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Worked with a guy that was pres of a local club affiliated with the Banditos he invited me to his Bday party and I see a guy walk in with a bandito cut found out later the guy turned informant got busted on a drug charge and he was retired military had to play ball or go to prison and lose his retirement

Roads in Louisiana are so bad and the drivers so fucktarded I would never own a bike my Dad has had bikes his whole life and he barely rides anymore hell around here if you have anything smaller than a superduty people will just run right into you happened when we were running errands in his BMW

East texas has better roads than us but the same ground our roads suck because the state uses contractors to build them and you don't get s road contract without blowing 80% of the funding on bribes

Where in east texas? I'm 30 min from Burkville

One of my favorite memes "when your girlfriend looks at your phone and realizes that you're more likely to end up on a terror watchlist than cheat on her"

Showed that one to my then GF now wife she said yeah that's you

We actually had serious conversations about what we would do if RF laws happened in LA and we got our door busted

"Drag up" you definitely worked in a refinery lol

I work with a bunch of former oilfield hands when guys get tired of the hours and being away from home they come get a job on Ft Polk because its the best money you can make and get to stay home

I setup my MeWe acount can't find the list on FB of igloo groups anybody got this list? Yeah original from Illinois been here for 13 years

Backup groups for the armory, coms, intel, fitness and mechanics

That's the biggest problem with alternative platforms

How do we send invites?

Yep figured it out

I spent most of the afternoon passed out in my recliner been moving, remodeling helped my dad fix his septic seems like we have been working until 1900 every night

Yes PVS14 can be weapon mounted you mount it behind a red dot and in front of a magnified optic an instructor I took several classes with used that setup with an ACOG when he was deployed and said he fealt like he was cheating

JRH enterprises has good prices on PVS14s. As far as something weapon mounted thermal works better pulsar makes a good unit for 1800

I've watched a bunch of tod Huey's hog hunting videos they use nods to navigate and thermals for their optics because a target is easier to ID with thermal than nods according to him

My mext big purchase will be a PVS 14 i live on a piece of rural property now our power went out from a tornado and I was sitting by my living room window wishing I had nods don't want to be there in a more strenuous situation

Good point I took a class where we were moving aound at night couple guy had nods guy in the other group that was following us left his active IR on guys in our group that had them said it looked like we were being chased by a freight train

Been here 13 years one advantage about this area sucking is we don't get a bunch of Californians, New Yorkers and Massholes making the place worse and rural property is inexpensive

Wow didn't think you were that young. There are so many things now that I wish I had started when I was 20

Sorry to hear that. I got tunnel vision on guns thought I needed to have enough kit to equip 6 people on a Wal-Mart sallery should have got kit for myself stopped there and started buying mountain house, a gym membership and saving money

Im fortunately my MIL is a prepper and that rubbed off on my wife we are going to start growing food and raising chickens I have enough hardware and ammo to survive anything that we would realistically have to deal with

I'd keep a 5.56 upper once the balloon goes up good luck finding 300 AAC i use that round in my 7.5 PDW because it works well in barrels that short but my go to is always going to be a 5.56 loaded with soft point or 74 grain OTM

That will still work most of these mass shootings were carried out with 55 grain 5.56 and look at the body counts IDC what anyone says you are not shrugging off a center mass 5.56 hit.

The main reason I make my go to ammo soft point or 75 grain is that will keep me from shooting it up so I'll have it when I need it

That's good given the current market

I don't go crazy with glock triggers I don't polish or shave anything and I try to stick with a factory 3.5 connector I've seen glocks with aftermarket trigger stuff so some weird things after they had some rounds on them

Any of y'all follow Sam Culper?

Former Army intel officer he runs forward observer and has videos on SHTF intelligence his videos have alot of good information on mission planning and threat assessment and the like

The left are the only group that tried to take out a politician they didn't like (the bernie bro that shot Steve Scalise) they are substantially more dangerous than the right because of the support they get could you imagine the leader of a group that bombed abortion clinics being the head of elementary education at a major university? Bill Ayers guy that told Larry Grathwohl that they would have to systematically kill 25 million capitalists to ensure against a counter revolution has that job and his group the weather underground spent a decade setting off bombs whilst being supported by lawyers that were friends with their parents. Side not Bill's wife Bernardine Dorne set the bomb that killed a sanfran cop they raised Chessa Boodin who is the current DA in sanfran and Barack Obama started his political career in their living room

My wife is picking up our baby chicks today we will start our raised beds soon

We were buying food and storing it in a tote with some other supplies when we lived in town this whole situation along with finally getting a place in the country accelerated our prepping plans

The good thing was I wasn't behind the curve on guns and ammo like a bunch of other people where I was actually hooking up my coworkers during the gun panic a couple weeks ago so I was set on the most expensive component of the prep plan

Been stockpiling guns and ammo for a decade wish I would have bought mountain house too

I have a friend that's a salon owner and I was just telling her the other day that if she re opened with a half dozen armed guards then she would be left alone when there is the possibility of a two way gunfight breaking out cops tend to pic their battles

Team of guys currently guarding that Salon i DFW that refused to remain closed

You're the first igloo builder I've found local @Church

Explains Alot

@Church yep I a little outside of leesville

I'm stuck working 12s or I'd try to setup a meet. You ever go to Whitefeather shooting range?

Yep I was out there every weekemd before this mess started and I bought a house I'm also a member of a local USPSA club if you want to get into that.

I got tired of the mud and having to hump my gear 500 yards in order to shoot

Let me know next time you head out though maybe we can run some drills together

I'll be available sunday

My sister had to cancel her wedding because of Prickscer's nonsense told my sister to have it anyway at her place but she said people would be too afraid to come If I could get a couple dozen boys to guard the property so she could have it I would

You technically aren't even supposed to use someone else's tools machine shops and gunsmiths can't let people come in to finish lowers

I'm almost 200 miles away looks like they're threatening to arrest her wonder what redcoat is willing to get shot over a damn salon pick your battles and get a damn life for fucks sake

I know there has to be more people from Louisiana on here

So Church of Patriots is in my AO we are working on trying to meet up.

I will say that this server is looking like one of the biggest boons the movement has ever had following discord takes more work than shitposting on FB and I'm noticing that the people gathered here are much more focused and actually have goals god bless you amazing autistic sumbitches

I spent awhile scrolling the PR thread there was some productive brainstorming going on there

Now that I'm living in the country "bugging out" over a disaster is less likely we are shifting to a bug in/prepper mindset now. I have plate carriers for my wife and I and in between them is a shoulder bag with 300 rounds of softpoint 5.56 once we get completely done with this move and our chicken gardening projects I can focus one what role I can make our former bugout bags serve

@Anonymoose vanderbough promoted it for decades "there will be no more free wacos" lets go with the official story of OKC guy blew up a damn building because of what the feds did then during the montana freemen standoff in 96 the FBI actually sent agents to talk with the larger militia groups guy in new Mexico told the fedboi "why would we go there? There's feds here" the freemen standoff ended peacefully so did bundy ranch and the malhure standoff there is a guy in texas thats been in a standoff with the cops for almost 2 decades the cops said screw this its not worth it the feds did learn a small lesson if you go around slaughtering people there will be pushback why do you think they are constantly trying to ban guns?

My house is brick on a concrete slab I'm going to replace my door sunday I always reinforce the frames and run 3 inch deck screws all around the frame did that for my gun room. Cameras with motion lights are also on my
list. I've had ADT for years planning on having it moved to my new place

I've been buying/loading/building guns and ammo for a decade I'm in decent shape on ammo we have emergency food but wee need more

I'm at the apex of my career been working on the same contract for a decade finally got to use my tech diploma and I have one of the highest paying jobs on the contract

FBI were aware of half a dozen potential mass shooters but in case waco wasn't enough of a indication FBI doesn't want us to have guns and you can't ban guns without dead bodies also when they were warned about cruz they were to busy trying to impeach the president at the time to be bothered I'm pissed at Trump however he was duly elected and the FBI showing their disdain for the will of the people however misguided that will was is unacceptable.

The militia groups grew out of that they turned into a bunch of soft trumptards and slacked off but they still have members and an infrastructure might be worth reaching out to them because their message has essentially been a watered down version of ours

That's freaking awesome

I'm sure you read Unintended Consequences? Tim McVeigh said he wished he would have went that route probably would have been more effective

Was last weekend and from what I hear a total shitshow

Low turnout, disorganized

Pamplet looks on message now what about a manifesto? Something to explain our demands in more detail?

Watching 9 hole reviews put the type 56 sks through the service rifle course and its not doing well the Chinese AK actually shot better not surprising as tilting block rifles don't have as consistent of lockup as a rotating bolt

I've had good luck with the sog romeo 5 they come with an AR height mount for 150 st primary arms

Sorry sig romeo 5

The primary arms fixed power optics are all good. I've been using a gen 2 1-6 acss for several years landed on it when I went over a wall st tiger valley 2017 still working well BDC is dead on with 55 grain and exactly 100 yards off with prvi 75 grain range 4 hold 5 you'll get hits all day

Sig makes a dot that runs on AAs

Vortex spitfire and Primary arms Cyclops are the two things in that category I'm aware of

You should see all the tyrants in Lansing crying because there are people close to them with rifles don't oppress people and they won't show up with rifles to make you leave them alone

Sparrow my baseline for a red dot is 150 to 200 minimum anything less is a range toy and not to be trusted

LOL they're virtue signaling by wearing 3A soft vests when the protesters are armed with rifles🤣 🤣 🤣

Pulling security on a raw milk convoy would be awesome its like that purge parodie video where people were just running lemonade stands and building decks without permits lol

Guys were planning an open carry ralley cops went full jackboot on them

Watching the livestream looks like a BS swatting against against a group that was planning a rally

FB let me see if I can link it

He just accepted my friend request I told him that people are spun up but he needs to be razor straight with us about whats going on and give us as much info as he can.

Hes en route back to his house and wants to gather people there we're telling him he needs to pop smoke right now get out of the county

This isn't going to end well

He's a fucking idiot his mom called the cops and he's staying there everyones telling him to bail but he won't jesus

Permission to send him an invite

Saw that too might have just been a reference because I didn't see his barrel

Damn I wish we had better coms

Just got done trying to get in contact with the guys involved in this Colorado situation looks like another Whiskey Warrior situation

He hasn't bothered to fully explain what's going on only spouts off the occasional post about exercising his rights and the like the consensus is to stay the hell away from this situation

@Church we are having a USPSA match in Leesville on the 9th BTW your first one is free

Everybody is cool nobody will hassle you we do our best to encourage and help people I started uspsa 4 years ago its made me a better shooter all you need is a pistol, holster, mag pouches and 100 150 rounds of ammo whatever you don't have I can lend you we could meet up at bullseye and I could give you a crash course because we have a few gun handling rules we have to follow in order to keep it safe

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