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2018-05-06 22:47:24 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #bot-commands]  


2018-06-08 18:11:47 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #vidya-games]  

spitfire best fire

2018-06-25 10:16:04 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #twis]  


2018-10-18 10:10:36 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #breaking-news]  

Did you find out if it was ol sargoy @DanConway?

2018-10-19 16:51:17 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

whats the difference between twatter degeneracy and laughing stock?

2018-10-19 16:51:46 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

too busy for one channel i guess?

2018-10-21 07:27:49 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

Does anyone have any brexit npc memes? Very important!

2018-10-21 07:32:01 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

I remember @Broo TulsiGang 2024 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ sharing one I think but I cannot find it

2018-10-21 07:38:47 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

Ah found it

2018-10-29 20:00:59 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #breaking-news]  


2018-10-30 10:32:43 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #breaking-news]  


2018-10-31 00:03:19 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

@meratrix congrats your ben and jerrys has made it to 4chan

2018-11-01 17:13:52 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

someone post that link in the memes

2018-11-05 21:24:52 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

smoked back bacon ftw

2018-11-06 19:47:13 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

holding my breath

2018-11-06 19:47:17 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

but i hope so

2018-11-11 22:14:53 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

why is sargon still fucking with the lowborn drama peasants


2018-11-27 08:34:39 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

Ah yhhh

2018-11-27 08:34:49 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

Only the German part when it matters

2018-12-01 14:16:05 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

someone with a role repost that link

2018-12-05 23:48:12 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

wat do

2018-12-05 23:48:27 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

my pogressive friends have seen my power level

2018-12-14 00:15:53 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

how much do i need to spam to get a role

repost ^^

2019-01-20 22:23:12 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #breaking-news]  

that ukip tweet is such non news

2019-01-28 00:55:25 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #breaking-news]  

I have a refugee friend who’s Muslim

2019-01-28 00:55:53 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #breaking-news]  

Told me recently how he used to really despise living here etc etc

2019-01-28 00:56:44 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #breaking-news]  

But now he’s realised what an absolute shit whole most of the non western world is

2019-01-28 00:57:14 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #breaking-news]  

He’s looking to be a good English citizen

2019-02-09 13:57:39 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

some people are retards

2019-02-09 13:57:47 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

its just the way the world is @turtwig

2019-02-09 13:58:10 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

i like to use this https://lmgtfy.com

2019-02-09 13:58:28 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

let me google that for you

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