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2020-01-21 13:53:33 UTC

@Endeavour what do we even have to worry about? We're all just campus conservatives over here.

2020-01-21 14:06:36 UTC

name checks out xD

2020-01-21 15:22:40 UTC


2020-01-21 18:13:43 UTC

@Endeavour what are your thoughts on Jonathan Bowden if you haven’t heard of him I highly recommend his talks

2020-01-21 21:26:01 UTC

@EYEFORKNOWLEDGE156 He was fantastic.

2020-01-21 21:27:22 UTC

It's a shame he isn't alive anymore I think we need someone like him now

2020-01-22 01:19:54 UTC


2020-01-22 22:21:50 UTC

@Endeavour Just wanted to ask out of curiosity, Could future Employers find discord texts you sent?. Could the Left and other people find the text messages that we post here and use it against us?

2020-01-22 22:23:00 UTC


2020-01-22 22:23:05 UTC


2020-01-22 22:23:32 UTC

avoid sharing any personal data that they could be use to identify you

2020-01-22 22:54:52 UTC


2020-01-22 22:58:46 UTC

So how do protect yourself?.

2020-01-22 23:04:27 UTC

Don't post lol

2020-01-22 23:04:53 UTC

Just be careful, anything that could indirectly add to building your identity

2020-01-23 02:08:28 UTC

Ok mr Wilson I think we work at the same place . Boeing doing systems engineering? Oh yeah I remember you! See you tomorrow

2020-01-23 08:48:28 UTC

@Canadian Man Theoretically yes, but only if you post things that could be in some way linked to you're personal life. Also, there would have to be someone that knows who you are and wants to use it against you. Just don't give away vital information and I doubt anything will happen.

2020-01-23 08:49:28 UTC

I could imagine people wanting to dox me because of my YouTube channel, but I don't think ANTIFA has the resources or time to pursue everyone who ever comments on Discord (unless they're given a lead).

2020-01-23 09:59:34 UTC

@Canadian Man another option if you want to be EXTRA cautious is to nuke your existing accounts on regular basis or make new ones using services like proton mail that requires no personal info.

2020-01-23 10:26:52 UTC

protonmail is good

2020-01-23 10:27:32 UTC

i know Amren has adopted it too

2020-01-23 10:28:14 UTC

i might consider supporting them

2020-01-23 10:28:26 UTC

protonmail i mean

Proton mail is secure and doesn't sell and view personal data. Unlike google.

2020-01-24 03:07:34 UTC

@Charlemagne it would be cool if you made a video about bio leninism or the high-low vs the middle

2020-01-24 03:07:45 UTC

I've thought about it for a long time

2020-01-24 03:08:24 UTC

spandrell is a fag or something and deleted bloody shovel

2020-01-24 03:08:26 UTC

Compare/contrast it to Edward duttons spiteful mutants

2020-01-24 03:09:07 UTC


2020-01-24 03:13:52 UTC

2020-01-24 03:14:00 UTC

2020-01-24 03:14:05 UTC

2020-01-24 03:14:09 UTC

just in case anyone wants them

2020-01-24 03:14:11 UTC

Spandrell BTFO

2020-01-24 03:14:21 UTC

seriously why did he delete the blog

2020-01-24 03:14:23 UTC

what a faggot

2020-01-24 13:39:07 UTC


2020-01-24 14:08:30 UTC

@Endeavour I feel like if your leftist family dude found out who you really were he'd dox you in a second

2020-01-24 16:13:37 UTC

@w777lves That's something I often wonder about. He wouldn't be able to get me fired from my job since I have a job in which my politics don't matter. However, I'd imagine he'd try to turn other family members against me. That's why I don't associate my channel with my personal life. I don't want to be known as a far-right winger by my friends and family.

2020-01-24 16:14:23 UTC

Though one day, I want to just come clean. I'll do it when the time is right.

2020-01-24 16:14:46 UTC

@Endeavour I feel like even if the job doesn't involve politics you'd still get fired because they can't associate with a nAzI

2020-01-24 16:22:34 UTC

@w777lves If you work for a major corporation with "diversity" politics, yes, they'll fire you for ideological reasons. But I don't. I'm not going to say what I do, but most of it doesn't even involve Western companies, so they don't give a shit about "racism".

2020-01-24 21:28:42 UTC

At home apple tech support

2020-01-24 21:33:26 UTC

@NeoFuturist There's a lot of non-woke capital coming out of China these days.

2020-01-24 21:38:56 UTC


2020-01-24 21:39:16 UTC

but it's not black and white

2020-01-24 21:40:20 UTC

I would bet my life that China would push woke trash all day long

2020-01-24 21:40:31 UTC

if it was more profitable

2020-01-24 22:16:03 UTC

They call us racist all the time

2020-01-24 22:49:43 UTC

Thats just them playing the great game. Russia does the same thing. They call Poland anti-semetic for rejecting Russias version of WW2 because of its revisionism of the Poland affair but they link it to the holocaust so they exploit that.
China sees the west will bend itself into a knot to prove they are not racist and just exploits that.]

2020-01-24 22:50:46 UTC

If China actually cared about that they would actually try to curb racism in China but they pretty much promote it instead

2020-01-24 23:18:25 UTC

Fun fact: the term racism was made by Jewish communist in the USSR

2020-01-24 23:19:08 UTC

Suprise level: 0

2020-01-24 23:19:54 UTC

Bet you didn’t see that coming AT ALL

2020-01-24 23:20:26 UTC

My pattern recognitions skills are shit so it completely blindsided me XD

2020-01-24 23:22:06 UTC

Yeah straight outta left field

2020-01-24 23:32:06 UTC

I keep seeing that meme

2020-01-24 23:32:11 UTC

but I've never seen a source

2020-01-24 23:55:40 UTC

@Norik Leon Trotsky's 1930s definition of racism is more like the one we have today. Technically, it was Richard Henry Pratt in 1902 who put the word in the oxford dictionary.

2020-01-24 23:56:49 UTC


2020-01-24 23:57:06 UTC

At the time the word racialist was a more popular smear.

2020-01-24 23:57:09 UTC

Not familiar with either definition

2020-01-24 23:57:18 UTC

Can you elaborate

2020-01-24 23:57:34 UTC

let's go to <#668911890260426777>

2020-01-26 21:41:15 UTC

@Endeavour Take a look at this channel the owner of it maybe looking for a conversation with you.

2020-01-28 04:09:47 UTC

@Endeavour do you have the list with all the conservative YouTubers on bitchute?

2020-01-28 13:02:29 UTC

define your terms

2020-01-28 15:25:21 UTC

I’m typing up a script for a YouTube video I’m doing on the link between total war and liberal democracy. Anyone have any good references I should use?

2020-01-28 15:25:38 UTC

About a third of the script consists of quotes from Democracy the God that Failed rn

2020-01-28 20:08:30 UTC

up to 4:35 is of immediate interest

2020-01-28 20:09:11 UTC
2020-01-28 20:10:17 UTC

"So, in this way, people by the millions, entire demographics, are promoted (by democracy) into political entities — a sort of entity which, we observe from a glance at the history books, runs the occasional risk of assassination. What the assassination of a demographic entails, we will now see."

2020-01-29 05:25:52 UTC

@Charlemagneyea I just read through the bio leninism thing and it's really good. You need to do a video on it

2020-01-29 05:26:16 UTC

yeah, I figured I'd need to at some point....

2020-01-29 13:01:23 UTC

TrueDilTom had a video

2020-01-29 13:13:06 UTC

Does Truediltom has bitchute channel or got completely nuked?

2020-01-29 13:13:40 UTC


2020-01-29 13:15:34 UTC

Algorithm got him or something else happened?

2020-01-29 14:05:33 UTC

could be up on the tdt archive channel

2020-01-29 15:02:32 UTC

tdt archive channel was also taken out. now their are only spare videos scattered around different channels

2020-01-29 15:03:36 UTC

tdt left of his own accord. he transferred ownership of his discord to imperious right before he left

2020-01-29 20:13:17 UTC

I have his entire channel archived

2020-01-29 20:20:49 UTC

Just let me know what you want

2020-01-29 20:20:57 UTC

It's on my hard drive so can't be taken down.

2020-01-29 20:42:37 UTC

I'll keep that in mind 👍

2020-01-29 22:37:19 UTC

@PredatoryCat I provided a link to a list of right-wingers on BitChute in my video on the Marketplace of Ideas.

2020-01-29 23:00:34 UTC

@Charlemagne his whole channel? is his archive on bitchute complete?

2020-01-29 23:03:23 UTC

idk if it is or not, I archived the bitchute channel which didn't have The Absolute State livestreams

2020-01-31 18:36:08 UTC

@Endeavour What is your Opion of Katie Hopkins?.

2020-01-31 22:32:30 UTC

@Canadian Man She is a disgusting Zionist shill. The irony is that after all the shilling in the world, the tribe still turned on her. I have no patients for Alt-Lite grifters who will cash in on outrage, but counter-signal anyone offering an actual solution.

2020-01-31 22:42:42 UTC

2020-01-31 22:43:09 UTC

Well that explains it.

2020-02-05 13:37:01 UTC

thats very antisemetic

2020-02-05 17:30:56 UTC

@Endeavour In the spirit of your latest video would you consider making the hobby posting channel?

2020-02-05 17:32:31 UTC


2020-02-05 18:01:44 UTC

@Endeavour did the Russian girl that invited you to the tour ask you why you didn’t go on the boat and why didn’t you try to piss off the other people that were on the tour guide I know when I run into those people I try to provoke them for the fun of it

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