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Thanks Fester, but I think I've adjusted to the tyranny at this point

@Grayson I had to call a couple times before it stopped hanging up. Press 1 then 4 as soon as the call is picked up, that got me through to leave a message


Nice to make your acquaintance Jacob @Jacob

probably safe to make it all about "cultural differences", right?

He might lead the charge to a better video platform though, which I believe would be a positive

/r/mde meme review

I think his long-term legacy will be Gen Z's future political and memetic tendencies

@Hakujin - CA funny, would've expected NY to be higher

2019-01-31 02:25:10 UTC [Literature Club #general]  


btw check out the guy who very well could be in charge of making sure the IE Wikipedia entry stays the way it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhNczOuhxeg

steady-state economy when

call me paranoid, but are there any anonymous DNA testing services?

Thanks, I'll look into it

don't trust the info to not be purchased by insurance companies and affect my descendants

any info you could give on the university @Jacob ?

You've got a weird hyphenated last name too Brett

Jacobs rise up

First group too, aside from College Republicans

*still a pledge though

No, been waiting for a couple days to hear from my local coordinator @DixieBoy76 - KY

i.e. for second interview

It's okay, if it isn't normal to wait I'll go ahead and message him

but thanks

"Another win for America!"

lol did you guys listen to the Krassenstein brothers' podcast?

@DixieBoy76 - KY just messaged him, thanks for the backup too

@Jacob thanks!

What time will the Tuesday orientation be, if it's been scheduled already?

Same here!

that's a real man right there

everyone please listen to the first 63 seconds of this, it's super duper important: https://soundcloud.com/krassencast/episode-1-the-ingraham-anger-and-krassenstein-cuddles

what's the matter, got a problem with cuddling time? ๐Ÿ˜Ž

the Krassenstein brothers started a podcast


yeah they're an interesting pair

the best part about the podcast is them trying to pass off a prerecorded phone call as a live interview

I see "Alt-Right: Age of Rage"

lmao opening shot of the Bund MSG rally, very balanced and objective stuff here

how'd they take it?

Patrick's response was even better

when the infanticide hits


that's the Virginia governor, had the viral abortion video yesterday I believe. Now being hit for a resurfaced yearbook photo

The Virgin Chunk vs the Chad Data Soldier

@NITRODUBS I think a huge part of this is the ease of getting college loans, but I'm not exactly well-versed in the issue. Any ideas?

Would you guys recommend Starship Troopers? I've really liked the Foundation series. And I've been thinking about something similar, voting rights based on having "skin in the game". How that would be defined or determined, I'm not sure.

Thanks for the recommendations, I'll check it out @Victor O @Alexander Pechorin

Now, Mr. Noodle on the other hand...

let's get it my fellow pledges

^yeah sorry that was supposed to be my joke

Why are Diamond and Silk on the Fox livestream?

feel the same about Fox compared to other outlets, only host I can stand is Tucker

really love Tucker though


lol fox

All he had to do was enter the room, it was that powerful

uh oh crooked tie, allusion to crooked Hillary

@wayne peek get that on the_donald, STAT!

omg that thumbs up

@Hakujin - CA might've had a sip of his first beer beforehand

Where'd Buzz get that sick tie?

It's "The State of Our Union Is Amazing, Believe Me" now

I don't really know but I'd imagine it's at the end

"choose greatness; choose identity; choose Evropa"

lol how's Q doing these days?

@Logan no idea, never really followed it other than for humor

He does "dems are real racists" books and documentaries, pretty much

The Booker Scowl

@Undercover Academic - IL haha yeah he looks like the doge!

Kushner gives me the creeps

She's the newest member of Diamond and Silk!

they're finishing her carbonite encasement

oh my god again


they rabbled when he brought it up



one of these girls keeps smiling

which rebuttal speech is Fox going to air?

It's between black Georgia lady and Bernie, right?

"Walls work, take Israel for example..."

ok this is epic

holy poop

"pool closed due to AIDS"

@Hakujin - CA end childhood, anyone over thirty seconds old is now an adult with voting privileges

cancer bad, orang man.... good?

ok THIS is epic (for real)

Nancy seems heartbroken

"communism, however, we're leaving on the table"

*mentions Israel*

*pans to Kushner*

the Lavon Affair? Trump is so good with the ladies๐Ÿ˜Ž <:chad:359013583469805568>

how old did he say he is?

unironically had a Jewish women's studies TA who told me it's anti-Semitic to bring up the Holodomor in comparison to the Holocaust

@Jacob had a class of 200 people last year, when prof asked I was the only person who knew of the Holodomor. The absolute state of modern education

"Keep America First with Nick Fuentes in our hearts"

when/where is the rebuttal?

Nick's pretty good in my opinion

You guys watching a SOTU response?

Becheeto Macaroni


lmao got eem

Digging the song @DixieBoy76 - KY

what happened to your stuff?


So was there a consensus here on "early and often"?

Replace us LEGALLY

trust the plan my fellow magapedes, it's just 74D space chess

that little dance the women did <:pepe:359012488920039424>

official drink of Europeans everywhere (except in Europe)

need to go get some lime juice...

gold accents too

I like beer

Proportional representation?

tendies pls

Just got back from my first College Republican meeting in a while. It was the cringiest, most disheartening thing I've witnessed at school

It had it all. TP USA, yay Trump said most LEGAL immigrants ever! We need to involve ourselves in MORE wars in the Middle East, it's the right thing to do! Privatize ALL national parks and monuments!

@V.Balboa - PA that's what I want to do, but it's near impossible. I'd be totally ostracized

@V.Balboa - PA however, I did find one guy who was bringing up anti-whiteness on campus. He got laughed at by the J**s, but I'm going to talk to him privately later

@VinceChaos don't mean that offensively, just that that was the group doing all the laughing and taunting. They also paraded US involvement in the ME as some sort of moral imperative

@Nemets for now I held my tongue, but in the future I'm going to attempt to steer conversation

literal cheering after mentioning of the SOTU, they absolutely adored it

@Jacob I agree that's a good strategy. Harsh(er) punishments for rape have always seemed very popular amongst women, at least the ones I know

@V.Balboa - PA thanks, just going to try to do my part. Once I know the one guy sperging about anti-whiteness a lot better, might suggest he look like identitarianism

good points, that in combination with policies against things like campus "kangaroo courts" could actually get at the problem without the targeted use of accusations @Jacob

@DixieBoy76 - KY If the reps I saw were the deep state, we're doomed, but not because of their competence

2019-02-08 03:06:22 UTC [Literature Club #sales-and-trades]  

Looking to buy a used copy of "Why We Fight", also @Jacob if you're looking to sell "White Identity" instead of trade I'd be interested in that

2019-02-08 03:07:40 UTC [Literature Club #sales-and-trades]  

ah ok, misunderstood

Ever been to Centralia? Worth a visit if you're not too far away

>when your gf begins to recognize the Great Replacement and the need for white identity <:teehee:381917632359563264>

@JayDon just got really lucky. Known her since high school, been dating through college. She started as an honest centrist, college "culture" forcefed her a couple redpills, eventually moved to civnat, now is beginning to see things in ethnic terms

Sorry to hear that, but I think you chose well

Btw, she has a little sibling in high school, so I've been getting some updates. Turns out that class/age group really is baste, quite possibly red pilled. Apparently there was a class discussion on the Wall, overwhelming majority "voted" in favor of it; the girls privately ridicule modern feminism and fantasize about motherhood; students are angry about the recent bussing-in of the, uh, "city kids". It seems like they see right through the media conditioning and resent it

I know it seems farfetched, but this is apparently the case in the 90+% white school

I've noticed that too. Some women don't seem very happy that it's being used, to an extent, to "pacify" or discourage men

>owning women by never associating with them

where did we go so wrong

Congratulations @Isabella Locke-MT !

Also, random question: can anyone recommend me a door/window reinforcement kit, and/or an alarm system that acts on a door being kicked in or a window being smashed?

Can anyone recommend a door reinforcement kit, window bars, and/or alarms that engage when a door is being kicked in or a window is smashed?

Hey, I know a Jewish conservative NR writer. His dad was a lawyer, not a writer!

I didn't save either, but I think I remember the 300 list included pretty small places, might've also included the same places as many times as there were expulsions from those places. I can't say anything definitively though

Patrick is going off on twitter today, the Utah demonstration seems to have really struck a nerve!

Second expulsion, King SARGON

Omar has issued an apology

Sort of half-hearted apology though

Looks like #WomenInScience and some football hashtags are bringing AIPAC down to #5 on US twitter, Rep. Omar down to #12. Organic decline or forced?

Ya know, the more I learn about this Kushner character, the less I like him

Is it against the rules to post Twitter screenshots of the first names/pictures of people who hate IE? Not exclusively of them

Gotcha, just wanted to post a tweet but it has their first name and picture in it. Won't post because the picture was half the joke, but you can find it in Patrick's twitter feed

Not a blue check, but open about their line of work and location

I'm not going to, it was just for a laugh anyway. It was actually someone threatening to doxx us, wouldn't want to insinuate I wanted to doxx them though

@Grenadier not entirely sure, but just wanted to err on the side of caution until someone confirmed it's ok. It was just for a quick laugh of "this is the type of person who wants to doxx us", so not anything important

It's best to find the enlightened centrist middle ground between listening to the heart and brain, somewhere around the larynx

What is up with Vniversity of Kentvcky and their Communist propaganda

I feel as though if it were for educational purposes it would have a little plaque, instead it's just decorating the walls

@Goose wrong Jacob. Also not yet within my school's buildings, thankfully

@VinceChaos how about Jakob?

He was here first, I'll change

I mean I'll change it to "Jakob", I don't see how that could lead to any confusion<:teehee:381917632359563264>

I'll keep that one in mind, want to try out life as a Jakob for a little while๐Ÿ˜Ž

Thanks for the advice @RevStench . They're for my gf, who unfortunately needed them ASAP. The landlord is really slow getting back to her so she got some of those temporary window reinforcements and better locks. Hopefully those will work

It does seem sort of... eulogistic

RBG apparently "sat quietly in the back" at the concert, which is why no pictures were taken

In which city was she last seen?

It is a ground level window, and thank you for all the information! She's actually in Philly (different schools) so it's far more dangerous for her. Yesterday, every car on the street had one smashed window. @RevStench

Thanks again, I'll relay all of this to her

@DixieBoy76 - KY I had a similar situation, magnesium supplements seemed to help. But in my case, I need eight hours of sleep

@DixieBoy76 - KY yep, they're good all around. I've also heard about iodine, like the other guys were saying, but never tried it

C'mon Poland, you were supposed to outlast the fall of Western Europe

The people I met in Poland seemed very much opposed to any immigration whatsoever, even if they happened to be Catholic

more of a slow slumping over

I stayed with some really nice Poles, devout Catholics who loved to talk trash on Germany's immigration politics

That seems true, things swing every which way but rarely hit one end or the other @ThisIsChris

Nobody can predict how much of the next Bundestag vote the AfD will get, but when 1/4 people in Germany have a Migrationshintergrund, you know things aren't going back



@Ryan-IL why would a drug that keeps people docile and complacent be pushed so hard <:thinkplant:359034245777457173>

Wait, this doesn't fit with my Northern education of South BAD, North GOOD

@DixieBoy76 - KY pretty much, but it was very clear cut in my Northern public school

@DixieBoy76 - KY me too, lots I had to unlearn and reteach to others after graduation

Trump is the modern Lincoln confirmed

@celticflame sorry to hear that, hope all is well soon

" Graham added, "I promise you this. Donald Trump is not going to sign any bill that reduces the number of bed spaces available to hold violent offenders who come across our border. He can't do that. He won't do that, and you can take that to the bank." "

I just realized it didn't change my name in the chat, although I see "Jakob" on my profile

Oh gotcha, I would like to change my name to "Jakob" please

Should clear up the confusion between @Jacob and myself


woof woof, Hilldawg in the house! *dabs at Cedar Rapids*

mmmm dasrite

Based EMT President

what a bunch of absolute chads

got it, thanks @Sam Anderson

Can anyone help with a bit of statistics? Here's the problem: if P(A|B) = 0.7 and P(A'|B') = 0.3, are A and B independent or dependent? I'm not sure if I should use Baye's Theorem or something else to relate the two statements <@&387091385075105804>

Thanks! That definitely makes sense. The definition of independence I'm working with is that if P(A|B) = P(A) and P(B|A) = P(B), then they're independent. But I think I can figure it out from what you helped with

IE nationwide cans-and-string communication lines

IE OSRS clan when?

freaking โฌœ ๐Ÿ“ฌ

6'4" 160, lanklet master BMI

Maybe Brazilians? At least the mixed ones, I know a lot of people in Brazil keep it within their racial groups

this is amnesty for any and all "sponsors", even potential "sponsors", right?

Well they can't deny a test if you insist, right?

By what time do you all think we'll know if Trump signed it or not?

The PA crew made the news!



I didn't realize that blacks were accepted Tribesmen, unless they're being used as victim-pawns

I wonder if there are any mentions of his Jewish identity before he attacked himself

Saw IE briefly discussed on Reddit last week or so, people think it's a honeypot because of the info you give in the application. That said, the guy pushing that seemed to have a grudge against IE given his comment history

Oh I know

Well obviously they're dumb, just reporting what I saw

My friends just think I'm a racist libertarian <:sad:366743316475281408>

@Flint I got into ONE debate about 2A and they think I'm all "no step"

Atlas Shrugged, Foundation Series

@Lawrence of Eurabia would you recommend?

@Sonic my mom keeps trying to get me to read that, how is it?

I'll check it out, thanks

@Lawrence of Eurabia looks like you can get used paperbacks on Amazon for ~$25, not sure it's worth supporting them though

Any links to those, or authors you're reading?

@Reinhard Wolff any reason you chose Moby Dick? I was never forced to read it at school so it's not something I've thought about picking up

But the frogs guys, chemicals in the water

I thought it was trans frogs, not gay

oh god

Is Sam actually giving up?


If you have two twitter accounts, one pseudonymous and one real, make sure thereโ€™s little to no overlap in following lists, retweet, etc. Totally separate identities with separate interests

Chinese girl was cheating off of me and her phone during a math exam last week. The professor caught her and nothing happened <:tucker:378724715679711233>

Where are the "Jewish" immigrants coming from?

"Little Hitler", like the WKUK sketch?

"the hunchback with fake honor" <:teehee:381917632359563264>


This little blip on our radar isn't the real issue guys. The Chinese are watching us on clear nights: http://archive.is/dVYtZ

you've never met a Democrat? @Max Bianco - NY

pls someone explain Yang Gang to me, I've really been out of the loop on this one

I've said it before, nationwide IE can-and-string network

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