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@dirt kevin glenn gould playing bach ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

excellent taste

Lugansky is my new favorite Rachmaninoff performer

he's unbelievable

i used to be able to play the third movement of rachmaninoff's 2nd pretty well. that was the peak of my piano skills sadly

btw the conductor in that performance is himself a world class concert pianist, one of the finest living pianists, Mikhail Pletnev. what a gem to be freely available on youtube!!

under 3 minutes and will blow your mind

that guy is one of the organizers of the caravan. earlier i tweeted my support for hanging traitors like him

we need to switch back to public hangings instead of this lethal injection shit

part of the punishment should be the humiliation

just farting some, nm

nah i missed it

blindingly white pill fellas

downloading CK2

looks like he’s really trying to get them to change their policy about theft of american intellectual property

germany castrated itself after ww2. it appears to be a nation of mostly utter cucks

as far as i can tell, the german people have lost the will for self-preservation

they're basically a zombie society waiting to be conquered and subjugated

cultural marxism is the imposition of the classic marxist framework (oppressor class vs oppressed class) along racial, ethnic, and cultural lines

it entails a functionally religious conviction that the current order is fundamentally unjust, that the evil oppressor class is to blame, and that the path to "justice" is a holy war against the traditional order

for example: do you want to preserve traditional white culture? can't have that! muh white supremacy! gotta tear down your statues and put up statues of niggers or raised fists or some shit. gotta flood your lands with hordes of uncivilized nonwhites and discourage whites from having kids. gotta throw out your classic literature -- muh white supremacy! -- fuck shakespeare, read black and brown authors or you're a bigot

i could go on but i think the point is clear.

this is largely sold to the masses as multiculturalism, i.e. the notion that all cultures are equal and whites should accept their culture being relegated in status from the dominant culture to one of many "equal" cultures

but the marxist vision is overthrow and murder of the oppressor class. not just "demotion" of white culture, but rather destruction

i never liked reading shakespeare. besides he intended for people to see his plays performed, not read them in a book

thanks for the redpill react. i think it genuinely is a major redpill that the cultural marxists running the leftist NGOs, along with their activists and organizers, these "people" don't want "equality." they want you and your people dead, and everything you ever achieved destroyed and forgotten. the famous sam hyde quote says it better than i ever could.

i think hunter means well, but sometimes he is insufferable

i like him in theory

i used to follow him on twitter. eventually couldn't take it anymore, had to unfollow. then he got banned

what's your twitter. i'll follow you

goes back to the 60s. frankfurt school marxists

they managed to rot our culture from the inside out

also due in large part to allowing women to vote. the gravity of that error cannot be understated

democracy is bad. read moldbug

he's not always right, of course. but he's WELL worth reading

more like April jewls

come on let's not clutter srs-politics with fighting now

agree to hate each other or something

a few days ago i watched a squirrel run in front of a moving car and get splatted instantly. that squirrel was less stupid than mike pompeo asking hillary clinton for advice

yep!! their second to last album kinda sucked but that one i linked (their most recent) is much better

love that band

this is breitbart's logo today. not a parody

lol apparently a former doorman at trump world tower is alleging that the dahnald fathered a child with one of the maids that worked there

not in the next few days, it sounds like

idk but my peenor is aroused

i vote for 3D retardation

it was trump.

we need to get rid of democracy, is what we need

and the whole current government structure. all the bureaucrats, civil servants, institutions, everything

t_d users have the collective IQ of a retarded oak tree

Russia would win because our military is pozzed af

until he builds the wall he is a faggot in my book

i’m tired of dicking around and making excuses. wall or gtfo

i love taleb

Big Jew got Trump to do a complete 180 on Syria in less than 2 weeks

highly memeable

ty david, that is a fantastic piece

and her husband is a fucking ALPHA

no, it's pro-amnesty

fuck the kochs to hell

lincoln was right about the blacks and the whites

the pope is king pedo

the odl testament god is more baste than the new testament god

change my mind dot jay peg

torah is the first 5 books i think?

jesus doesnt denounce OT

he says he came not to abolish the law and the prohpets (aka OT) but to fulfill them

i like Lauren

even though she's an e-thot, and i fully realize a large part of why I like her is that she's drop dead gorgeous

such is life

we need alt-lite stepping stones. they are crucial to our success

if you have a country with a coherent identity, "identity politics" is a uniting force

i don't agree that identity politics = oppression

look at Hungary. embrace of Hungarian identity is unifying the country. it's not telling people they're oppressed

it's telling people this is who we are, we're unique and proud, let's keep our traditions

no oppression olympics

i don't think everyone agrees that america is for americans. not at all. a whole lot of people think america is for anyone, or that it's a giant open-air shopping mall

i don't want voting. fuck democracy

the greater good is more important than autistic-tier NAP libertarianism

because the nation made the mistake of letting jews in, probably

yeah but mainly because the US is a joke country now anyway

200 years ago, absolutely not

i would LOVE for someone to buy the federal government


the federal government is bullshit honestly. the original conception of the states as sovereign is what we should return to

this country went off the rails in 1830

or thereabouts

the important question is what comes next

i think the changes we need can’t be achieved until the federal government dissolves

lol i’m not an ancap. i think states should be able to do wild shit

the bill of rights shouldn’t apply to the states

the 14th amendment was a disaster

state constitutions has their own guarantees of rights

it’s not like without the 14th amendment states would just ban everything

states had their own constitutions because the federal bill of rights was not meant to apply to them

some states would go to commie shit, others would do different stuff

i’m fine with some states turning into shit. if that’s what they want to do

before about 1830 the common conception of the country was a union of states, not as a single entity

the massachusetts legislature threatened to secede in 1841

little known fact

not even 20 years after threatening secession from the union, massachusetts was sending its boys to kill their southern brethren for seceding

lincoln should have been assassinated MUCH sooner

assassination of political leaders is a gray area in my book

they need to have skin in the game

i think it was montesquieu whose preferred form of government was β€œmonarchy tempered by the occasional assassination”

well ok sure, you need a clear successor like in a monarchy

i’m still surprised nobody assassinated obama tbh

everybody thought it was gonna happen

that's much better than anything i could have expected tbh

public sector unions are cancerous

close all public schools and start the education system over from scratch tbh

math ❀

oh "college algebra" is muh

you could probably learn it on your own

unless it's actual algebra, aka "abstract algebra" i.e. groups, rings, fields, etc

but i'm guessing it's the dumb shit they make you do in high school math which is for some reason often called "college algebra" despite being decidedly high school level

"German extremist"

born in Syria

you'll never guess what he looks like

Mohammed Haydar Zammar

"German extremist"

this is what a "mainstream" "respectable" media outlet like NBC is publishing

She’s hot so yeah

communism is garbage

i think north koreans, as a people, are capable of feeding themselves in an autarky

their need for food aid is proof that their government is a disaster

the UN isn't stopping north korea from growing its own food, buddy

north korea literally gets international food aid

do you think the land is not capable of sustaining the people

not sure if bait or really dumb

there's plenty of stuff out there about north koreans eating grass and rodents

shilling for juche is comically smol brane

"pretty good" by prehistoric standards i guess

but they got fucking annihilated for a reason

what is technology lol

meh, would have just taken longer

she's pro-getting clicks and fame

lauren southern with the ballsy RT!

another anti-trump shooter?

hopefully makes non-white immigrants feel more unwanted and unwelcome

we could help our cause on the immigration front by working to remove the myriad accommodations made for immigrants who don't speak English, don't know Western culture, etc

politically that would be much easier to accomplish than changing the immigration rules. a small step

just don't fund translation services etc

don't have to say English is a national language (though we should) if we just stop paying for free translators

some christians would disagree on that re: salvation of jews

but some sects/denominations are cucked

what can you do. sad

IMO the characters of christianity and judaism are simply at odds

Jesus was constantly bashing the Pharisees, and modern jews come from that tradition, IIRC

i'm not sure if he was confused or if he understood Jesus was causing religious squabbles and the jewish leaders wanted him dead, but other than that, yeah that is my understanding

not that anyone really cares about hillary anymore, but this looks pretty bulletproof

when SHTF is gonna be when the economy crashes

people with nothing to lose are more willing to fight for something new

natural disaster is just regional though

i think when tons of white people lose their jobs and take to the streets is when our chance will come

ok yellowstone supervolcano could blow too

economic crash within 25 years is almost a certainty

natural disasters are guessowrk at best


new hillary emails. apparently includes ones never seen before that have redactions for classified info regarding middle east

"conservative" politicians go to their friends' gay weddings now

"conservative" my ass

>having gay friends in the first place

that's actually huge

kim crossed the fuckin border

lol seoul would have gotten annihilated


i care more about my own people, naturally

but it's still cool

better that than a new korean war

but yeah, the crowds at trump rallies were not chanting "peace in korea! peace in korea!"

looks like James Clapper might be in some trouble in the near future

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