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@John O - Hey how’s it going, everyone?

Just finished reading that Theodore Roosevelt book in there. From that book: “Cowardice in a race, as in an individual, is the unpardonable sin.” -Theodore Roosevelt

“Tie a sweater around your neck” 😂

Downtown Lakeland, FL

I love how they just list terms. Dilutes the meaning of each when they just clump them all together. 2/10 advertising level

Boomer Lake 😂

That’s really cool actually

The name itself is pretty awesome out of the current context

Hahaha they’re having an actual “vigil” for this? Big gay 😂

We gotta find That kitty Dinger

I was just thinking the same exact thing @missliterallywho

Done ✅

“Confirmed White supremacist organization” confirmed by who? 🤔



Did someone say minion memes? 😏


Wally World

Walmart Whites Will Win

Amren boys 😎

what a frat should be

Is it just me, I don’t see the Identity Evropa links in the comments section of Trump’s tweet...just one link to Lauren Southern’s documentary

Just the phrase “hate community” like we get together and mouth breathe different ways to hate others and how we’ll display our hatred. So pathetic

Good work, Florida boys and girls!

The (((diversity squad))) is in Tokyo too 😱

The Japanese text hardly translated to “unity in Diversity”. Almost completely different haha

@Argument of Perigee @Valaska Incredible video! I’ve watched it like three times already!

Should be protein shake tbh ^^^


🇯🇵 👱🏻‍♂️🇯🇵 @Grossly Incandescent

Tfw when flaccid ☹️

Will is the real MVP

Even though I cannot be as active as I’d like to be, I still wake up every day so proud and grateful that I am part of this wonderful organization of amazing people.

I’m loving this channel so far 👌🏻

Just made a cup myself @Right Bauer

Ethiopian freshly roasted 4 days ago 👌🏻

There’s a roastery that’s a 10 minute walk from my house. One of the main reasons I won’t be moving for a while haha

It’s the best

They don’t have much food, but they know how to do coffee

Ethiopian coffee has a really light body and usually a fruity/floral taste.

Wtf haha cool

Is there an IE coffee server?


47 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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