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2018-02-22 20:03:49 UTC  

I think a key thing was that they first made a popular counter culture before even thinking of political aims. I think that's a lesson the alt right could really use.

2018-02-22 20:17:58 UTC  

@Robtheroman not to mention their huge real estate holdings

2018-02-22 20:24:03 UTC  

Yeah they became fully self sufficient. when I was there I visited casapound . Checked out one of there bars and a restaurant they own right by the coliseum.

2018-02-22 21:06:26 UTC  

Yes,many aspects we could learn from,like the estate holdings definitely,mistakes and ways to move forward

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A news piece about Justin Trudeau listening to who he considers his constituents. Apparently Canadian culture wasn't good enough for him until Indians bullycided his larping

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>Mfw be Trudeau
>Can't even cuck to minorities right

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I showed you my sandwich, now recognize my union!

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I never really watch Tucker, but this segment is incredible coming from him and Fox.

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I read the announcement that this chat is for posting good news. Here’s some:

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not sure if this counts as a "white pill" to everyone, but more division within the left

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Awesome hype video for GI conference

2018-02-25 19:30:54 UTC  

A torchlight procession in Estonia lead by it's conservative party, in honor of their Independence day.

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Enjoy this milky white pill, fellas 🌈

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A little cheesy, but the fliers look good and will definitely catch some attention.

2018-02-27 06:53:55 UTC  

Black Pigeon Speaks literally just did an advertisement for a game.

2018-02-27 12:51:32 UTC  

Ever since the new rule, this channel has been clean of cluttering discussion and is just a beautiful list of joy. It's a whitepill to me that the majority of our members have the maturity and self-restraint to follow this and other rules so well. I'm proud of y'all!

2018-02-27 18:52:09 UTC