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If she stfu about $15 per hour, she could even win

Need to see what happens next year first. Kid Rock for Senate!

Tulsi's religion might be an issue for some but she probs wouldn't get those votes anyway

Best bit is she is scared of the rise of HITLER

but if HITLER called this rally she would attend

We need deals that a benefitial to everyone folks!

Does this make Austria South East Germany? <:think_hitlerdidnothingwrong:378717099952177162>

It's not Pepper Spray! It's top quality, extra spicy Capsaicin Spray πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ

What if Nuclear Fallout caused Anime? <:think_420saur:378717098828103680>

The Centre is Pure, the Centre is Good

cus it's not a USA circle jerk?

No we need to build a bridge to the memes

weeow dees pins. I got to up my game morDuck

Just make the title. How much will Trump's EVIL RACIST Wall Cost?

Remember, no posting in breaking-news

Down my street is a MASSIVE Poster of Che on a building site advertising the flats they are building there

This city is full of Commies pepeGun

I'm an impoverished Hollywood actress. Do you know how expensive rent is here? Do you know how much cock I have to suck to make ends meet?

When Beyonce and Lady Gaga told me to vote for Hillary, I did as I was told.

Bernie can still win! We just need the Black vote!!

Anyone know any Black people?

If it's Queens or THOTS. Which ones do we marry? <:what:382980756139409409>

Yes, so do we marry Queens or THOTS?

Eatern Europe is part of Europe and has settled around Europe

I just live on this island. why do you want to come live here? <:think_literalpepe:378717098630971397>

I hear the weather is terible but people still love it

Instead of telling me why the UK is so shit

Traps are Gay

fireweaver0 is trying to become a Garbage Human

Water is wet

but what is above a Garbage Human <:pepe_smug:378719408341909506>

Should we pander to our fans OR pander to outsiders that want to change our Lore?


I dunno mate. I quite like Roads

should have turned it into a racetrack

I bet he refused to cut them in


It's to confuse normies. Like CNN

The Fur suit is just the disguise the Nazi's wear so they can spread their lies to kids

THIS is something that Nazi Frogs and Furry Snowflakes can Upvote

but I might disagree with Styx on deadbody YouTube

yeah youtube was built of shock value

Here's me killing normies Youtube Live stream

shock value, new experiences, new ideas is great

but this is like the ISIS videos that didn't get instantly flagged

and they didn't get instantly flagged cus it's Logan Paul

now this guy can seak out a dead body

cus I imagine you can see a dead body easier

is he just curious cat with a massive YouTube?

have any of you seen a dead body without visiting a suicide forest?

cus I have many times I have never been to Japan

and I cannot believe that anyone the has seen a dead body that hasn't been to visit forest

thinks this is a good YouTube video

The Vice (when Vice was good) Docmentary was good

but this might actually hit the line

I don't have the resources to travel to Japan to specifically visit a suicide body

I've seen many without even trying

I disagree with the video further. Somehow

I think the Vice Documentary did good job

YouTubers running in there not so much


Need a dot of brown for Glasgow

CNN Artists Impression of Trump?

lil pump is a degenerate and we will gas him

Socialism at a National level. What could go wrong?

I worked with a guy from Zim for 2 years and never made sense of it. As much as I learn't. Does Not Compute

I'm making my dinner. PAY ME

If anything could unite us. It's hatred of Commies

cus I would and Granny would never go outside the wagon

Maybe Sargon is a White Knight

edit it to say #GamerGate instead

I loved I lost. I fear for the poor young lads in prison for saying Hello

That's why we need Liberalistism

Cali doesn't even have it's own water.

I'm going to get elected with controversial policies such as: Give the Jobless, a Job.

I thought you guys were Skeptics?

Always doubt a Woman picture on the internet

JBP is the kinda guy to call someone a Lobster

you gotta watch it over and over again

do Lobsters live in a hierarchy?

or is it like a Meritocracy like Aligators?

OR is it like Silver back Gorillas?

if you try to Progress too fast you'll snap

yes but pendulum is on a rail that moves forward >

the ground beneath your feet is moving at millions of miles an hour @folk

It swings but it cannot swing so as it has

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