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Shiiiiid a Lusianna channel?

Who near Polk?

That is the big gay

Cause I got stationed here in 14 and havent left yet lol

That ain't to bad. Better than bere

@Red [neck] tech so you're around this area then?

Oh shiiiit

Yeah, you're the first person I've met as well anywhere close lol

Couple in NOLA and BR, but that's a drive

Is that the one attached to Maxxs gun shop?

I've been up there and picked up a .38 before, but I've been faithful to BullsEye since it's just up the road and they let me do dumb shit

I'm definitely down. Once this psoriasis fucks off, I'm gonna try and be out every other day

What ARE yall gonna use instead?

> Big Igloo, RWV2, anything but.
@Anonymoose alrigh5

> What is ghe agenda? I'm new here
@DocRollins8404 this guys a fed

Point loaded guns at 🅱️enis to confirm you're not gonna shoot my dog

Since he brought up military background I'll do the same. 14 time Atropia veteran, The Butcher of Donovia is what the bois called me. I'd go back in an instant

I'm just here to bullshit, get gear ideas and advice, and connect my page with similar pages so i dont get canoed in my sleep or ask for help

Fuck Oklahoma

> and kindly diseguard yourself aswell @Church
@Spud raised in Grady county. 12 years there. I wont move back

Eh. I've been out here in Louisiana and it's got some pros. Never to late to move to montana though

I vomited just now

Ft. Sill- 3rd worst conus base

I'm getting a VA Home loan in May to move out to Montana. Find some property in the middle of nowhere

Can you conceal carry in texas without a CCL?

> No. But we do it anyways.
@Anonymoose commies

I still carry without one, but my state is still trash for it

Maybe 40 years ago lol

All of texas is just city now

Montana-1, Wyoming-2, Louisiana-3

3 years, ft hood

I am very biased against texas, after dealing with someone there

Thought I met another veteran, he lived in killeen. Came down to my house, actedlike a sheriffs deputy, etc. Turned out he never served, had a felony for impersonating a deputy, and just got hit for being a pedophile

So until he unalives himself, I'm no fan

Herbert Brandon Taylor

He got arrested living in an abandoned volunteer firehouse in november

I wish I had killed him.

Carried my kid around the house and shit before i knew the truth

He drove around a vehicle that looked like a fucking squad car too

Anyways, enough of me droning on

One day

People were scared to mess with him here is why

He loved it

I live on a mil base rn as a vet, I'm the easiest to grab

I'm already being investigated anyways by CID

> I was questioned about missing persons and the whereabouts of certain weapons.
@Anonymoose #supplytilidie I hate when I'm the first suspect when shit goes missing

@gatorade941 dont let them make fun of you, bring your Boucher ass down here to the Lusianna channel

Close enough

> Make some gumbo and I might just might consider accepting Louisiana as a state
@Bambi in Louisiana I can keep my AR pistol in the car on long drives. Fish and game dont mess with bayou people. And the LSU coach had to announce on live tv the corona virus pandemic because no one trusts the government

So we obviously know there are LEO and government agents who literally have the jobs of gathering information from online, and we've obviously already banned a guy who flat out asked what our agenda was, I have a solution.

I am not suggesting, informing, or telling anyone to do this and do not condone it- when you meet up with someone, force them to break a law. Don't discuss it prior. Just do it. And if we dont hear back, we'll go under the assumption one person was a fedboi

But they'll still message back lol. If anyone gets arrested, they arent getting their phones back lmao

I'm not saying nuke a fucking cop car on the side of the road, or steal a package of gum. Pull up to the range and flaunt a fake glock auto wish sere

If the trees start singing in Ruby Ridge we'll know lol

Also, why the fuck ever Texas ordinance decided to show off that threaded barrel attachment that hooks up to an oil filter, but not put it up for sale as a universal wingnut, is a cock tease

Probably right lol

But you could fake it still

Duct tape a small cardboard box to the back of your airsoft glock, see what happens lol

I imagine the best way to infiltrate is act like they know what they're doing, promote group meet ups, leak info on how to illegal shit, and be very important in the group. So pretty much who ever made the discord lol

@Ballsdini there is lol

I was about ti say lol

Get out here you commie


I've got a newborn, and a toddler that doesnt wanna sleep

Yeah. I'm waiting for it to be over. Wife just her tubes tied today, so she cant breastfeed while the pain medicine is working, and the newborn ain't fucking having it

If I had a bullet every time she mentioned my useless nipples, I could hold off the ATF at a compound in texas for 52 days

I'm just excited that in 15 years or so, I'll have extra hands on guns in the house, so I dont have to wait for people to come rescue me

"Dad, why the fuck do we have 300 oil filters to different vehicles we dont own?"
"I think it's time for the TALK."

Both lol

Nice lol

I was hoping for the second boy, but my wife did some bayou voodoo magic or some shit to ensure we had a girl

Good thing is, you get the best of both worlds when they grow up I guess

One to protect the other

Aaannndddd that's what I'm not prepared for. I know that's gonna be a thing regardless at some point with them

You can turn off the ability to @ everyone

So pretty much no real info then?

I've never shot competitively before lol

So I went ahead and got a steroid shot today in Leesville, if this psoriasis clears up enough, I'll see about making. I might not participate, but still try and get the connection out and come bullshit

Alright man. It's honestly just my luck. Got out the army, starting getting some bad habits and diet, decide I'm gonna change it- skin decides it doesnt know how to work properly lol

Meme Generator Pro updated just now

I'm a dependa, and Atropia veteran. Supply, so no true training there. When my skin isn't being retarded and helping me get fat, I just go shopting, dick around, get drunk, and... that's it really

Also, once this quarantine shit is over with, I vote on a meetup for beers and figure out the details of property later. No offense, but I'd prefer to know someone a bit before taking my ass out to go shoot in the middle of nowhere and get fed gators lol

Honestly no real skills anymore. Unless you need me to steal something.

Everything I know how to do is pretty much useless

Need me to communicate using a 1523? Trash. Call a 9 line? Trash. I essentially know basic CLS with a minor in blowing shit up

I'm down. Im just sitting around getting fat. Just gotta find the time to get away from the kids

I get paid the 26/27th, so I'll talk to the wife about going out for a couple hours. Something I deal with is, like I told Redneck earlier, that I recently got psoriasis. So if I'm iffy on doing, that's why. Shits all over my face and crotch area, so sweating in general isnt fun

But besides that, I'm just fat and I'm down, and excited to actually meet yall

With 1k people, someone is bound to be not who they say they are

> I’m gonna make a private message group for us to discuss in. Say “I” if you want.
@[LA] Zoomer Medi/k/ got your FR. If you're having trouble with it, you could always end up in /k/'s weaponized chat. Alot smaller

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