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Would using a sticky residue to stick posters to things (like walls or street lights ?) be considered vandalism or littering or something of that sort? i want to know exactly what i am getting into before i cover my campus with fliers πŸ€”

public, my dude

thanks guys lol

A mass email sent out after my flyer drop at the university of louisville. Be careful out there , dem police goys will hunt you down for using your first amendment

Yeah really. Literally 99% of the political activist groups on campus are either "non white only" or "non cishet only"

Yeah , U of L had a 2 hour long series of skits in which they sited false statistics it was quite literally brain washing .


As long as theyre not on the ground , then its advertisement , not littering . Just make sure theyre on walls , tables and bulletin boards .


Good goy rusty


Down own a printer ? Improvise . (Also props to @Deleted User for dropping flier with me )

20 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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