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2018-06-28 19:50:57 UTC  

“Tie a sweater around your neck” 😂

2018-06-28 20:38:19 UTC  


2018-06-28 20:38:44 UTC  

I used to do that when I was poor. At the beach it's not too warm, and keeps the shoulders from chill.

2018-06-28 20:38:55 UTC  

>trust fund

2018-06-28 20:49:01 UTC  

Tfw accused of having a trust fund by people who actually have trust funds.

2018-06-28 20:49:28 UTC  

I have a trust fund

2018-06-28 20:51:28 UTC  

@John O - Not gonna lie, I'm actually jealous.

2018-06-28 20:52:34 UTC  

Don't be, bro. It isn't much. It got split like 30 ways

2018-06-28 20:52:50 UTC  

My grandpa was a progenator

2018-06-28 21:50:44 UTC  

@John O - so what you're saying is, you're /our/ soros?

2018-06-28 21:51:37 UTC  

What I'm saying is I'm /not destitute/

2018-06-28 22:17:51 UTC  

Non destitute privilege!

2018-06-29 02:41:25 UTC  

The user of_ice_and_rock is tipping his fedora pretty hard there... yikes

2018-06-29 03:57:54 UTC  

Man, he's salty af. 😂

2018-06-29 04:11:56 UTC  

One of those that gripes about us being too "selective" and "elitist".

2018-06-29 15:40:00 UTC  

@BryceB-ND I mean, shouldn't we be? I don't think we should really allow just anybody in. Fit, strong minded, motivated, whites. I honestly think there should be a push-up requirement of at least 30 push-ups.

2018-06-29 17:53:14 UTC  

You guys have something against us fatties? Is it the way we walk?

2018-06-29 18:21:11 UTC

2018-06-29 18:22:19 UTC  

"I'm well connected" says man on internet forum, begging for attention.

2018-06-29 19:30:22 UTC  

what a butthurt beta bitch

2018-06-29 19:40:24 UTC  

hahahaha. That guy. <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-06-29 22:49:11 UTC  

Oh yeah. Im all for elitism, dont get me wrong 😂

2018-06-29 23:56:14 UTC  

"Country club trust fund tie a sweater around your neck Neo-Nazism"

2018-06-29 23:57:01 UTC  

I know that's fake news. I've never tied a sweater around my neck!

2018-06-29 23:57:48 UTC  

I don't own any sweaters that tie around my neck, I wasn't born into a trust fund, and I'm poor as hell

2018-06-29 23:57:49 UTC  


2018-06-29 23:58:10 UTC  

Nor can I afford a country club membership

2018-06-30 00:42:52 UTC  

IE is elitist in a good way. It's about having the best people, not the wealthiest or most well connected.
That said, I sure wouldn't mind having some of those trust fund babies joining and donating much needed money

2018-06-30 02:40:08 UTC

This Reddit thread was created to discuss the IE posters that have been found in Campbell, CA, a suburb of San Jose. There is one person on there named "OleDeadwoodDick" who defended us and seems somewhat sympathetic. I don't have a Reddit account and quite honestly don't know how it works entirely, but it would be great if somebody with an account could respond to him or DM him and give him some proper information on our organization.

2018-06-30 02:44:12 UTC  

"I can't even... I can't believe I saw something so hateful in our community. wow just wow" If it wasn't the fate of the world resting on this fight, it'd be so funny.

2018-06-30 03:07:35 UTC

2018-06-30 03:07:41 UTC  

Anyone care to comment on his grammar?

2018-06-30 03:30:03 UTC  

@AidanGillen I don’t have a Reddit either but I might say something like this... “What exactly was it that you saw on the flyer that was ‘wow just wow so hateful’.??? What I find so paradoxical about such a strong reaction is how so many non-white racially motivated and ethnocentric groups are out there (La Raza, BLM, ADL, SPLC, CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, etc..) advocating for their own interests while also spreading vitriol and hatred towards whites, while most white people are too afraid to speak up because TPTB will smash them down instantly as they are doing now without ANY real understanding of what they are railing against. Identity Evropa is not a white supremacist hate group, nor do they advocate violence or hate against ANYONE. This is the lie the media wants you to believe and you are either extremely gullible or you are using a facade of incredulity to manipulate a dramatic reaction from other ignorant people. It is very difficult not to get extremely angry w someone like yourself who responds in this way. We would much rather engage in productive discourse, but we are largely not allowed to do that. Is that really the kind of world you want? I get it that you’re being spoonfed nonstop propaganda telling you what to think about European Americans, but why don’t you try finding out for yourself instead of just parroting back what you’ve been taught think.”

2018-06-30 03:33:06 UTC  

That would be an effective conversation to have with somebody that had intent to listen or good faith. These people on reddit though are so far from humanity there is no chance. There's possibilities with OleDeadwoodDick type people, but not with leftists.

2018-06-30 03:36:00 UTC  

I know. It’s really there to catch the attention of the ODD people, those on the fence. The leftists are a lost cause

2018-06-30 03:39:33 UTC  

I'm interested to try a new strat that I've been seeing crop up. Mocking. Liberals are motivated my virtue signaling etc, when you mock their actions, you put doubt in their mind that they're getting the social credit they anticipated. I've seen it work online. Where the person goes off the deep end. "This is just like the shoah" "lol you still believe in that?" mock them like they just said santa clause is real.

2018-06-30 03:41:32 UTC  

@WilderBeast In my experience, appealing to fairness is one of the best ways to win sympathy from normie conservatives.
Their idea of fairness is, of course, being "colorblind" and treating everyone as individuals. The trick is to say "nonwhites already act in their collective interests and will never stop, so true fairness means whites doing the same."

2018-06-30 03:44:44 UTC  

Good eye. The fairness / justice trait is high in normie conservatives

2018-06-30 03:45:10 UTC  

@AidanGillen I’m already doing that. Been doing it for months. It doesn’t always work well either, and I also do that to appeal to the semi-red pilled normie who wish someone else would do it.

I’ve tried making a complete mockery of the libtard’s position by pretending to be an ultra libtard myself and saying the most ridiculously libtarded thing I can think of... it’s pretty effective actually because what are they going to say?

2018-06-30 03:47:10 UTC  

@TMatthews Yes, even better