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Thank you

@Erika That banner was only up for a whole ten minutes and still managed to cause major league butthurt.

@Conway - OK Negative, what must have been an angry shit lib tore it apart with it's bare hands.
It's a pretty upper class area which also happens to have a large Somali population.

Very unexpected.

"Shock and horror" isn't a good sign

Yeah, I get that. I suppose it's just highlighting the insanity.

I didn't see it and don't watch t.v. So I had no idea how he was framing it.

Loaded up four guys and covered about 50 miles driving around hitting the most anti white areas in the south metro. We made a team with a driver, two guys to hang fliers and a camera man with radio from the truck to guys on foot. We'd do a short recon from the truck then drop off the guys on foot while the driver kept watch. It worked really slick. The only thing we need to improve is the camera work.

Thanks goys, it was actually a very spur of the moment thing but worked out well.

If you're only putting up one you may as well go all out.

He seems like a coward to me. I doubt he'd take the risk.

20 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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