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2020-01-29 22:48:22 UTC

Scorched earth

2020-01-29 22:49:20 UTC


2020-01-29 22:49:22 UTC


2020-01-29 22:49:26 UTC


2020-01-29 22:49:27 UTC


2020-01-29 22:49:30 UTC


2020-01-29 22:49:30 UTC


2020-01-29 22:49:32 UTC


2020-01-29 22:49:34 UTC


2020-01-29 22:49:45 UTC


2020-01-29 22:52:43 UTC

what happened

2020-01-29 22:53:09 UTC

oh did alexander get banned

2020-01-29 22:53:12 UTC

probably for the best

2020-01-29 22:53:30 UTC

AlexanderTheBased got banned for breaking ```Absolutely No (will result in ban):
- Advocating violence or any form of illegality``` and he posted pics of guns so I erased them and his other fedposting

2020-01-29 22:53:37 UTC

most channels unaffected

2020-01-29 22:54:05 UTC

Fedposting is a sin

2020-01-29 22:54:32 UTC

Fs in chat for my autistic Salzburg write up

2020-01-29 22:54:36 UTC


2020-01-29 22:54:37 UTC


2020-01-29 22:54:39 UTC


2020-01-29 22:54:42 UTC


2020-01-29 22:54:53 UTC

anti f

2020-01-29 22:55:28 UTC


2020-01-29 22:56:21 UTC


2020-01-29 22:57:02 UTC

the Infinite trailer was cool

2020-01-29 22:57:07 UTC

but, after 2 bad games I am skeptical

2020-01-29 22:57:16 UTC


2020-01-29 22:57:21 UTC

I think Infinite is a shill.

2020-01-29 22:57:31 UTC

It's a literal peanut shell.

2020-01-29 22:57:51 UTC

I feel like the story is just kinda gay at this point anyway

2020-01-29 22:57:58 UTC

after 2 games of bad plot

2020-01-29 22:58:03 UTC

kinda don't care

2020-01-29 22:58:06 UTC

I see channels are nuked

2020-01-29 22:58:08 UTC

and with MCC on PC

2020-01-29 22:58:11 UTC

I've got all I need

2020-01-29 22:58:13 UTC

Love story between an AI and a human.

2020-01-29 22:58:14 UTC


2020-01-29 22:58:22 UTC

Also @Charlemagne Got halo my dude.

2020-01-29 22:59:50 UTC

BTW concerning the Alexander the "FED" I think he was just autistic wignat. I doubt feds would seriously consider calvinism as part of their role play

2020-01-29 23:00:05 UTC

Nah this is CSIS.

2020-01-29 23:00:09 UTC

There smarter.

2020-01-29 23:00:13 UTC

Than the average fed.

2020-01-29 23:00:43 UTC

Still, it's really out of place for a sharade

2020-01-29 23:01:00 UTC

Better choice would be pagan or orthodox

2020-01-29 23:01:10 UTC

Mhm or Catholic.

2020-01-29 23:01:15 UTC

That is a popular one.

2020-01-29 23:01:20 UTC


2020-01-29 23:01:26 UTC

i know we like to call people feds, but how much evidence is there that the cia or fbi or whatever does that kind of thing

2020-01-29 23:01:44 UTC

None it's a good meme though.

2020-01-29 23:01:48 UTC

There is some actually

2020-01-29 23:01:53 UTC

@Skellington "the base" but that is more in real life.

2020-01-29 23:02:25 UTC

Remember these people don't play by the same rules and can use what you have said online against you.

2020-01-29 23:02:46 UTC

Weren't "feds" outed in some 4chan threads related to mass shooting that occurred past summer?

2020-01-29 23:03:22 UTC


2020-01-29 23:03:36 UTC

No it's more thn likely true.

2020-01-29 23:03:44 UTC

law enforcement could use this agaisnt you.

2020-01-29 23:03:48 UTC

My thought is that even if they weren’t feds it doesn’t matter they both make us look bad, they are both harmful for the movement and both promote violence

2020-01-29 23:03:51 UTC

And discord is not the most secure object online.

2020-01-29 23:04:19 UTC

He was either a fed or he was too stupid to take a hint. Either one is reason enough.

2020-01-29 23:05:18 UTC

Still what will they use? Let's be honest we are just some right wing shitposting Discord server that exchanges books and movies.

2020-01-29 23:05:28 UTC

There is not much to work with

2020-01-29 23:05:49 UTC

there is when a guy is literally telling you to do violence

2020-01-29 23:07:12 UTC

People calling for violence are either feds or have double-digit IQs. Either way there’s no reason to keep them around

2020-01-29 23:07:50 UTC

I'm not arguing with that

2020-01-29 23:08:09 UTC

Imagine being so dumb you’re meme worthy

2020-01-29 23:08:19 UTC

@here Doing a session of Firefight on MCC

2020-01-29 23:08:23 UTC

Care to join?

2020-01-29 23:08:48 UTC

@21ooAB yo, dude how you feeling btw

2020-01-29 23:08:48 UTC

fuck off

2020-01-29 23:09:00 UTC


2020-01-29 23:20:04 UTC

What is firefight

2020-01-29 23:25:03 UTC

Halo reach firefight

2020-01-29 23:25:17 UTC

Its vs AIS

2020-01-30 00:59:22 UTC

i talked to him on voice chat the other day for like 3 hours and he was super nice the whole time

2020-01-30 04:21:51 UTC

Did Alexander the Fed get b&?

2020-01-30 04:22:28 UTC

Wow, he did.

2020-01-30 04:35:15 UTC

2020-01-30 06:12:14 UTC

Big agree that Alexander was most likely just an autist wig, big agree on patrolling that too πŸ‘. There is no ground to be gained with that approach and a lot to be lost with that kind of association in many circumstances. I think it's wise to question the intention of those who promote that behavior. @π‡π–†π–šπ–•π–™π–˜π–ˆπ–π–†π–—π–‹π–šπ–π–—π–Šπ–—

2020-01-30 06:22:53 UTC

I gave him several but I'm not a moderator. If I was I would have patrolled him the first day. Those adding wig-nattery themes to the discussion add nothing but possibility of ruin.

we'll its very unfortunate, all my communication with him was very positive

2020-01-30 06:24:55 UTC

Weren't you the guy with SS in your name a few weeks ago?

2020-01-30 06:25:34 UTC

2020-01-30 06:26:14 UTC

You can still talk to him on Matt Christenson's call in channel. They let retardation run wild.

2020-01-30 06:26:39 UTC

@Obsher Simpson What's up man?

2020-01-30 06:27:47 UTC

I have no idea why you're still here either honestly?

2020-01-30 06:29:01 UTC

@Obsher Simpson What's going on man? You're really into trucks huh?

2020-01-30 06:29:08 UTC

yes i am

2020-01-30 06:29:20 UTC

and he is correct i ment to post in voice to text chat

2020-01-30 06:29:28 UTC

my parents are trading a firetruck for a deuce and a half

2020-01-30 06:29:47 UTC


2020-01-30 06:30:01 UTC

im looking at picking up a 2nd deuce

2020-01-30 06:30:06 UTC

Are truck bros the equivalent to horse girls?

2020-01-30 06:30:11 UTC

but they aren't gonna total theirs right after they get it

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