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2017-11-05 14:48:16 UTC

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one of our members made those little papers, only about 2x3 inches. great for sticking places, in cracks, or on the backs of road signs where the sign meets the pole.

2017-11-05 14:56:20 UTC  

Loaded up four guys and covered about 50 miles driving around hitting the most anti white areas in the south metro. We made a team with a driver, two guys to hang fliers and a camera man with radio from the truck to guys on foot. We'd do a short recon from the truck then drop off the guys on foot while the driver kept watch. It worked really slick. The only thing we need to improve is the camera work.

2017-11-05 18:50:42 UTC  

Great work fellas!

2017-11-05 20:28:15 UTC  

Excellent work and organizing

2017-11-05 23:51:57 UTC  

High agency 👌🏻

2017-11-06 00:01:07 UTC  

Thanks goys, it was actually a very spur of the moment thing but worked out well.

2017-11-06 01:42:02 UTC

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Put one up by the dog park.

2017-11-06 02:15:18 UTC  

think you used enough tape?

2017-11-06 02:22:02 UTC  

Tape is cheap hoss.

2017-11-06 02:30:55 UTC  

If you're only putting up one you may as well go all out.

2017-11-06 02:49:14 UTC  

No tape. Only Super77

2017-11-06 02:49:26 UTC  

Nice job, though.

2017-11-06 03:44:55 UTC  

so maybe the dogs will stop biting white people?

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Down own a printer ? Improvise . (Also props to @Deleted User for dropping flier with me )

2017-11-06 04:00:14 UTC  

I need to find some Colorado Springs comrades for some missions.

2017-11-06 04:09:20 UTC  

@Adam West I'll be moving there in April.

2017-11-06 04:10:21 UTC  

Right on. I'll still be white and proud and ready to take action.

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High-traffic street corner on OU (Oklahoma) campus

2017-11-06 06:09:29 UTC  

@Adam West You have some! Contact @Julian Olson- CO for details.

2017-11-06 06:12:45 UTC  

@DonaldKimball - OK Great work brother!

2017-11-06 06:51:09 UTC  

I just tore down 16 of these signs at my school's University Hall.

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Just walked by this. I guess it wasn't one of you guys. Nice to see

2017-11-06 14:13:59 UTC  

Annnd someone ripped it down...

2017-11-06 14:14:27 UTC  

Guess it wasn't okay 😦

2017-11-06 15:52:22 UTC  

Still up at the dog park!

2017-11-06 16:01:55 UTC  

@Conway - OK strong taping ftw!

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I got a bite

2017-11-07 04:01:01 UTC  

lol. Tell them not to dilute the message.

2017-11-07 04:03:39 UTC  

Was taking the picture as I walked by, so it’s hard to read, but it says:
“It’s OK to be who you are...and black, gay, Asian, bi, Indian, trans, tattooed, non-binary, blue hair, yourself. It’s okay to be yourself”