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Greetings from occupied California, happy to be here in receiving.

@greg_p - TX It has indeed. long overdue.

@Deleted User Thank you! Looking forward to helping in any way I can.

@Gregor Medicus Hey, nice to meet you. My wife and I are going to visit Idaho this summer. Do you know of anywhere in particular we should visit?

When CV happened he made it clear in a video that he was not "one of us" don't know what has happened since then though.

I signed the petition. I uesd this postcode: LA22 9BU. It worked. Here are more LA19 5TF LA21 8DU CA12 5DQ

One I use for almost nothing.

Welcome @Ace92- VA Great to finally have you on board!

@Alabama Goy Welcome! I will get you all set up right now.

Great to have you <@!439240045115736076> , please set an avatar. Once you do you will be all set.

The IE_Offical_Servers Channel is always a good start for you new guys and gals. Just DM the coordinators to get started. They don't bite!

@Collin You are all set! Welcome!

@Hedwig Great to have you on. Please set an avatar and when I head home I will get you all set up.

Here are some older photos of the plaque that may be good for twitter before and after purposes. But it wasnโ€™t as bad when we arrived. I say print the legend.

Or this one, if filters are tolerated.

First, I dislike change. Secondly I remember during Obama, our nations flag and โ€œAmerican Identityโ€ represented multi cultural globalism. With Trump this has changed but as soon as we have a leftist in the WH again it will probably swing back to conjure up that image in the normie mind. Keeping it Evropa is solid for whatever condition we find ourselves in the future. Unless we are really trying to own the idea that America=white which our movement has historically had an uphill battle when attempting to doing so.

@Logan Thanks! Iโ€™ve been hanging out on the local Slack channel more

@Lawrence of Eurabia it really is if you know our history. Sadly most donโ€™t.

Komplottโ€™s newest CD just arrived, signed as well. Just wanted to show off. Now where do I put these stickers?!

Dot or feather?

So Iโ€™m looking at moving to the treasure valley in Idaho. If anybody has any opinions on the Boise and surrounding areas Iโ€™d appreciate it. Iโ€™ve visited once but it wasnโ€™t enough time. I just donโ€™t want to move somewhere that will be like the Bay Area in a decade...


Does anybody know when/if our Twitter is coming back?

Gold Hunter. That is the reason we migrated here from Vermont.

Ha, thanks my family helped settle the city of Stockton. They are listed as pioneers in the city records. They traveled by boat to Nicaragua and traveled across the country by foot where a boat arrived to take them to SF. Three brothers. Sometimes I wish we stayed in VT....

Thatโ€™s awesome.

@DixieBoy76 - KY I also have family from your state. Beautiful place. They were Catholic pioneer settlers of Lebanon, Kentucky. Are you familiar with Wathen Bourbon?

The Greeks are infuriated that this name change is going through with N.M.

@Grayson Welcome to our State of Jefferson. DM me if you will be up here for awhile. Weโ€™ve got guys all around here.

A little late but I knew Greg very well when I was 18-21 and so did many of my friends who were younger than me at the time. This was almost ten years ago. We would plan activism at his house and we would eat dinner there and discuss various political ideas and historical events. Not once did he try to โ€œgroomโ€ any one of us not or did homosexuality come up even once. Maybe something happened years down the road that im not privy to. But speaking from personal experience I never once got that vibe. He encouraged us to marry early and have lots of children.

Pints and Quarts?

That sounds dangerous

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