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@Jacob wheatpaste 1, soy boys 0

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American Renascence??? They can't even read the flyer and spell it right?

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the guy has a speech impediment. "Identity yuuuueeeeerrrropa"

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This coverage is hilariously bad.

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@Jacob Nice! Did you post outside the news station?

2018-05-27 19:58:34 UTC  

Yes, but we tried not to be too blatant and kept a bit of distance. Also there was a nice big security camera we had to avoid looking at lol.

2018-05-27 20:01:55 UTC  

That's interesting. It got you on the news. Good job. I'm going to keep that idea in mind.

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@hbutzer0511 Congrats, you’re famous!

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Great job @hbutzer0511

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Lol “Actual Nazis”. They traveled into the future 80 years to post flyers around Ohio

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@Procella Eques Hahaha... exactly what i thought. Whenever i read that line "actual fucking nazis" I imagine an annoying british voice like John Oliver

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"... the other one is called Identity EV-ropa"

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actual correct pronunciation 😆

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Check out the guy’s comment on the clevescene article

2018-05-30 03:05:34 UTC  

“If you feel like taking down signs, you can remove those WE BUY HOUSES signs...anywhere. They are not only illegal, they are placed by fearmongers who focus on racial hatred.

Just DO IT! If the flippin "flippers" put them up higher, get a bigger ladder!”

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"Outside of our station." 😎 <:deye:359010025223618570>

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We just gonna start a campaign of flyering tv stations?

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direct to the source of coverage 😂

2018-05-30 03:21:11 UTC  

Second time I've done it to the same station

2018-05-30 03:21:40 UTC  

This time I tried to keep some distance to be less blatant

2018-05-30 03:24:09 UTC  

Literally post it on their door

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We did that to a school newspaper once

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Too obvious

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This is a very dangerous tactic. If they figure out that we *want* coverage, they'll stop covering us altogether.

2018-05-30 03:25:42 UTC  

Makes sense I was just joking anyways

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@hbutzer0511 “He’s (the councilman) also asking for riders to take photos and report the signs to police.” Lol he’s asking his townsfolk to do our job

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More coverage! Great stuff

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Holy shit I thought that was Lakewood NJ for a second 😂

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damn thats actually a good brand