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Watch "Generation Identity "Happy Easter" message triggers students" on YouTube

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Just got home from a terrific first date with a wholesome and wonderful woman at a college baseball game with perfect sunny weather, high 60s, not a cloud in the sky. Box seats right up by home plate. Chatted up an older man outside while waiting for my date, learned she was the captain of her high school cheerleading team, we sung "take me out to the ball game", had a hot dog, and our team had a turnaround victory. Gave her a kiss on the cheek at the end. A perfect day.

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Called ICE about that immigrant caravan to report it and other accomplices that I found who were enabling it. They said that they've been "getting many calls and know about the caravan." To realize that the average American citizen is aware and cares about preventing this type of invasion is encouraging. What's even more encouraging is ICE took my tips happily, and there's a good chance the organization running the Caravan will get shut down or severely castrated.

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It's nice knowing that I helped swing the fate of the country into our hands with as little as some simple research and a phone call.

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Mean less of whatever that is 👆🏻

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White Canadians are waking up

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Yeah this is Europe so still pretty cucked, but it appears France is no longer too happy taking in the “migrants” coming from Italy.

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Even the NYT seems to be letting the truth slip out.

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Well goys we did it he mentioned the caravan

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Feels nice to be appreciated, thank you Trump 😂

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We learned this weekend that the future IE member @missliterallywho is making is a boy! 17 weeks down, 23 left until he has to give up his cozy bachelor pad.

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The Economist acknowledges that the Identitiarian movements are working in Europe :