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2020-04-29 00:55:12 UTC

So any others from Louisiana?

2020-04-29 01:06:47 UTC

Just moved 😦

2020-04-29 01:07:17 UTC

Not looking good for me down here so far 😒

2020-04-29 02:04:18 UTC

Been here 13 years one advantage about this area sucking is we don't get a bunch of Californians, New Yorkers and Massholes making the place worse and rural property is inexpensive

2020-04-29 02:04:57 UTC

Been here all 20 years of my life

2020-04-29 02:05:48 UTC

Wow didn't think you were that young. There are so many things now that I wish I had started when I was 20

2020-04-29 02:06:41 UTC

Only thing I own that paid off is my rifle clothes and my ice chest lost everything else I had when my platform company got bought out

2020-04-29 02:08:30 UTC

Sorry to hear that. I got tunnel vision on guns thought I needed to have enough kit to equip 6 people on a Wal-Mart sallery should have got kit for myself stopped there and started buying mountain house, a gym membership and saving money

2020-04-29 02:10:12 UTC

As soon as I get enough money I’m swapping to 300 blackout and either sell mine to like minded individual or keep it for when it all kicks off for someone in need

2020-04-29 02:10:24 UTC

Im fortunately my MIL is a prepper and that rubbed off on my wife we are going to start growing food and raising chickens I have enough hardware and ammo to survive anything that we would realistically have to deal with

2020-04-29 02:11:42 UTC

I’m down to my last five rounds got drunk during this quarantine and shot my rifle a lot and didn’t think I had that little

2020-04-29 02:11:43 UTC

I'd keep a 5.56 upper once the balloon goes up good luck finding 300 AAC i use that round in my 7.5 PDW because it works well in barrels that short but my go to is always going to be a 5.56 loaded with soft point or 74 grain OTM

2020-04-29 02:12:20 UTC

Only 5.56 I can find is 55gr

2020-04-29 02:14:31 UTC

That will still work most of these mass shootings were carried out with 55 grain 5.56 and look at the body counts IDC what anyone says you are not shrugging off a center mass 5.56 hit.

2020-04-29 02:15:16 UTC

The main reason I make my go to ammo soft point or 75 grain is that will keep me from shooting it up so I'll have it when I need it

2020-04-29 02:15:52 UTC

That’s why I need more expensive ammo 55 is 9.98 at my shop that still has em

2020-04-29 02:22:01 UTC

That's good given the current market

2020-04-29 02:45:25 UTC

But instead of buying a 200 round box I bought 3 20s to save me some money cause I was in a rush and shit

2020-04-29 12:27:20 UTC

Any of y'all follow Sam Culper?

2020-04-29 14:54:20 UTC

Got no idea who that is

2020-04-29 15:08:11 UTC

Former Army intel officer he runs forward observer and has videos on SHTF intelligence his videos have alot of good information on mission planning and threat assessment and the like

2020-04-29 18:45:38 UTC

Team of guys currently guarding that Salon i DFW that refused to remain closed

2020-04-29 18:49:46 UTC

Shiiiiid a Lusianna channel?

2020-04-29 18:50:14 UTC


2020-04-29 18:50:20 UTC


2020-04-29 18:50:33 UTC

Who near Polk?

2020-04-29 18:50:55 UTC

I just moved out of Louisiana Sunday so that’s pretty gae

2020-04-29 18:51:06 UTC

That is the big gay

2020-04-29 18:51:21 UTC

Mississippi is my home anyways

2020-04-29 18:51:21 UTC

Cause I got stationed here in 14 and havent left yet lol

2020-04-29 18:51:37 UTC

That ain't to bad. Better than bere

2020-04-29 18:51:40 UTC


2020-04-29 18:51:58 UTC


2020-04-29 18:56:57 UTC

@Church right here

2020-04-29 18:57:54 UTC

You're the first igloo builder I've found local @Church

2020-04-29 19:10:34 UTC


2020-04-29 19:10:46 UTC

Explains Alot

2020-04-29 19:11:47 UTC


2020-04-29 19:12:10 UTC

@Red [neck] tech so you're around this area then?

2020-04-29 19:16:19 UTC

@Church yep I a little outside of leesville

2020-04-29 19:16:57 UTC

Oh shiiiit

2020-04-29 19:17:25 UTC

Yeah, you're the first person I've met as well anywhere close lol

2020-04-29 19:17:44 UTC

Couple in NOLA and BR, but that's a drive

2020-04-29 19:18:10 UTC

I'm stuck working 12s or I'd try to setup a meet. You ever go to Whitefeather shooting range?

2020-04-29 19:19:14 UTC

Is that the one attached to Maxxs gun shop?

2020-04-29 19:20:09 UTC

Yep I was out there every weekemd before this mess started and I bought a house I'm also a member of a local USPSA club if you want to get into that.

2020-04-29 19:21:44 UTC

I've been up there and picked up a .38 before, but I've been faithful to BullsEye since it's just up the road and they let me do dumb shit

2020-04-29 19:45:49 UTC

I got tired of the mud and having to hump my gear 500 yards in order to shoot

2020-04-29 20:09:27 UTC

Let me know next time you head out though maybe we can run some drills together

2020-04-29 20:10:19 UTC

I'm definitely down. Once this psoriasis fucks off, I'm gonna try and be out every other day

2020-04-29 20:11:46 UTC

I'll be available sunday

2020-04-29 21:40:46 UTC

Anyone in here near Covington?

2020-04-30 11:12:01 UTC

I'm almost 200 miles away

2020-04-30 17:35:01 UTC

I know there has to be more people from Louisiana on here

2020-04-30 18:43:18 UTC

Got to be man

2020-04-30 19:11:49 UTC

So Church of Patriots is in my AO we are working on trying to meet up.

2020-04-30 21:57:35 UTC

I’m over in pine prairie

2020-05-01 01:20:18 UTC

Anyone trying to offload an AK

2020-05-01 01:20:20 UTC


2020-05-01 01:24:00 UTC

Can get an 80% ak lower for like $40 and fairly easy to finish out. Easier than an AR lower even. Just don't get a POS cast trunnion.

Also, another one from the BR area here.

2020-05-01 03:31:09 UTC


2020-05-01 04:20:30 UTC

I’m about an hour from BR

2020-05-01 04:22:04 UTC

And I wouldn’t trust myself to mill out an AK lower I want one cause it’s reliable af

2020-05-01 07:11:05 UTC

Hunna what parish cause I’m an hour 30 from BR used to work in the Exxon refinery that blew up

2020-05-01 17:17:47 UTC

Fellow boojihadeen in Lafayette, trying to find a cheap 223 AR15 platform for the time being.

2020-05-01 17:18:03 UTC

Let's see if we can't get together at a range some time

2020-05-01 19:28:33 UTC

St Tammany

2020-05-01 19:31:44 UTC

Pine prairie here

2020-05-01 21:14:55 UTC

@Church changed my tag

2020-05-01 21:15:53 UTC

Just got done trying to get in contact with the guys involved in this Colorado situation looks like another Whiskey Warrior situation

2020-05-01 21:51:02 UTC

So pretty much no real info then?

2020-05-01 22:49:34 UTC

He hasn't bothered to fully explain what's going on only spouts off the occasional post about exercising his rights and the like the consensus is to stay the hell away from this situation

2020-05-01 22:50:21 UTC

@Church we are having a USPSA match in Leesville on the 9th BTW your first one is free

2020-05-01 22:58:49 UTC

I've never shot competitively before lol

2020-05-01 23:09:37 UTC

Everybody is cool nobody will hassle you we do our best to encourage and help people I started uspsa 4 years ago its made me a better shooter all you need is a pistol, holster, mag pouches and 100 150 rounds of ammo whatever you don't have I can lend you we could meet up at bullseye and I could give you a crash course because we have a few gun handling rules we have to follow in order to keep it safe

2020-05-02 10:45:06 UTC

So I went ahead and got a steroid shot today in Leesville, if this psoriasis clears up enough, I'll see about making. I might not participate, but still try and get the connection out and come bullshit

2020-05-02 13:17:26 UTC

Round count is 90 its normally 150 so these are going to be short easy courses give it a try you'll have fun there is zero intimidation with these guys. Here's the FB page we coordinate things from please don't use the b word because I don't want that heat on the page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1755843887967730/?ref=share

2020-05-02 13:17:47 UTC

I hope you get to fealing better

2020-05-02 19:58:25 UTC

Alright man. It's honestly just my luck. Got out the army, starting getting some bad habits and diet, decide I'm gonna change it- skin decides it doesnt know how to work properly lol

2020-05-02 21:32:30 UTC

Sorry to hear that. Too many years of BK and RipIts?

2020-05-03 18:26:57 UTC

Near NOLA. Anyone got land? Want to train with a few guys. I can buy some steel targets. I've got access to a couple acres in swampy area but its shit to train on.

2020-05-03 18:29:25 UTC

Man, I can't find anywhere to shoot on. Only places are indoor range and the police range that they let people use once a month or some stupid shit. Ridiculous.

2020-05-03 18:41:30 UTC

Yeah the ranges around here suck ass.

2020-05-03 18:41:59 UTC

When I lived in Iowa they had tons of public ranges managed by the DNR.

2020-05-04 02:39:48 UTC

Yea ranges suck ass on the northshore

2020-05-04 20:44:42 UTC

Where are you guys maybe I can find something for you?

2020-05-04 21:54:46 UTC

I just learned about a range in Thibodaux, which is only about an hour from me. But they are membership only at $275/year. Only other outdoor range I can find is Sherburne WMA.

2020-05-04 21:55:33 UTC

Which is an extremely short range, can hardly zero a pistol on it. Let alone a rifle. I'm in Ascension parish.

2020-05-04 23:00:08 UTC

Around NOLA area. Want to find a guy or 2 to train with. @Red [neck] tech willing to make a 1-1.5 hour drive

2020-05-04 23:08:26 UTC

If you use that membership range enough the yearly fee is worth it. We have two ranges here you either pay per use or pay 200 a year if you use it every week the 200 bucks is worth it

2020-05-05 02:00:51 UTC

Yeah, the issue is I don't have the time to drive an hour away to shoot a few mags per week with work, a 5 month old, and a toddler. If it was within a 10-15 minute drive I'd be there every night. lol

2020-05-05 05:00:07 UTC

Anyone in the BR area?

2020-05-05 07:27:11 UTC

Im an hour 30 from there @[LA] Zoomer Medi/k/

2020-05-05 07:27:23 UTC


2020-05-05 07:28:50 UTC

Evangeline parish here

2020-05-05 16:13:22 UTC

I'm about 5 mins from BR @[LA] Zoomer Medi/k/

2020-05-05 16:17:20 UTC

I’m basically in Gonzalez

2020-05-05 17:09:30 UTC

Where do you go to shoot? Precision kinda sucks. Too cramped to teach anyone anything.

2020-05-05 17:47:53 UTC

I haven’t really had the opportunity to go shoot.

2020-05-05 17:47:57 UTC

Haven’t been around long.

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