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2020-02-05 20:59:32 UTC

First :^)


2020-02-05 21:08:06 UTC

I know the eyes are slightly too big. Being a weeb at one point cursed me with shitty eye proportions.

2020-02-05 21:09:56 UTC

The eyes look fine to me

2020-02-05 21:17:43 UTC

Nah they are slightly f'ed, as well as the whole portrait. Here's the original I was using as a reference


2020-02-05 21:20:16 UTC

I can't unfortunately dwell on one work for too long. One it's unhealthy practice, two that's what I get for falling for the Higher Education trap.

2020-02-05 21:41:05 UTC


2020-02-05 21:44:27 UTC

That's pretty nice walking cycle.

2020-02-05 21:44:48 UTC

Thank you

2020-02-06 01:04:58 UTC

I see what you mean now that I look at it

2020-02-06 08:11:59 UTC

Zemo posted Anime, where my Right Wing Deathsquads at when you need them?

2020-02-06 10:04:56 UTC

Also in anime

2020-02-06 10:05:49 UTC


2020-02-06 12:16:50 UTC


2020-02-06 12:28:19 UTC

I’m going to built a 4’x6’ wood frame with support slats for a Warhammer board

2020-02-06 12:29:56 UTC

Should I use MDF for the main body of the frame?

2020-02-06 12:30:29 UTC

And would I be overdoing it to have slats?

2020-02-06 14:25:50 UTC


2020-02-06 14:26:13 UTC

some of their models are cool but their lore is kinda meh

2020-02-06 14:48:13 UTC

Tau lore is meh but I like MOAR DAKKADAKKADAKKA

2020-02-06 16:01:16 UTC

i have space marines i still need to paint

2020-02-06 16:02:02 UTC

I think i picked a bad scheme, as a beginner, for my first batch. I wanted to do white but the white goes on badly

2020-02-06 16:02:51 UTC

I primed them black

2020-02-06 22:11:33 UTC

Re doing the portrait but with a different medium (pens). I think I got proportions better this time.


2020-02-06 22:18:13 UTC

Finding dedicated time for anatomy studies is pain in the ass tho

2020-02-07 13:11:44 UTC

I’m going to put a wood finish on a chamfered walnut frame. Should I use linseed/tung oil or polyurethane?

2020-02-07 13:20:34 UTC

@clossington I haven't used tuning oil so I can't speak much about it but if you are going for slightly darker finish then colour of your wood then linseed oil is the way to go. Just don't use boiled linseed oil, it has some unhealthy solvents. If you want you could use white spirit (turpentine) and mix it with oil 1:1, the spirit will evaporate and oil will cure faster.

2020-02-07 13:21:35 UTC

If you want darker finish you could also try burning wood on the surface first.

2020-02-07 13:31:19 UTC

I was originally going to go with lacquer but I don’t enough of it. I’m probably going with Linseed but it takes forever to dry and many layers to cure properly

2020-02-07 13:33:29 UTC

Good rule of thumb is once a day for a week, once a week for a month and then once a year

2020-02-07 13:34:42 UTC

And turpentine speeds up the curing and won't give you cancer.

2020-02-07 13:39:08 UTC

Fair enough

2020-02-10 22:11:22 UTC

Ready for shading.


2020-02-11 14:03:07 UTC

Does anyone know how to use Blender?

2020-02-11 14:04:01 UTC

I’ve been working on a Vaporwave project but I can’t add emissions

2020-02-11 16:37:59 UTC

My problem is that the emissions and the viewport display are disconnected

2020-02-11 22:22:22 UTC

I haven't used Blender since college

2020-02-11 22:22:31 UTC

there should be a massive amount of tutorials though

2020-02-11 22:26:59 UTC

inb4 most of them are pajeets

2020-02-12 21:15:55 UTC

I think I "over cook" it.


2020-02-15 09:43:17 UTC

Do we have gardeners of any persuasion?

2020-02-15 19:30:17 UTC

I am a gardener of questionable skill.

2020-02-16 09:04:48 UTC

@McFansy What kinds of plants do you handle, what do you do?

2020-02-16 09:05:28 UTC

garden beds mostly perennials

2020-02-16 09:05:41 UTC

planted some fruit trees last spring

2020-02-16 09:17:04 UTC

Nice. I have a wild peach tree that sprouted in our garden 10 years ago or so, its the only one thats actually disease resistant and produces a lot of fruit, Im looking to propagate it this year and replace the 3 or 4 other trees (that we bought) with it. Also want to propagate a plum tree that produces large fruit with great taste, tastes somewhat like oranges. I will try to air-layer it.
Im trying to start some bonsai too, will go out and collect some young hawthorns for that later

2020-02-16 09:20:27 UTC


2020-02-17 03:45:32 UTC

bonzai is pretty zen, pun intended

2020-02-17 03:45:57 UTC

good for someone who doesn't have much land to plant on/is restricted indoors

2020-02-17 07:20:05 UTC

I dont know much about zen philosophy but Im not uninterested in it. Bonsai is cool because it allows you to capture the beauty of trees, forests and landscapes, and its relaxing to work on. Its living art.
Youre right in that they allow ppl with small or no gardens to dabble in gardening, which is especially true in Japan. But in the west people have larger gardens and many people make larger bonsai too. The ones I just started which are conker trees will be above 1,50 meters tall at their final hight I think, which is necessary because of that speciesΒ΄ thick twigs and large leaves, and I also want them to flower heavily if possible.
But I will also start a hawthorn or dwarf-pomegranate landscape/forest, which might be the size of a dinner plate in height and width.

2020-02-17 07:48:37 UTC


2020-02-17 14:04:06 UTC


2020-02-25 01:07:19 UTC

I've been listening to shortwave for a while. Ham might be useful in the future.

2020-02-26 13:58:35 UTC

You have to get a license. But the process is apparantly very easy. Id recommended looking for a local Ham radio club/group on Facebook. They're always happy to have new members. They'll set you up for success when it comes to training and licensing.

2020-03-01 02:52:11 UTC

Anyone play guitar? I've been using a public guitar and the strings are really eating up my fingers even on my strumming hand. Waaay worst than any other guitar ive used.

2020-03-01 02:52:38 UTC

Is it possible they used some sort of cleaning product on them and that made the strings more abrasive?

2020-03-16 11:55:00 UTC

Maybe talc or the compound used on strings of the violin? Other then that you can always use a pick.

2020-03-16 17:59:50 UTC

Any Track & Field people here?

2020-03-16 18:25:10 UTC

what even is that

2020-03-16 18:31:17 UTC

Ya know, track? 100M dash, 200M dash, 400M dash, 800M run, relays, long jump, pole vault, high jump, shotput, discus, hammer throw, all that?

2020-03-16 18:36:30 UTC

I wasnt sure but yeah i know that

2020-03-16 18:36:53 UTC

not my hobby though

2020-03-16 18:37:40 UTC

Running’s just my thing, but sadly the COVID-19 outbreak is screwing up my season.

2020-03-16 18:38:25 UTC

But you can still run right just not compete?

2020-03-16 18:38:46 UTC

Yeah meets are cancelled.

2020-03-16 18:41:07 UTC

I go for a run every now and then but I've only started like 3 months ago so I am not that fast.

2020-03-16 18:47:41 UTC

I’m mostly a 400/800M runner but my 5K is decent.

2020-03-16 18:49:57 UTC

They’re all out

2020-03-16 18:50:32 UTC

All gone

2020-03-16 18:51:24 UTC

I’d have to check but I’m not 21 can’t buy it.

2020-03-17 20:06:36 UTC

Had to go outside, can’t pass up a nice day like this.


2020-03-17 22:01:40 UTC

looks dry as fuck

2020-03-17 22:21:15 UTC

No it’s β€˜Murica trust me it’s a lot more green when the warm weather comes and stays the snow just melted recently.

2020-03-17 22:22:43 UTC

Plus that’s a cornfield they look dry as hell in the fall/winter following harvest.

2020-03-17 22:25:26 UTC

i forget its not summer over there

2020-03-17 22:28:40 UTC

You from Australia?

2020-03-18 01:38:44 UTC

yes cunt

2020-03-19 03:40:08 UTC

do you knee grows like annie-may or mango comics?

2020-04-01 08:18:45 UTC

so im just watching videos about bonsai and this is what i have to put up with in the comments:

To those who can hear me, I say - do not despair.
The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed - the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress.
The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and the power they took from the people will return to the people.
And so long as men die, liberty will never perish. ...
Don't give yourselves to brutes - men who despise you - enslave you - who regiment your lives - tell you what to do - what to think and what to feel!
Who drill you - diet you - treat you like cattle, use you as cannon fodder.
Don't give yourselves to these unnatural men - machine men with machine minds and machine hearts!
You are not machines!
You are not cattle!
You are men!
You have the love of humanity in your hearts!
You don't hate!
Only the unloved hate - the unloved and the unnatural!
Don't fight for slavery!
Fight for liberty!
In the 17th Chapter of St Luke it is written: "the Kingdom of God is within man" - not one man nor a group of men, but in all men!
In you!
You, the people have the power - the power to create machines.
The power to create happiness!
You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure.
Then - in the name of democracy - let us use that power - let us all unite.
Let us fight for a new world - a decent world that will give men a chance to work - that will give youth a future and old age a security.
By the promise of these things, brutes have risen to power.
But they lie!
They do not fulfil that promise.
They never will!
Dictators free themselves but they enslave the people!
Now let us fight to fulfil that promise!
Let us fight to free the world - to do away with national barriers - to do away with greed, with hate and intolerance.
Let us fight for a world of reason, a world where science and progress will lead to all men's happiness.

2020-04-01 08:20:34 UTC

some mix of every political compass field except authoritarian right

2020-04-01 09:15:18 UTC

It's hard to believe that people think that movie speech is a good deep moving speech (I used to be one of those Rtards). It's just platitudes with no real sustenance.

2020-04-01 13:10:45 UTC

@LimaGolf what movie is it from?

2020-04-01 14:54:50 UTC

I think its Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator. If I remember right, it was big amongst leftwing libertarians.

2020-04-01 14:55:02 UTC
2020-04-01 15:00:00 UTC

It's peak j-lib propaganda.

2020-04-01 15:48:50 UTC

Get that (((Socialist))) propaganda out of here

2020-04-01 20:51:40 UTC


2020-04-01 20:52:57 UTC

@Ecclesiast Orev Chet looks nice. If you can tone down the texture on the dude because it kills the drawing slightly.

2020-04-01 20:54:09 UTC

On purpose.

2020-04-01 20:54:25 UTC

Ok then

2020-04-01 20:54:40 UTC

Meant to be sorta formless

2020-04-02 16:54:49 UTC

How can I find someone trustworthy, maybe professional, to buy something in Surrey (UK) and send it to me in germany πŸ€”

2020-04-02 16:56:06 UTC

when i googled uk buyers i only got results for property and shit

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