Message from canadianwall in Nice Respectable People Group #cyberstrike

2018-06-06 18:36:55 UTC  

Express only Respectful concern

2018-06-06 18:37:54 UTC  

No please call, but be respectful

2018-06-06 18:46:55 UTC  

@everyone to be absolutely clear with this campaign and every other “respectful” is not tongue in cheek. Wether you are calling an office or writing someone’s personal FB conduct yourselves like White men and women. These are often good people caught inside the Oberton window.

2018-06-06 18:47:01 UTC  

This is massive IE publicity and is a great opportunity to speak with the broader public about our ideas -- this should have high priority for everyone in my humble opinion. You are all great representatives of a fantastic organization, lets set a good example!

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2018-06-06 18:54:05 UTC  

If you have a sock, leave a review on the Whitman GOP Facebook page and haha react all the leftist and neocon posts. Some of our guys have been doing 5 star reviews. I personally think a 1 star review makes more sense, since their high ranking officials have been disavowing us. The point is, leave something.

2018-06-06 19:00:05 UTC  

Dont do that, the chair is a good guy as of last Thursday

2018-06-06 19:00:26 UTC  

No @Jacob not until they kick me

2018-06-06 19:00:50 UTC  

I would hold off on reviews until the Whitman County GOP makes a decision. Their chair and vice chair have been VERY supportive of me.

2018-06-06 19:01:29 UTC  

Okay, let's do it that way instead

2018-06-06 19:03:26 UTC  

Maybe instead, just comment on Whitman County GOP posts with generic, non-confrontational statements of support

2018-06-06 19:05:04 UTC  

Yes do that, we'll know more by the end of the day

2018-06-06 19:08:46 UTC  

Just got back to the post and delete.

2018-06-06 19:52:21 UTC  

Here's the FB of the county commissioner leading the charge to have me unseated.

2018-06-06 19:52:33 UTC  

A respectful, professional message could go a long way.

2018-06-06 19:53:17 UTC  

This is the lynchpin, he's the one agitating hardest to have me removed.

2018-06-06 20:26:07 UTC  

@canadianwall link machine broke

2018-06-06 20:26:11 UTC  

did he remove his page?

2018-06-06 20:27:00 UTC  

Works for me

2018-06-06 20:39:56 UTC  

@everyone I need 5 guys who can make a couple highly sensitive phone calls tonight. You must have a burner or a number you are ok with being linked to you. Preferably Washington State residents, but all are welcome to apply.

2018-06-06 20:41:14 UTC  

Google voice let's you pick an area code!

2018-06-06 20:41:39 UTC  

@Prestor John I might be able to...

2018-06-06 20:41:49 UTC  

What for?

2018-06-06 20:56:24 UTC  

@Prestor John I'll be making a Google voice account momentarily. I can help

2018-06-06 21:22:02 UTC  

@Prestor John I'm off at 8, I'll make a new Gvoice account as well. are we running off a general script of some kind?

2018-06-06 21:32:21 UTC  

Support James Allsup !

2018-06-06 21:41:56 UTC  

Fucking Cuckservative

2018-06-07 01:40:37 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff what can we do to help James Allsup?

2018-06-07 01:46:53 UTC  

@FlyingDutchmann please scroll up and see the relevant posts with contact info for those who are disavowing him. If you want to go deeper than emails and calls to GOP offices Lmk.

2018-06-07 01:47:26 UTC  

@Prestor John thank you

2018-06-08 12:19:52 UTC  

Follow up to the anti-Samantha Bee campaign, it worked!

2018-06-09 00:28:44 UTC

2018-06-09 00:29:25 UTC  

This is from that Cathy McMorris ladies’ Facebook page. We should call her out for using identity politics.

2018-06-09 00:31:24 UTC  

Right after disavowing James for the same thing.

2018-06-09 00:56:07 UTC  

@Nerv - VA good idea. The numbers for her offices are posted above and in the dedicated cyber strike channel. When I make my calls tomorrow and Monday I’m going to use this.

2018-06-10 04:29:40 UTC  

@Rick had a good question in <#358403210618339338> that probably fits better here: "Does anyone know how to delete a suspended twitter account?"

2018-06-10 10:59:10 UTC  

@everyone if you know this ^^^^^ let @Rick know asap.

2018-06-10 11:04:43 UTC  

Yeah I’d like to know that too lol