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Thanks! And yes, I paid via paypal

2017-12-08 17:06:20 UTC [Fitness #onions]  

idk but i’m gonna stop eating them bc i’m scared I’m gonna start growing hair on my chest or something lmao

2017-12-08 18:49:52 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

i think it’s called bullet coffee

2017-12-08 18:50:16 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

wait it’s bulletproof

2017-12-08 18:50:27 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

supposed to burn fat but I think it’s bs

2017-12-08 18:57:45 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I’ve only had almond and I’m not the biggest fan. I only use it for shakes and cereal

2017-12-08 18:58:01 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

does coconut milk taste too coconutty??????

2017-12-08 18:59:19 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I know SILK makes almond and coconut blended together. I may try that

2017-12-08 19:00:34 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Almond milk tastes like soggy almonds and water

2017-12-08 19:00:45 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

but I tolerate it since I hate drinking dairy milk

2017-12-08 19:01:20 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

@Deleted User i may try your mocha recipe. I spend too much money at Starbucks

2017-12-08 19:02:28 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I’m down then!!

2017-12-08 19:03:49 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I think women should be encouraged as long as it isn’t overboard and they’re at like 5% body fat and can’t have kiddos

2017-12-08 19:04:16 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I’ve heard oat milk is more creamy?

2017-12-08 19:04:48 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

rice milk sounds like cancer

2017-12-08 19:05:32 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I’ve never tried coconut oil to cook with but it became pretty mainstream lately

2017-12-08 19:06:07 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

try it and let me know haha

2017-12-08 19:06:09 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I’m scared

2017-12-08 19:08:16 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Hemp milk: a beany-nutty cream-flavored substance

2017-12-08 19:08:20 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

According to Wikipedia

2017-12-08 19:08:23 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

y u m

2017-12-08 19:08:54 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I’m 2 str8 edge 4 hemp milk tbh

2017-12-08 19:09:39 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Someone soypill me

2017-12-08 19:10:01 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I used to drink it in my Starbucks coffee sometimes

2017-12-08 19:10:08 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

but can I be a soy girl

2017-12-08 19:10:39 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

yeah I’m a vegetarian so I eat a lot of soy based fake meats and stuff lol

2017-12-08 19:11:29 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

just snort protein powder

2017-12-08 19:11:50 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I’ve been one since I was 15. So about 5 years now

2017-12-08 19:12:44 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

i will probably be vegan at some point eventually

2017-12-08 19:12:53 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

save da cows

2017-12-08 19:13:20 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

yeah I think it’s healthier to cut out fatty meats for most people

2017-12-08 19:14:12 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I’ve been lacking a good diet ever since this semester started. 99% carbs

2017-12-08 19:14:27 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I only like egg whites, cheese, and ice cream

2017-12-08 19:15:14 UTC [Fitness #general]  
2017-12-08 19:15:30 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I could eat ice cream every day and for every meal

2017-12-08 19:15:36 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

what are some goood vegan brands

2017-12-08 19:15:45 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

The so delicious?

2017-12-08 19:15:54 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

For vegan ice cream

2017-12-08 19:16:40 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

have you tried the ben and jerry’s?

2017-12-08 19:16:56 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  


2017-12-08 19:17:00 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  


2017-12-08 19:17:02 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  


2017-12-08 19:17:09 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

and I drink so much Starbucks

2017-12-08 19:17:16 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I am a slave

2017-12-08 19:18:11 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Is there fashy coffee in NYC?????

2017-12-08 19:19:04 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

born and raised :—(

2017-12-08 19:19:25 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I don’t really like coffee

2017-12-08 19:19:33 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I like boujeeeeee drinks

2017-12-08 19:19:40 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

but I’ll try it

2017-12-08 19:20:13 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I like my venti skinny caramel macchiato from Starbucks lmaoooo

2017-12-08 19:20:49 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Omg is that coffee site real LMAO

2017-12-08 19:20:54 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I’m crying

2017-12-08 19:21:12 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I’m buying it for everyone for Christmas

2017-12-08 19:21:38 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

especially my Jewish family members (not blood related, 2 of my uncles married Jews RIP)

2017-12-08 19:21:55 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

yeah. Rip my bloodline

2017-12-08 19:22:58 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I’ve never dealt with non grounded coffee

2017-12-08 19:23:16 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

but I might just buy it and keep it in the packaging lmao

2017-12-08 19:23:26 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I’ll buy it for the memes

2017-12-08 19:24:37 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

does it come in fashy packaging

2017-12-08 19:25:06 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

send pics

2017-12-08 19:32:05 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

@Brooke is your son confirmed ANTIFA???? lmao

2017-12-08 19:32:19 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I just love the taste of Starbucks

2017-12-08 19:32:32 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

there’s one right next to my job so it’s so hard to resist lol

2017-12-08 19:32:57 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

@Deleted User yes people were saying the cups featured lesbians holding hands lmfao

2017-12-08 19:33:17 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I don’t like coffee when I make it myself!!!!

2017-12-08 19:38:40 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

@Deleted User yes lmao. it’s quite comical

2017-12-08 19:39:44 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

look it up

2017-12-08 19:40:43 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  


2017-12-08 19:40:53 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

you can’t tell their gender

2017-12-08 19:44:30 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

@Deleted User how did you come to this conclusion?!

2017-12-08 19:44:53 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

@Brooke lmao truuuuu

2017-12-08 19:47:55 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

@Deleted User r u sure u aren’t a soy boy

2017-12-08 19:51:52 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

@Deleted User my apologies. be safe friend

2017-12-08 19:51:59 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Confirmed not a soy

2017-12-08 19:52:31 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

meet any fine saudi women??? 😉

2017-12-08 19:53:32 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Lmfaoooooo fuggggggg

2017-12-08 19:54:05 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I would to if I was a Filipino and saw a nice whitey chad paratrooper

2017-12-08 19:55:04 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

thank gosh

2017-12-08 19:55:14 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I feel like most men overseas just go for any females

2017-12-08 19:55:20 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I love Filipinos

2017-12-08 20:04:31 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

@Deleted User bless you and your wife!!!! Hopefully you are going home soon

2017-12-08 20:05:38 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  


2017-12-08 20:05:49 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  


2017-12-08 20:06:33 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

well they are Spanish kinda

2017-12-08 20:06:45 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I think I’m biased bc I’m Catholic and I like them bc of that

2017-12-08 20:07:38 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I never had Filipino food. One of my best friends is Filipino

2017-12-08 20:07:45 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

and my other best friend is Korean lmao

2017-12-08 20:19:44 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

wtf so far I’ve learned that I can’t eat onions and cabbage now bc I’ll turn into the embodiment of testosterone

2017-12-08 20:22:03 UTC [Fitness #onions]  

O shit whaddup

2017-12-08 20:22:22 UTC [Fitness #onions]  

I’m not prego but I’ll remember that

2017-12-08 21:11:14 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Yes meal planning and portioning is a very good idea!

2017-12-08 21:11:39 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

it saves money too and helps make sure you’re sticking to macros(if you’re into that)

2017-12-08 22:13:15 UTC [Fitness #general]  


2017-12-28 02:40:19 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

You need to patrol her

Do you wanna marry her and have her be the mother of your kids??

Be in charge of her.. if you want her to quit make her quit lol

Maybe tell her you intend to marry her and have her be the mother of your children and you can’t have her smoke if that’s the case

Yes my bf @Whitelash is a stubborn nibba but I got him to stop smoking by nagging

Ultimately, you are in charge

is she the type of woman to accept that?

Or is she a feminist

if she knows you’re in charge then it’s easy

No one likes being told what to do

but still she needs to know her place

If she’s been smoking habitually then she isn’t gonna stop easily so even if she agrees to stop it’s gonna be a challenge

If you tell her to stop and she’s goes on a feminist rant saying you can’t tell her what to do then you have a big problemo

Maybe it would be good to tell her that you care about her and that’s why you need her to stop

Because you want a future with her

Does she downplay it that it’s not a big deal?

Honestly just tell her she’s being a degenerate

be nice about it tho

that’s an issue then

does she think she can be a proper mother and wife by abusing substances ?

Does she prioritize marriage and motherhood?

start there and everything else will come into place

like I’m 20 and I never did any of that stuff and I’ve always been geared towards marriage and motherhood

I mean I guess everyone is different

You need to get her to grow up lol

Me? Ehhh kinda but not really

I wasn’t instilled with these ideals

That’s rough but hopefully those situations make you stronger and make you want to be better for your future family

that’s my opinion tho

I’m tryna have 15 kids by 26

do you really love her?

or are you just with her because you’ve been with her for so long?

okay then you gotta put your foot down and let her know your standards and expectations for her behavior

and make it known you want a future with her

OooOoOoOoooo KILL EM


I have a goofy Queens accent

Daddy trump is doing 💯💯💯💯

I thought it was gonna be longer

I spoke too soon

I saw a cringe libertarian post that we should make legal immigration easier so they won’t resort to illegal immigration lmaooooo

Schumer’s forehead is looking big

I can’t even look at Schumer






My fellow Americans again

i will go down there and place at least 10 bricks by myself 💅🏻

low energy Schumer

Even if things arent looking good for us I think it’s whitepilling to a degree that we even have a president that wants to build a wall 💜

I actually can’t believe this is a thing. I’m arguing with one boomer on Fb now but I’m debating how deep I wanna go bc I might actually have a stroke

do you have videos of the kids actually chanting build the wall??? and videos of them being harassed? I’ve only found the video of Philips approaching them

this goes out to all of us staying on discord 💕✨

beta pizza

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