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If she stfu about $15 per hour, she could even win

Need to see what happens next year first. Kid Rock for Senate!

Tulsi's religion might be an issue for some but she probs wouldn't get those votes anyway

Best bit is she is scared of the rise of HITLER

but if HITLER called this rally she would attend

We need deals that a benefitial to everyone folks!

Why are children browsing YouTube? <:think_420saur:378717098828103680>


America First is the same as Britain First πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

maybe the videos are more moderate <:think_literalpepe:378717098630971397>

bu the BBC calling Britian First far-right is accurate for once

Well they both don't like Islam. Got to meet in the middle on something <:sad:382980750347206666>

I think Sargon and Styx said it have a trusted verfified contributors like Twitter was supposed to DuckerZ

is it getting traction?

Britain First is kinda small

Links for British fallout?

The Dems are considered Left

but they are basically Tories

Retweeting in Parliament. IT'S TWENTY SEVENTEEN

Register your OUTRAGE


I'm going to click a website

He wants a return to the Neo Liberal Centrist not Tory UK

it was a Wonderwall.

Was actually NotBad until Iraq

Nice chap but he thinks Bristol is in Russia

women only 'Survivor' island was the greatest TV show OF ALL TIME

Totally unfair to send a bunch of women that aspire to be a WAG to a deserted island

Clearest evidence of the patriarchy I've ever seen, that selection process LUUL

I dunno man, that's sounds kinda cool

Everything was invented by a man cus a woman cus complaining about it <:makes_you_think:382980749780844554>
Source: The Bra.


I'm not religious but I would like to see more done to replace the Community Structure lost in Atheism eg: Church on Sundays and in closures of the local Pubs etc.

Social Isolation of the older lonelier folks

So praying 5 times a day seems too much but having the routine of meeting on Sunday SeemsGood

What about Hindu Countries? <:think_literalpepe:378717098630971397>

This is the most RACIST thing that has EVER happened!

Maybe you too can learn how to take down a organisation singlehandedly

Does this make Austria South East Germany? <:think_hitlerdidnothingwrong:378717099952177162>

The really long 'Nazi' flag looks like a hashtag

but the stick comes off that

It's not Pepper Spray! It's top quality, extra spicy Capsaicin Spray πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ

You mean they were only photographing people with loads of cut marks on their arms or blue hair?

What if Nuclear Fallout caused Anime? <:think_420saur:378717098828103680>

It's everyone's flag now

Progressive 'Kevin Spacey' Republician Senators

Oh that could be Spicy

(((Donald Trumps Gran-Children)))

Do we fear the Palestians?

This might actually be <:makes_you_think:382980749780844554>

next step we re-Unify Korea

Tu-pac brother I know you tried to get peace in the Middle-East by writing poems but we have a real chance now.

Shine upon us so California can Party again

The Centre is Pure, the Centre is Good

cus it's not a USA circle jerk?

Picking fight on a manlet like Shapiro

No we need to build a bridge to the memes

That's like asking Ted Cruz if he's Canadian

He's obviously Cuban

weeow dees pins. I got to up my game morDuck

I've been on the end of this. The campaigners were quoting 100ks of people had written in but we binned 90% of them cus they were cut paste

cut and paste ain't YOUR opinion

a whole load more were edited versions of a template they posted on facebook

didn't bin those but still....

Just like the UK πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ

forcing companies to give products to people that don't meet their criteria always goes well πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ


Libertarian Socialist <:think_literalpepe:378717098630971397>

So I will give everyone else 80% of my wages simply because I Love the human race and everyone else feels the same as I do.


Brexit will liberate Venezula

It's a nothing burger

Wonder what would have happened if she had worn that instead of her Maoist pantsuits <:pepe_smug:378719408341909506>

Just a nanny looking after the kids

We have the best Sanders, don't we folks?

the joys of an automated system with no staff LUUL

well Razorfist lives just outside Phoenix, might hurt him

but it doesn't stop you from doing the same thing outside of a 100 mile radius

which is mostly desert?

This is the new punk rock?

I agree with Tim Pool. Somethings FUCKY

Capitalise on the Skeptic Movement LUUL


Run a guy that isn't being called a womanising pedo everyday

should be good for a couple of %

Phones were attached to a wall when I was in school

so they Love North Korea now?


Why is that unlawful?

We STRONGLY suggest you look in to this and hope your review comes back with the correct answer

Grid Girl is a temp job anyway

Just make the title. How much will Trump's EVIL RACIST Wall Cost?

Doesn't hurt them though. IF the vendor lies to you it's not your fault.

Well how else would fatties meet F1 drivers?


Stop blaming Britain for London's problems REEeee

have to wonder if he ever intended to meet her irl

the internet getting blocked would be a good thing no?


"They were Crowdfunding his death" REEeee

It's that they look elsewhere other than the dude hanging off building to blame someone.

Did they blame specators at Evel Knievel stunts?

oh moar cameras, nice solution πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ


"Γ–ztΓΌrk told Vienna Today about people who had felt forced to emigrate by the ban, including one family who moved to Egypt as giving up the face veil was β€œout of the question”, and a woman who relocated to Serbia with her children."


One day we will all be Human GARBAGE

but if he was still on twitter...

not even for $85,000?


They haven't even bought guns yet

Let's get an Uber to go punch some Nazis!

I did a naughty thing

and now I'm being oppressed

It's because I'm a white male

I'd start a crowdfunder but everyone should save their money for the break Dankula out of prison fund

Purge the Male Feminists! <:sargon_punch:382980735327535114>

Guys stop routing your connection via Russia. It's not funny anymore.

If you get raped, don't report it to HR SeemsGood

and you are not REQUIRED to work along the person that attacked you

MS is not an authority

tell them to get bent

Totally same dynamic as telling Teacher...

"Hateful imagery - such as the Nazi swastika - can still be posted, but will initially be hidden behind a "sensitive media" warning, that visitors must disable to proceed. However, such content will no longer be allowed on a person's profile page."

Can we censor Hammer and Sickle too?


that would kill them

what's the point of twitter without Trump?

@realDonaldTrump Mr President you need to move over to GAB cus everyone is getting banned LUUL

if he can't get the word out he'll move


far-right have been fucked up by twitter. Any AnfiFA accounts banned?

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