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Richard rolled

We just ordered a few of these privacy tents to help deal with the bathroom issue. Would like to see how we could best coordinate their efficient use during the event

A possibility. Was thinking sealed containers though...water bottles, etc.

Awesome. Hopefully someone could contribute some of those


Anti-milk propaganda is Jewish

Jews want you to drink that soy, goy

Chief of staff for a 'conservative' MO state senator who was present during our flash mob today

High-traffic street corner on OU (Oklahoma) campus

Was taking the picture as I walked by, so it’s hard to read, but it says:
β€œIt’s OK to be who you are...and black, gay, Asian, bi, Indian, trans, tattooed, non-binary, blue hair, yourself. It’s okay to be yourself”

Pretty gay reply

Should I write back? Maybe print a page that says, β€œDiversity just means less white people” and put it underneath

Lankford cucking on Moore and talking about morals. Good opportunity to call him out for his amoral support for amnesty after our banner drop

Might hit this guy up too. He reported on the original memorial

21 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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