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Hello all, I'm Richard from NV

@hbutzer0511 I have. It was decent. Nothing extraordinarily original, but it did reveal a lot of information I hadn't known before.

2018-12-06 17:07:57 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2018-12-06 17:44:38 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I've been playing for several years. It's great when your guns work.

Slav server?

what is it? just general slavic related stuff?

sure then

@Freiheit - CA What are the drawbacks of donating plasma?

But is your professor based?

Sounds about as close as you'll get for a professor

well if there are a bunch of illegals in the military im sure they'll be okay with you

You'd think they'd be more concerned about infiltrators and spies

once the boomers die off things will accelerate really fast

@Sam Anderson One of the first things that comes to mind is the story of Babylon. It perfectly explains the degeneracy of a multicultural society and that God intended to break up humanity into unique peoples is a great source to use trying to redpill boomers

@Axel You didn't

Besides the HQ, do you have any plans for expanding the organization after the lawsuit?

RIP Brexit


tea gang rise up ๐Ÿต

Tea still has caffeine, plus you can always add sugar to it.

And then of course coffee is terrible for the environment.

tea = the nationalist's choice

Marco Polo

The only people I've seen that rely on coffee are boomers and GenX wannabe boomers

@OMGDwayne ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

@Jacob Do you have a study for that?

@Jacob Is what a brand of cologne?

@Jacob Not that I'm aware of, but I can't stand cologne so I wouldn't know.

@Evan Of course I wish it didn't happen, but the recent terrorist attack might be what causes a shift in the messaging of the protesters.

@Evan Let's hope it causes the motivation to send all the migrants back

It doesn't seem too far off, as long as the eternal anglo doesn't ruin things again

@Jacob What cars does Poland even make?

What's the point if they're only going to produce 33?

you mean, "what a cohencidence"

That's just because Poland doesn't have an Orban


@Jacob Natural selection would hopefully remove those genes from the gene pool.

@OMGDwayne Didn't realize Cali went downhill that fast

And Reagan's policies started taking effect

just click "open original"

In one form or another, people are going to have idols

pretty much every QB is white

At least in hockey they aren't anywhere close to their percentage of the population

@Asatru Artist - MD and then there are the jews in charge

@Nemets Did the article explain why? Was it the sudden transition to a materialist society?

>bay area

that explains everything

probably the Italians

ISTJ gang

Ayy, Julian went off on Twitter

If your family are conservatives/libertarians you could talk about minority views on free speech, gun rights, etc and the fact they vote in a supermajority to strip us of those rights.


A lot of times someone else will bring up politics and that might be a better situation to inject your two cents instead of bringing it up yourself

(((Predatory men)))

@Kingfish Nah, you've got to assimilate.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN "Put marinara in the Pierogis... Oh wait wouldn't that just be ravioli" This Italian is triggered

@Sam Southern - TN They're only 10% of the population......

It is/was a pretty good outlet for white identity

@fgtveassassin Are you talking about Milsim West?

seems like it

good luck

If Tucker gets booted, the only significant audience Fox would have left would be all the boomers watching Hannity. Even then a bunch of them will disavow and stop watching.

Yeah, Tucker is the only reason I turn on cable news, unless there's a big happening or something.

he talked about how immigrants are dirty

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Cuteness must not have been that much a of a factor if I was able to get top seller for several years

Yeah, door to door was terrible because nobody ever wanted popcorn.
But standing outside a grocery store for several hours at a time was even worse.

Are there stats showing membership numbers over time?

Of course

@Ecarttev Which songs do you need? Ive got some in google drive

Didnt it get delayed till 4 pm EST?


ayyyy, just got a long time friend of mine in New Jersey to apply

Truckee River, Reno, NV

He was a libertarian

I didnt realize you guys were serious about WaPo

Nick is talking about us right now

I think he's trying to say it wasn't the ethnically British doing it

Who are gujarati banias?

Yeah, there's a reason many of them have very European features, just with varying skin tones.

Why would they?

He's not terrible, but his history makes it hard for people to take him seriously.

@TIDE there's really no reason for him to denounce his past. Most of his enemies will still think of him in those terms

That's going to be an increasing amount of white kids in the future as more of us flee to gated communities

@Jacob Who's to say that she actually will end foreign wars? Trump said nearly the same thing and we've made very little progress in that direction

What needs to happen is just someone to primary Trump who will challenge him on all the things he campaigned for but didn't do. That could revive enthusiasm in our ideas and maybe push Trump back in the right direction

If anything that would be the time to increase our activity. There's very little chance a majority of whites would vote for the Dem. candidate in 2020, and a leftist victory would be a perfect chance to help awaken more people to what's going on.

What was the guardian program?

@Albo Greychak - MI @Chris N. - CA Guess Chris just failed the guardian program

I got an email back from a reporter from The Daily Utah Chronicle asking for an interview. Anyone I should forward her to?

Isn't the number a lot higher than 109? I've seen lists that go the 300 something

Yeah, this list shows a bunch of countries multiple times

It's moreso people pointing out that the term "goy" exists and is something some jews actually call us

@Lawrence of Eurabia If we're purity spiraling like that guess that means I have to get rid of my quarter jewish friend

@fgtveassassin Whoa whoa whoa, cool it with the anti-Italian discrimination /s

I already have

@VinceChaos changed my username

He gets to be a little out there sometimes.

Your university should have a bunch of job boards with a bunch of listings.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Vladimir Zhirinovsky is pretty similar with his crazy rants

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Russia Insider has a lot of videos with him.

@Jacob Of course, he's a lot more grounded in reality. They just have a similar manner of getting worked up

I don't think he's as much of a gatekeeper as a lot of people say he is. He's had on a lot of dissident right people to talk about more mainstream topics like Black Pilled, and Jake Lloyd works for Infowars and he seems like /ourguy/

Hmm, apparently Zhirinovsky is jewish

good night

@V.Balboa - PA What/where is that?

@fire.within - FL Pretty sure he's talking about the David Duke/Alex Jones debate

Oof, Tucker with the ultimate civnat take

@Undercover Academic - IL He went more down the line of focusing on the Trump supporter aspect instead od targetting whites.
Then he did the whole DR3 thing talking about how kind America is for taking in so many people and how Democrats are just trying to divide us.

@Drover Tom Isn't that just normal for LA?

@Jacob Is it alright if us meds appropriate your culture with our tracksuits

@Jacob fair enough

@DairyMaxx What has he done besides tweet out recognition of white's declining population?

Are there any falconers in IE?

@Will - MD It seems like in Nevada you just have to be an apprentice for a couple years and pass an inspection to certify that you have all of the right equipment and housing facilities.

>energy drinks

The 2nd, 5th, and 7th are from the state Supreme Court/Legislative Building in Carson City. The rest are from the University of Nevada, Reno. Sorry, not sure why they went out of order.

Do any of you zoomers know if there's some new phone game making people go outside? I saw a lot of groups walking around campus and the state capitol staring down at their phones.

I didn't realize people still play Pokemon Go.

This is now Identity Fvrry

Deadpool's pretty degenerate though. And a lot of his comics and the last movie had a bunch of propaganda.

I don't cook much, but I quite enjoy making borsch. It takes awhile so its kinda relaxing, plus I usually have friends or family over whenever I make it.

Pierogies are also great because they take less than 10 minutes to cook and taste incredible.

@Jacob We've appropriated your culture into English.
But seriously, it just feels to say pierogi in English when referring to multiple of them.

@Hakujin - CA "Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors," It's constitutional.

@Der Seeteufel - SD Not sure we want to be stuck paying lawyer's fees for even longer

But do we really want to get into that type of classism?

@Perihelion - CA Those things are the best

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