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2018-11-08 16:31:01 UTC  

r/the_donald is controlled opposition

2018-11-08 21:49:43 UTC  

*squeaky noises*

2018-11-09 02:25:19 UTC

2018-11-09 02:32:06 UTC  

I don't even remember reporting them that's how long it took them to do something about them

2018-11-09 04:23:11 UTC  

I wonder if they’re cracking down after Tuckah

2018-11-09 04:23:32 UTC  

Unfortunately they’re not banned, yet

2018-11-09 06:18:44 UTC  

How far do you think this will get? If it passes, goodbye 1st Amendment. Does anyone here ever write to congress demanding something else?

2018-11-09 11:40:07 UTC  

@Hakujin - CA Only Florida residents, no?

2018-11-09 18:07:54 UTC  

@Bjorn - MD It doesn't specify.

2018-11-09 18:08:18 UTC  

Hmmm. Interesting...

2018-11-09 20:28:46 UTC  

I just did.

2018-11-09 20:30:29 UTC  

Signed earlier, it’s currently at 401 out of the required 500!

2018-11-09 21:02:20 UTC  

I just posted some *r a r e* unironic IE edits in Mercury general. Go check them out! Some can be used as wallpapers

2018-11-10 04:43:24 UTC  


2018-11-11 00:47:54 UTC  

It's almost at 1000 now..

2018-11-11 08:20:30 UTC  

Spread the petition like wildfire. Make it go viral.

2018-11-11 20:02:58 UTC  

smash that mfin like button!

2018-11-11 20:03:01 UTC  

Comment too!

2018-11-11 20:22:18 UTC  

Shared petition, again, on FB. FB one reliable real friend to sign & share. 👍🏻

2018-11-11 20:23:06 UTC  

* via FB messenger

2018-11-11 20:27:15 UTC  

Don't forget to do Telegram, folks!

2018-11-11 20:29:03 UTC  

What’s Telegram?

2018-11-11 20:34:21 UTC  

It’s a secure, encrypted messenger app on desktop and mobile.

2018-11-11 20:35:45 UTC  

What’s nice about it is that it also offers celebs and organizations to create public announcement channels. Sellner, Red Ice, and others are on it with thousands of followers.

2018-11-11 20:41:33 UTC  

Is it an app that you dl?

2018-11-11 20:43:10 UTC  

Yes, there's a desktop, iOS, and Android app for it, too

2018-11-11 20:59:31 UTC  

Ok, thx

2018-11-12 03:19:52 UTC  

@here anyone have an account to put DTR on r/the_donald? I'm coming off a ban... maybe use the title to link it to demography and the election

2018-11-12 03:21:54 UTC

We could use a lot more RTs! If you couldn’t attend, you can still amplify. Please support the nationwide endeavors listed above. @everyone

2018-11-12 03:28:27 UTC  
2018-11-12 03:37:15 UTC  

@here hit the above post with your support! It may get pulled by the mods quickly, but we may also get many thousands or tens of thousands of views among a sympathetic audience

2018-11-12 03:39:20 UTC  

Might as well upvote both threads in case they remove one

2018-11-12 03:40:03 UTC  

I can rarely get a post like this up for more than 15 minutes, so hit them both hard while we can!

2018-11-12 03:40:12 UTC  

Any more pictures of defend the rockies?

2018-11-12 03:42:24 UTC  

They pulled both posts already