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!play please stop calling me gay

People who drink lean are the same type of people who can't handle liqour

How about some more ayy stories. Also keep the demon stuff goin too shits good πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Make a video compilation of all the arguments that happen in the server

Hell yeah

How about some Chernobyl stories

@A Pesky Sæxon how dare you dissrespect the chads known as john marston and arthur morgan

<:iwanttodie:478690207118524416> <:iwanttodie:478690207118524416> <:iwanttodie:478690207118524416>

Comedy /x/ stories like the ones posted on <#462005526021013505>

Ayy lmao

Here's a more recent one
>be driving back home from walm
>reach train tracks
>train warning lights start up
>at a point where if i hit the breaks the car will stop on track
>if i hit breaks I'll either get hit by train or pull a quick ass reverse and risk hitting any car behind me
>no choice but to run the track as train is far enough away to where if i speed up I'll make it
>make it over
>still not the near deatj experience needed to give me a new will to live

>be me
>Early January
>feeling different beginning of the year
>not bad different but good different
>quit my job because i wasn't feeling as satisfied and due to lack of work caused by renovating
>start noticing how dirty room was
>grow increasingly frusted every time i enter room
>Angerwithself.exe at full function
>spend an entire day cleaning up my room
>packing shit up throwing shit up
>uses anger and self hate as motivation to keep going
>hung out with friends during the build up and also use that as a motive to keep going
>skip to today and my room is now at a point where i feel comfortable with people coming over now
>feels good man

Excuse me wtf

Tf did i read

Probably a neck beared

@aedan greyyyyy teacher fucking

Tbh, there is some mistakes i wish i can redo

Bad decisions and being an asshole in general i wish i didn't do

I'm sorry to hear what happened

Just know that you did good for being honest while trying not to hurt there feelings too much

Tfw you realise ypu fucked youself over somany times in highschool and jr high that you have no one else to blame but yourself for notbhaving a GF

@ghostshark thanks fam

@Deleted User think it's best you save the edge roll for other channels just sayin

Good luck fam

Eyy good to here fam

>goes to do a night drive out of sheer boredom and not feel alon
>go to target
>don't expect to see much
>see a whole bunch of couples there


Damn sorry to hear fam

Just hold on brother

Think of it as a working out

First few days are hell then you get used to it

It's all good

Eyy <:YaaY:512039594108256257> <:YaaY:512039594108256257>

Pay the rent

You can go a few days without food and there's alway public transit if it's needed

Miki what the fuck

Either I'm having a stroke or I'm suffering a bad case of dejavu

Wasn't that the exact same gif from yesterday

Fucking christ

I'm sorry for your loss

Oy ya got a license for ya wanking


Sorry to hear about your friend group fam

When through a similar thing a while ago


Ah i see dan went on his rants again

The last copy pasta

You ever just feel tempted on messaging someone who you haven't talked to in a long time

Just to tie up a loose end sorta deal


It's just an old friend tho

Eh more acquainted tbh

But still it's more of a thought in the back of my head

Nothing like writing out a resume to make you feel like shit for not having that many interesting facts about you am i right guys

<:Considering:550596038084395028> <:Considering:550596038084395028> <:Considering:550596038084395028>

Waking up after getting shot in my dream be like



Taxi driver is the ultimate doomer film

Tfw when no gf in general

Also paste you will get a GF just learn to not be so damn picky

Like just be a little more open

Hol up

Is there such a thing

That's like a german mexican


So my family might end up getting custody of my aunts child after some shit went down

From what my family described she had a manic episode or something and she ended up in a car accident, she's alive but right now we have to see what happens and wether or not she's mentally stable enough to take care of a child or at least can get treatment so she can become stable

Some G-men are supposed to come over tomorrow and inspect the house and determine wether or not our house is suitable for her stay at

The daughters alright i belive

And yeah my aunt's okay

Car accident I'm not sure how it happened tho


Now we'll just have to see if we get custody or not

Hope so too

But if i can be a bit personal for a bit, it's how disturbed i am over how i took the whole situation

I took this whole mess in a way that i can't describe like i jist accepted what happened immediately

No tears, no depression just sorta "guess this is something i have to deal with now" sorta way and I'm kinda disgusted with my self for it

One of the thoughts i had after finding out about this too was "am i gonna have to cancel my plans with my friends now" my family is about to risk loosing custody of my child and I'm over here worried about whether or not imma be able to get shitfaced and watch the shitty resident evil movies

What the actual fuck is wrong with me


I'm sorry for your loss vic

And hope your mother is doing better corin

Hope things work out vic

I just hope things work out with my fam and we get custody

Thanks fam

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