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Tfw the neocons start ww3

They just won't give up and I'm getting a bad feeling about this after Trump brought Bolton in

2018-04-09 03:19:11 UTC  

uhh wasnt the last (((gas attack))) in april too?

2018-04-09 03:24:10 UTC  

almost exactly a year ago

2018-04-09 03:36:37 UTC  

Maybe it’s just a large game of April fools

2018-04-09 03:36:57 UTC  

April fools is compromised then fella

2018-04-09 05:04:24 UTC  

more like April jewls

2018-04-09 12:45:33 UTC  


2018-04-09 17:00:22 UTC  

uh oh whats happening in the middle east again

2018-04-09 17:36:11 UTC  

@解放兔 Boomers trying to get us to attack Assad for a gas attack he didn't do.

2018-04-09 18:31:17 UTC  


2018-04-09 18:31:18 UTC  


2018-04-10 00:27:50 UTC  

Has anyone else noticed boomers being much less pro-war, at least irl?

2018-04-10 00:28:19 UTC  

the ones in my family are, but that may be due to me

2018-04-10 00:29:26 UTC  

Same in my family. A lot of neo-cons I think are starting to figure out that American blood spilled for no reason except for the benefit of other nations isn't really a good reason.

2018-04-10 00:30:00 UTC  

My family literally doesn't give a shit about politics

2018-04-10 00:30:36 UTC  

except for some reason they agree that all kebabs need to be removed

2018-04-10 00:30:43 UTC  

my parents are both pretty much are just center-right and go to the left a little

2018-04-10 00:31:39 UTC  

and my grandma thinks that homosexuality is a mental disorder

2018-04-10 00:31:56 UTC  

and my grandpa calls blacks "niggers"

2018-04-10 00:32:14 UTC  

maybe its old people

2018-04-10 00:33:35 UTC  

that is one thing i will commend boomers on

2018-04-10 00:33:48 UTC  

they'll say nigger in family circles and not hesitate about it

2018-04-10 00:37:11 UTC  

yeah, I've noticed that lol

2018-04-10 02:02:29 UTC  

So in a state with IE policies, only pure whites would be allowed, right? Or is there more I haven't learned?

2018-04-10 02:03:16 UTC  

Define "pure white"

2018-04-10 02:04:43 UTC  

I mean negligible additions of other, non European nations into the DNA. Maybe my understanding is wrong and I need some education.

2018-04-10 02:05:45 UTC  

nobody is "pure"

2018-04-10 02:07:14 UTC  

Okay. How would an ethnostate be monitored? Would being allowed into the ethnostate be a subjective decision?

2018-04-10 02:07:53 UTC  

@Most Epic Fortnite Gamer get in voice chat and explain your question

2018-04-10 02:07:55 UTC  

Any decision made by people is "subjective" by nature

2018-04-10 02:08:11 UTC  

If you're asking if there would be case by case examinations in some situations, yes

2018-04-10 02:08:19 UTC  

Can't VC right now. I may or may not be in a class.

2018-04-10 02:08:44 UTC  

I'm not exactly understanding your question still

2018-04-10 02:09:27 UTC  

I'll try to word it better. I'll get back to you in like an hour.

2018-04-10 02:09:46 UTC  

Hi Colin

2018-04-10 02:09:55 UTC  

IE excepts 3/4 whites btw

2018-04-10 02:10:07 UTC  

But I dont think you can be nog

2018-04-10 02:10:19 UTC  

I dont think quadroons are accepted

2018-04-10 02:10:34 UTC  

also re: purity spiralling, you know what white is when you see it