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what are everyones opinions on the 8values test. Personally, I think some of the questions are flawed.

this is what I got btw

I think this test should be more nuanced, for example, I am in favor of marijuana legalization, but for other drugs, such as meth, I view these differently.

marijuana is a naturally growing substance, meth requires manufacturing.

I think it should still be regulated, like alcohol.

So that isn't a problem with morphine because it is already regulated

yes, but similar laws to alcohol, especially with regards to things like driving.

I can see your point there as well.

I guess a good way to go about it would be to have much stricter regulations on things like meth and heroine because those can actually kill you from an overdose, while marijuana cannot because of the amount you would have to smoke to die is impossible to smoke in the amount of time needed.

I would join voice, but unfortunately, i have class. So see ya later.


2017-10-31 21:59:10 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

wait, is he working on a card game based off of dictators

2017-10-31 21:59:12 UTC [Sparta #live-stream-chat]  

good shit



I generally just view that question as "do I think socialism is a good idea", I know thats simplifying it two much, but I just do that simplicities sake.

I thought saying I wasn't racist is racist

what about white with 1% turkish

I'm saved, but I am also a saracen. I must crusade against myself. Deus Vult.


ask them to draw Muhammad when they enter the country













Trump is gonna make Ba Sing Sae Great Again, but they already have the wall

There is no terrorism within the walls

Then everything changed when The Legend of Korra attacked

over, back in 2014

the last two seasons were actually pretty good

season one wasn't bad

but season 2 sucked major ass

and was the main reason for the show losing so much of its audience

and being moved permanently to

yeah, the first episode wasn't great, but all in all season 1 wasn't bad, it was just season 2 that really shit the bed

I think I may have seen it

can't remember though

I think Korras main problem was that they tried to make it more adult because the audience that watched ATLA was now older, but Nick wouldn't let them go all the way

also, Nick wouldn't greenlight multiple seasons at a time, so they had to write each season to end by the end of that season



If this is still going on after my midterm I will gladly jump in.

Just to jump in quickly before my midterm, all weapons were designed as tools first. Spears were used to hunt by early humans, became used for war because it's a convent second use.

Yeah, we base our idea of Liberty off of John Locke, the government is there to protect your rights, but it is not the authority which grants them. They are inalienable.

I have the right to kill someone invading my home, absolutely.

The rights are inalienable, thats the point

the government only exists to protect them

No, those are your rights on the bases that you exist and deserve self determination.

There is a difference between murder and self-defense.

by the time the police show up, you're already dead, if you even were able to call them.

obviously not run after them, thats why its a stand your ground.

yeah, I fucking hate that shit, and want it gone

no, we have been trying to get rid of it since it was put in place

we fucking hate them

and our system doesn't allow for a decent third party to rise

yes, but their goals are vastly different from the common man

yeah, I basically want another Teddy Roosevelt, but thats a huge fucking pipe dream

@franti of course, thats why I supported wolfpac back during my TYT days, before they went really shit

I watch Shapiro as well, I watch Milo for entertainment purposes, and Larry Elder was pretty good on Dave Rubin

Crowder's good for Amy Schumer realted stuff, not much else

yeah, his podcast with Kraut was pretty good

but that's gone silent as well


I haven't paid much attention to edgy since his return

Yeha, there was that whole thing with that girl who claimed she was illegal, which she might have been, said she was holing a federal tax form in the photo, and it was a fucking state tax form

and it wasn't even filled out, which she said it was

and TYT ran the fucking story


from what I can tell it started off with guns

I jumped in a little later

by some lighters, tape, and bug spray



I am so close, just a little more and will be licking that pepe taint

That's the point of the second ammendment, given a highly oppressive government, we get to oust them. It would be extremeley difficult, but possible.

it is that in a sense

it is a deterrent, but given the worst situation

the second ammendment is there as a deterrnet, but in the worst situation it justifies it to the larger population.


yeha, the largest gun a American can actually buy is basically an artillery piece

pretty big

The US government would never Nuke it's own population because they would be destroying themselves

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