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2020-04-27 23:57:44 UTC

Southeast colorado.

2020-04-28 00:06:08 UTC

Denver Metro

2020-04-28 00:56:58 UTC

Colorado springs

2020-04-28 00:57:24 UTC

Springs as well

2020-04-28 17:32:54 UTC

@Scream1ngPanda1 hell yeah brother.

2020-04-28 17:35:21 UTC

@SCUMLORD what part of the springs you live in??

2020-04-28 18:09:23 UTC

@Scream1ngPanda1 specifically Fort Carson

2020-04-29 00:39:29 UTC

Anyone in the mountains of Co? Specifically Mesa County?

2020-04-29 00:42:20 UTC

Ill specify. Prowers county

2020-04-29 01:31:47 UTC

Copy that. Guess I'm the only one on this side of the hill.

2020-05-01 13:12:43 UTC

I'm in Montrose.

2020-05-01 19:35:30 UTC

Just saw it

2020-05-01 19:53:34 UTC

2020-05-01 19:54:18 UTC

Guys were planning an open carry ralley cops went full jackboot on them

2020-05-01 19:59:18 UTC

^^ just saw that on Facebook I'm in Indiana but came here to see if I could get any more info on it.

2020-05-01 20:02:30 UTC


2020-05-01 20:05:51 UTC

Any Colorado guys, prepare your gear. We’re not giving you the go just yet, however.

2020-05-01 20:05:56 UTC

Just be on standby, please.

2020-05-01 20:06:03 UTC

<@&704796714095083550> Be on standby, possible situation developing.

2020-05-01 20:06:36 UTC

<@&704796714095083550> We will give you a roll call if shit pops off.

2020-05-01 20:07:06 UTC
2020-05-01 20:07:50 UTC

Watching the livestream looks like a BS swatting against against a group that was planning a rally

2020-05-01 20:11:06 UTC

Where is the live stream at?

2020-05-01 20:11:53 UTC

FB let me see if I can link it

2020-05-01 20:12:19 UTC


2020-05-01 20:17:34 UTC

Livestream rn

2020-05-01 20:18:20 UTC

He just accepted my friend request I told him that people are spun up but he needs to be razor straight with us about whats going on and give us as much info as he can.

2020-05-01 20:22:10 UTC

Hes en route back to his house and wants to gather people there we're telling him he needs to pop smoke right now get out of the county

2020-05-01 20:24:10 UTC

This isn't going to end well

2020-05-01 20:24:39 UTC


2020-05-01 20:24:44 UTC

2020-05-01 20:27:25 UTC

He's a fucking idiot his mom called the cops and he's staying there everyones telling him to bail but he won't jesus

2020-05-01 20:27:28 UTC

Someone tell him to put his phone on the back of a ups truck. They will track him

Said they’re headed to Spring canyon park to regroup

Mom sounded pretty mad

Dont miss that yelling for sure

Is he in this group?

2020-05-01 20:30:43 UTC


2020-05-01 20:30:53 UTC

Alert that sent out.

2020-05-01 20:31:09 UTC

I'm thinking it may be a false alert. I have yet to see anything that's confirming it.

2020-05-01 20:31:22 UTC

Permission to send him an invite

2020-05-01 20:31:28 UTC

2020-05-01 20:31:29 UTC

Dew it

2020-05-01 20:31:35 UTC

Dont yet.

2020-05-01 20:31:39 UTC

Let me run it by someone.

Sounds like a bit of a clusterfuck

2020-05-01 20:32:59 UTC
2020-05-01 20:32:59 UTC

Isnt it always?

2020-05-01 20:33:21 UTC

Invite him. If he is wrong were going to reem the fuck out of him about SOP's.

2020-05-01 20:33:28 UTC

If he isnt then we have open comms.

Right. I saw what looked like a standard stock on his rifle and he was talking about having a short barrel.

As stupid as NFA laws are, they can still hem him up for it.

2020-05-01 20:34:50 UTC

Saw that too might have just been a reference because I didn't see his barrel

2020-05-01 20:36:00 UTC

Send him this link

2020-05-01 20:36:10 UTC

We dont want to compromise this Server.

2020-05-01 20:36:10 UTC

I think he was speaking generally not admitting he has one

2020-05-01 20:38:47 UTC

2020-05-01 20:48:33 UTC

The plot thickens

2020-05-01 21:12:38 UTC

Damn I wish we had better coms

2020-05-02 02:04:41 UTC

Was Chevy zucced

2020-05-02 02:04:41 UTC

Any new updates on this?

2020-05-02 02:06:19 UTC

His Facebook is not active anymore

2020-05-02 02:18:38 UTC

@Chidori or Instagram

2020-05-02 02:42:00 UTC

This shit makes me lose hope

2020-05-02 03:00:06 UTC

I was watching this shit unravel via facebook.

2020-05-02 03:03:58 UTC

Anymore updates?

2020-05-02 03:04:50 UTC

Is there anyone here in southeast colorado?

2020-05-02 03:10:05 UTC

Dudes shit got nuked... is noone able to get in contact with him

2020-05-02 03:11:27 UTC

it was a cluster fuck of family drama and him being completely irrational and unhinged. There was some other deep seeded shit that was going on. This was not a booj moment. This kid just needs some legit help.

2020-05-02 03:13:47 UTC

He had a snap chat.

2020-05-02 03:14:01 UTC

Bois are talking to him

2020-05-02 03:14:33 UTC

I would be down to talk to this kid and help him out. but its not a smoked pig moment.

2020-05-02 03:15:02 UTC

No bro. Shit is going down. He is saying everyone involved in the open carry protest is getting arrested

2020-05-02 03:16:42 UTC

2020-05-02 03:18:57 UTC

No shit, i know the whole story. This kid is making shit worse. First of all, all of us in Colorado, know to just stay the fuck away from Denver and Boulder. They are a bunch of OC banning libtards that will not budge. If he stayed in FoCo. Everything would have been FI then sent back home. But this kid is running around with his "boog bois" and spinning everyone up. He isn't being smart about shit.

2020-05-02 03:20:54 UTC

2020-05-02 03:20:58 UTC

2020-05-02 03:22:05 UTC

Now if the cops showed up to his place in FoCo and started smoking the dudes, then i would plate up and roll

2020-05-02 03:22:34 UTC

So you just going to abandon dude... wonder why noone wants to do shit... yall turn on each other in an instant...

2020-05-02 03:23:06 UTC

I know not to look to you to have my 6

2020-05-02 03:24:02 UTC

Alright then hard charger, how about you nut the fuck up, drive out and here and start smoking cops in FoCo then? Stay in your fucking lane.

2020-05-02 03:26:33 UTC

I'm in fucking NC. Cunt.. noone said anything about shooting cops asshole... reguardles you just dumping on the dude.

2020-05-02 03:28:33 UTC

no, i am fully aware and informed of the situation. i live out here. i have friends and family watching the sitch FROM FoCo. This dude planned this whole day poorly. No one is getting "arrested" everyone that has been taken in, has already been released because they didnt break any laws. They are hounding this dude, because ATF wants his nuts for talking about an SBR.

2020-05-02 03:30:00 UTC

So once again, go back to NC. If shit pops off, we will let you know. No one is driving Bear Cats or MRAPS through peoples doors, or shooting anyones wives or dogs. This kid is making this shit sound A LOT worse than whats really going on.

2020-05-02 03:32:10 UTC

Starting with that would have been better... dosent matter I have others in contact elsewhere. I'm done sorry I bothered you

2020-05-02 05:20:18 UTC

2020-05-02 05:20:27 UTC

Chevy is secured with a couple boogie boys.

2020-05-02 05:22:31 UTC

<@&704796714095083550>. His Facebook is back online

2020-05-03 13:52:21 UTC

Anyone have any interest in meeting up for a range day? Summit county public range is still open with no RSOs right now but also down for private property

2020-05-03 16:18:54 UTC

Hey yall, currently safe as of today. Appreciate you all. I’ll send an update when I don’t have my hands full

2020-05-03 16:58:14 UTC

@[CO] Chevylee112 we waiting for you in voice we have a few questions

2020-05-03 17:30:29 UTC

Do y'all need to know any information about me?

2020-05-03 22:14:08 UTC

We need go establish comms on something like keybase

2020-05-03 22:14:11 UTC


2020-05-03 23:39:57 UTC

I’m in for a colorado keybase

2020-05-03 23:57:33 UTC

A general colorado keybase with smaller regional ones as well?

2020-05-03 23:59:14 UTC

That would work. Im in southeast CO dont think I've seen anyone in here yet that's remotely close πŸ˜…

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