44:46 UTC  

Collij, ma nibba. Skr8 up.

2019-01-08 10:28:12 UTC  

Being a new dad gives you super human abilities. I’ve had like 12 hours of sleep in the past four days and I can’t sleep.

2019-01-08 11:36:59 UTC  

@VinceChaos To be honest, I support identitarianism for some of the "wrong" reasons

2019-01-08 11:37:42 UTC  

Sure, I want the US to be a better place and don't want to see a South Africa scenario

2019-01-08 11:38:50 UTC  

But I also have think it's regrettable what is happening to my family's original country due to emigration

2019-01-08 11:39:39 UTC  

And I do think it sucks that my family was torn apart due to emigration

2019-01-08 11:39:59 UTC  

So I'm not even concern trolling when I use these talking points

2019-01-08 13:51:12 UTC  

Good morning to the most ideologically diverse political movement.

2019-01-08 13:55:58 UTC  

Mornin IE

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2019-01-08 15:04:29 UTC  

I have eaten a ham patty in celebration. Saracens BtFO

2019-01-08 15:17:21 UTC  

Little whitepill, my spouse has seen IE on the news on two separate occasions in two different states over the last week. With fairly balanced coverage each time

2019-01-08 15:22:49 UTC  

From Fred Reed:

2019-01-08 15:23:11 UTC  

@Zilna Jestov you in eastern WA?

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only White to make it in is some red-haired freak, disgusting