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That's disgusting

You can make. Babies

That's probably the beginning of it


An american saying that multicuturalism don't worl

also, he is defending racialized class war

This dude is a joke

I seen one of his videos

It was ridiculous

Seems like a brain dead person to me

2017-10-30 23:47:14 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #music]  

can you link it?

2017-10-30 23:55:21 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #music]  

This is such a good game

I'm not against weed liberation

but, i see people talking about it like a magic solution to "end violence"

and this pisses me off

it might lower a bit

but, i don't think it will be a significant %

plus, it will be useless if the governement don't do anything else to end violence in poor communities

i will listen to it

because, i don't have a mic

now at the right place

He is a spy

i think he meant progressive

kinda late to the party

Good thing I don't watch MTV

I shaved my head and my beard

Like, suddenly I have a face

I laugh about pretty much anything

But this last one....


Ce n'est pas pour moi

This one

The comments makes it even better

Reading this shit you realize that the average Muslim is not moderate at all

Some weird progressive do

It's funny, Christianity sucks, but Islam is cool

This is

Digital blackface

That British women with that sexy accent

virtue signaling is easier

that terrorist is white

he is white

he is just not toothpaste white


he is not a "PoC"

fuck that

she is probably calling him PoC just because he is muslim

dude, just analize his skin color

this dude is not black

not brown

and is more to white than to yellow

neither do i


She did it because he gave her only 1

the slavic aladdin would become slavic carpet

hard bass

for real

hard bass is good

his channel is quite good

for real, first think i saw was Tom Berenger

and people took this shit seriously

just ask for some proof of him telling people to go to her videos and downvote them

the funny part is.... you can do a quick google search to see how muslims behave

quite a few people talking about shitty stuff that happened in saudi arabia

they keep pushing this shitty ideology

wtf is ableism?

you can define everything with "some faggot shit"

Some faggot shit then

for real?

Tapping the grass?

Raping too fast

When she faced the alt right?


I forgot that everyone who agrees with the progressivism is alt right.

It a funny, bitch got famous for making shit up

And now she is running for congress to get that sweet American taxpayer money

Or you can just drop your mix tape and put everything on fire

I laughed my ass off with this one

I wonder where she got that information


The fact that his skin color is in the headline, is shitty enough

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