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2018-07-02 02:50:44 UTC

tfw no argentinian bf

2018-07-02 02:54:02 UTC

My teacher is Argentinan

2018-07-02 02:55:15 UTC

He flew back in May to take care of his dying mom

2018-07-02 03:38:13 UTC

Good friend of mine is Argentinian

2018-07-02 05:45:21 UTC

tfw still no gu

2018-07-02 05:45:30 UTC


2018-07-02 06:35:23 UTC

Tfw your brother is still dead

2018-07-02 08:08:10 UTC

tha feels, m8

2018-07-02 16:30:22 UTC


2018-07-02 22:02:59 UTC

>tfw you're a diagnosed mild-to-moderate autist and the only thing that you can buy after spending nearly all your disability benefits money on monthly bills is bread, milk, hardtacks and shitty beer that tastes like piss

2018-07-02 22:05:54 UTC

It rose to 34.5 Celcius, between then and when I started my AC...

2018-07-02 22:06:23 UTC
2018-07-02 22:07:01 UTC

Drowning your autism in booze?

2018-07-02 22:07:06 UTC


2018-07-02 22:07:12 UTC

mega RIP

2018-07-02 22:07:14 UTC

Not my first year living like that

2018-07-02 22:08:24 UTC

I'm diagnosed with high-functioning autism. They said I was too affected to occupy jobs well or stuff like that... I proved them wrong.

2018-07-02 22:08:59 UTC

Not really noticeable

2018-07-02 22:09:29 UTC

Moderate autism isn't high-functioning
It's basically extremely mild mental retardation
I can't even get a gun or a driver's license past an A1-class one

2018-07-02 22:10:03 UTC


2018-07-02 22:10:16 UTC

yep. total RIP

2018-07-02 22:10:48 UTC

But nothing stops you from trying, right?

2018-07-02 22:11:34 UTC

Well, the attempts are futile and they'll most likely remain like so

2018-07-02 22:11:57 UTC

But hey at least, in written form, it doesn't show.

2018-07-02 22:13:00 UTC

It doesn't show now because I learned to control it (well, somewhat) with age
When I was a kid, I had full-blown tard rage whenever things didn't go the way I wanted

2018-07-02 22:13:27 UTC

oh god.
Yeah, good job on that.

2018-07-02 22:13:29 UTC


2018-07-02 22:15:18 UTC

I still remember that moment in third grade when I smashed a kid over the head with a folding chair and started hitting my own head against the wall in a fit of autismo rage, all because he stole my fucking chewing gum

2018-07-02 22:15:35 UTC

wow. lol

2018-07-02 22:15:45 UTC

Well, that taught him!

2018-07-02 22:16:29 UTC

Self-related tard stories are the most embarrassing, yet the most fun ones to tell to your friends (assuming you have them, which I somehow still do)

2018-07-02 22:17:46 UTC

But I experienced a tard story that will probably make you feel better that you never (I hope) gone full retard.

2018-07-02 22:22:20 UTC

So, in elemantary school (probably 1st grade or 2nd.... not too sure), there was this kid with a balding head (he was allowed to wear a cap in the school) and malformed hands. During recess, we had a scuffle (he was hitting pretty hard, I was thinking), but no tears shed.
Then, during class, a girl next to me called me and told me that the guy wanted to get my attention (he was on the other side of her)..... I looked......
He had his dick out showing it to me and taunting me with it.

2018-07-02 22:22:35 UTC

I was stunned at his retardation

2018-07-02 22:23:09 UTC


2018-07-02 22:23:10 UTC

Any more tales of him?

2018-07-02 22:23:14 UTC

He was smaller than I.

2018-07-02 22:23:33 UTC

Nope, no more tales of him. He moved out some time after.

2018-07-02 22:23:39 UTC

He probably has some sort of chromosomal aberration

2018-07-02 22:24:15 UTC

His mom was probably taking a medication that was prone to do these sort of malformations.

2018-07-02 22:24:16 UTC

I'm high functioning Autist, enough to convince the Coast Guard that Im sane and go to school at least.

2018-07-02 22:24:30 UTC

... but what's between his ears, I don't know.

2018-07-02 22:25:38 UTC

@Le Frenchman
Did he look like this?


2018-07-02 22:25:47 UTC

I went to SPED school for a bit. I mean like a school dedicated to Tards, and also kids who had PTSD or anger management due to them living in dem projects and just having a shitty childhood.

2018-07-02 22:25:50 UTC


2018-07-02 22:25:52 UTC


2018-07-02 22:25:57 UTC

I have a few stories

2018-07-02 22:25:57 UTC


2018-07-02 22:26:04 UTC

Nothing worth greentext tho

2018-07-02 22:26:22 UTC


2018-07-02 22:27:42 UTC

At some point, there was a tard branch in my elemantary school.

2018-07-02 22:29:42 UTC

And a person who works in that branch made the rounds of the classes to make some explainations about them a bit... about their differences....
What I remember her basically saying at some point is that they have super-hearing and get major-triggered from noises of things like the music class.

2018-07-02 22:30:09 UTC

They were potatoes.

2018-07-02 22:30:15 UTC

In Russia, SpEd students are either integrated into normal classes or separated from them by going to a different school
I've been educated in 3 different schools due to my family constantly moving homes and none of them had separate classes for tards, they were either in a normal class or stowed away in a special needs school (officially labelled a "Type-8 Special Education Facility", "Type-8" is a code for mental retardation and autism)

2018-07-02 22:31:41 UTC

Now, according stories from my mom (she's a substitute teacher), students that need special needs are integrated into normal classes no matter what.

2018-07-02 22:31:42 UTC

Other Type labels serve as codes for disabilities and impairments, like blindness, cerebral palsy, deafness and things like that

2018-07-02 22:31:52 UTC


2018-07-02 22:32:53 UTC

So, you live in Russia, eh?

2018-07-02 22:33:16 UTC


2018-07-02 22:33:36 UTC

How's it like, there, where you live?

2018-07-02 22:33:47 UTC

i was gonna ask that

2018-07-02 22:33:56 UTC

what are the high schools like?

2018-07-02 22:37:54 UTC

I currently live in a shitty small village, but in big towns the schools are on-par with european ones, maybe with a bit less gay pride flags plastered on every surface and grades being different in a way (there are 3-4 grades in every grade parallel, and they are differentiated by letters, example: 7А, 7Π‘ and 7Π’ are all parts of the same parallel, and, for example, 7Π“ might be an extra class, or, in very rare cases, a special ed class for mild physical disabilities like hemiplegic cerebral palsy)

2018-07-02 22:39:47 UTC


2018-07-02 22:39:54 UTC

A to G

2018-07-02 22:39:58 UTC


2018-07-02 22:40:00 UTC


2018-07-02 22:40:03 UTC


2018-07-02 22:40:05 UTC

the alphabet is different

2018-07-02 22:40:12 UTC

the first 4 letters

2018-07-02 22:40:14 UTC

I know the Cyrillic alphabet

2018-07-02 22:40:20 UTC


2018-07-02 22:40:39 UTC

It is, but the first 4 letters are A, B, V and G in cyrillic

2018-07-02 22:40:44 UTC

I know backwards R

2018-07-02 22:40:48 UTC


2018-07-02 22:40:55 UTC


2018-07-02 22:40:59 UTC

It's pronounced like "ya"

2018-07-02 22:42:10 UTC

Also "Π«" is the closest thing to "Y" in the russian alphabet, but it sounds slightly more retarded

2018-07-02 22:42:16 UTC

Γ« - yo

2018-07-02 22:43:04 UTC

ΠΆ - zh
The cyrillic alphabet is weird

2018-07-02 22:43:26 UTC

So, rappers would say "Γ‹! Γ‹! Γ‹!" in Russian ..... πŸ€”

2018-07-02 22:43:39 UTC

how racially diverse is russia? Like is it mostly slavs?

2018-07-02 22:43:56 UTC

ΠΆ - seems to be like a French "J"

2018-07-02 22:44:05 UTC

3/4 slavs, 1/4 asians

2018-07-02 22:44:35 UTC

do you live more east or west

2018-07-02 22:44:46 UTC

Near Tomsk

2018-07-02 22:45:32 UTC


2018-07-02 22:46:04 UTC

How many gopniks are there?

2018-07-02 22:47:57 UTC

In cities - more than in villages, that's to be certain
Gopniks are small thieves and drunk thugs, so they won't find that much profit in villages where 50% of the population has a wooden outhouse instead of a flushing toilet

2018-07-02 22:48:43 UTC


2018-07-02 22:49:10 UTC

how small is your village

2018-07-02 22:49:44 UTC

i currently stay in a town of 500

2018-07-02 22:49:56 UTC

sucks ass tbh

2018-07-02 22:49:57 UTC

20 souls.
10 people..... and 10 goats.

2018-07-02 22:50:04 UTC


2018-07-02 22:50:11 UTC

It literally has no name-kind of small
Population is around 150 people, most are farmers

2018-07-02 22:50:22 UTC

I was gonna say 100... but damn

2018-07-02 22:50:25 UTC

Wow theres people in here who live in a town smaller than mine...

2018-07-02 22:50:26 UTC

pretty small

2018-07-02 22:50:41 UTC


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