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watch for 2 minutes from that point

War of the flea is so hardcore

does the flat earth have an edge?

where do I find that document that Starbird did the video on?

that Berend Emanuel is such a cancer kid. holy shit

probably should not even comment on those types of vids, youtube algorihm etc.

@Guss thanks for that document, been looking for it, that quality unfortunately so bad though

yeh, 95% is actually legible, thanks

"One of the stupidest things the National Party ever did was, in the 1950s and 1960s, to hound a fairly moderate ANC into the arms of the Soviet Union and the East Germans. The Soviet embrace infused much hard-left thinking into the party which culminated in the ANC’s 1969 endorsement of the theory of National Democratic Revolution (NDR), which had earlier (in 1962) been taken on board by the South African Communist Party.

The NDR theory was based on Lenin’s theory of imperialism, which claimed that the wealth of the colonial powers arose solely from their oppression and exploitation of the colonised. From this foundation, Lenin argued that the purpose of anti-colonial revolutions must always be to dispossess the coloniser – and then embrace communism – failing which the colonised could never be free.

The SACP made this theory applicable to South Africa by developing the notion of ‘colonialism of a special type’ – to mean that both the coloniser and the colonised lived together inside the same country, into which the coloniser had become permanently integrated. But, the argument went, despite that integration, white/capitalist prosperity remained solely the result of the oppression and exploitation of the black majority, and indeed prolonged that poverty – and that the coloniser, despite his integration, would have to be dispossessed if the colonised were ever to be free. The ANC has annually recommitted to the NDR, right up to this year."

@Conscious Caracal do you okes know about this bit of Netlix propaganda: Dark Tourist (S1E7). I'm checking it now. It is soooo race-baity.

"In Alexandra, Farrier meets some of the friendliest and most welcoming people on his entire trip and spends an unforgettable night making new friends. He then visits Orania where he interviews some locals who answer his questions on race like they’ve been handed a guidebook on exactly how to sidestep any controversial statements. However he keeps digging and discovers the Suidlanders – a right-wing survivalist group who anticipates a collapse of infrastructure in South Africa and are prepping for the evacuation from the major cities when an anticipated white genocide begins. They are guided by the prophecy of Siener van Rensburg. "

With statements such as ".....but what they are worried about seems such a far cry from the welcome I felt in Alexandra"


I just made a comment on an EWN thread about Herman and Zille tweets. I just said Bongani Bingwa is biased and that 702 is cancerous propaganda.

"What South Africa’s farmers face today is therefore not about poverty, or public pressure, or even land itself. They have been swept up in a far deeper political and ideological conflict, the battle of ideas, over whether South Africa will survive as a modern, free, and open society or whether it will sink into a socialist and later communist morass of poverty, oppression, and state control. It is a battle for the survival of the Judeo-Christian ethic in southern Africa. And what happens to farmers is very much the litmus test of who will win that battle – meaning, and given what is at stake for the whole country, that in many respects all South Africans are commercial farmers today.

For the time being, farmers will remain very much at the sharp end of that battle given the extent to which a decade of virtually unchallenged hate-filled rhetoric, racist propaganda, and falsehood has been directed against them and what they represent – that they stole the land, abuse their workers, refuse to work towards a better South Africa. Have no doubt that the propaganda was intentional to so stigmatise them that no one would dare come to their defence when the government inevitably turned on them – and used their case to erode property rights not just with respect to land but across the economy." - IRR, Frans Cronje

@MR VLAK that scares the shit out of me

lol there is a documentary called "Bay of Sewage"

Next up. You should not own more than R3million of assets

Nor, as some analysts continue to suggest, does the present threat to property rights owe its origins to the ANC policy conference last December and can be regarded simply as a short-term political stratagem that will abandoned as soon as the next election has passed. There is a clear pattern of policy that predates that conference.

To trace its recent origins, go back at least to the 2007 attack on the willing-buyer/willing-seller policy at the ANC conference in Polokwane that informed the content of the draft Expropriation Bill of 2008, which in turn informed the dropping of the Proactive Land Acquisition Strategy in 2010, the drafting of the agriculture green paper of 2011 which forewarned of every risk from land ceilings to EWC – all of which would be drafted into policy and legislation within the next six years – the 20% proposal in the National Development Plan of 2012, the 50/50 proposal that came hot on its heels, the Land Restitution Amendment Act of 2014 that sought to provoke hundreds of thousands of new land claims without the budget to finance them, the subsequent Property Valuation Act via which the state sought to escape that budgetary bind, the Agri Land Bill that sought to make the state custodian of all agricultural land as the Green Paper had warned – thereby escaping any budgetary bind at all – the **Regulation of Land Holdings Bill that would cap farm sizes and force farmers to surrender the surplus**, and now the proposed amendment to the Constitution. Yet even this chronology contains just some prominent markers in the pattern; our analysts tracked 35 separate legislative, policy and regulatory attempts to erode property rights broadly since 2017 – all of which built one upon the other in a systematic and ordered manner.

Anyone keen to convince me God is real so I don't burn in hell? 😋

@Sheamus the Christian God. the father of Jesus Christ. The one from the Bible. Did believe in that one for 22 years of my life. I'm open minded...I think. Just not sure whether I can ever accept having blind faith again. When Willem said that atheists are diminishing in percentage, I found that very interesting. At the very least I will have a better understanding why some (most?) here believe in it. And I def want to stay in Orania perhaps in the future. Guess I assumed that atheism or rather agnosticism was a default state for intellectuals / scientists. For me it's not something very personal. It's either true or not, and I'm either eventually gonna burn in hell for eternity or rot in the ground.

@Sheamus No, my definition of God would be an almighty entity that created the universe.

@Sheamus that's the best I got, honestly. What's your definition if I may ask?

@Sheamus and do you believe in human evolution?

Okay, hectic.... thanks. I feel like there is some contradictions in there. Forgiving.....not clear the guilty..... terrible in His judgement.

I understand that applied to future sin and not only sin up to that point? Meaning @Malcolm the Seceder 's sin is also taken upon Christ Himself?

@Malcolm the Seceder So then..... why do you believe it? In other words, why are you a Christian?

I mean, why do you believe in the Holy Trinity, why do you believe in the Bible?

I have read it, but I'll probably have to give it another go now that I'm older.

A fresh attempt at Christianity sounds good, without the childhood indoctrination.

So basically the content of the Bible itself convinced you that it's real. I can roll with that

That the Holy Trinity God exists

That Jesus died on a cross for your sins

That Jonah was swallowed by a whale (maybe?)


Personally, I have for a long time subscribed to the idea that we simply cannot determine how we came to be, as in, how the planets came to be, or how life came to be. And that we must accept that ignorance.

The whale did swallow Jonah right? It's not some figurative meaning story or sumthing right?

That sounds hard, I take things literally

Thanks for that. Must say though, some actual proof that I can see with my eyes would also make it very easy.

Like actually seeing a miracle performed in the name of Jesus / God

I'ma be honest, that would make me a believer in an instant

I have never encountered anything super natural in my life

I have to believe in my biological senses to provide an accurate experience of reality in the absence of believing in the super natural. Seems like a catch 22. It is all I have to base reality upon.

@Sheamus yes I do believe I am the flesh 😦

the difficult truth one accepts as an agnostic

boiz, I will be cancelling my house insurance with MiWay today

Mind blown

just received a pretty weird email

Tenielle Grove <[email protected]>
13:36 (13 minutes ago)
to me
Dear Member of the public,

The Constitutional Review Committee of Parliament acknowledges receipt of your submission on the possible review of Section 25 of the Constitution.

Your submission is important and will be processed accordingly.

Thanking you

Just listen to the audio. Don't know if this has been posted

@Sheamus yeah, no doubt about that. His demeanor made him sound like an honest guy. To me atleast.

whaaaaaaaaat, epic!

@VusiThembekwayo says the children of Adam Catzavelos should be expelled from school

yep, it is shocking to me that a guy with a couple of R100 million in his bank account could give a shit about one rando dude using the bad word.

dude you need to go put that tweet in a reply to @VusiThembekwayo

eNCA got a propagandist to label Tucker Carlson and his viewership a "right wing Trump acolyte"

I'll just leave this here.

Tenielle Grove <[email protected]>
17 Aug 2018, 13:39 (6 days ago)
to me

Dear Member of the public,

The Constitutional Review Committee of Parliament acknowledges receipt of your submission on the possible review of Section 25 of the Constitution.

Your submission is important and will be processed accordingly.

Thanking you

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