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@Thomas Ryan I'm the pre-lawfag from Houston.


Samuwell Haididi. I had the US flag face covering with no hat or shades



Respecting or trusting modern women on the internet... Yeah don't do that

Is Fears in here?

Will's id. I'm new to this, so I'm not sure how to add him

I... Uh... Don't... Uh... I don't think I want to click on that

If that's not a woman telling me how to properly tuck for maximum/minimum bulge, I don't think I'm gonna be able to sleep

I read the first line.

Im Ted Kaczynski2.0 now. Thanks. I'll be living in the woods plotting my revenge on modernity. Hmu via smoke signal if you need me

I'll post some propaganda up at my university if y'all want. It would have to be a Tuesday or Thursday or a night op on a Sunday night.

@SDO Phil-TX I red-pilled one of the night security guards, so as long as I do it during his shift, I'll be fine.

Bet, Ni­čů▒­čů▒a

That's creepy as fuck


I'm working out rn2tbhfam


All of us and FashyGains of TRS working out together would be horrible. The smell of testosterone would drive all liberals downwind of us to suicide.
This is how we win

Remember bois. 4 scoops and a liter of milk or you're a fucking jew

@@Thomas Ryan what do you think about doing an immediate propaganda campaign as soon as all of the detail of the attack have been fleshed out? Once we get concrete confirmation he was a Muslim and the victims' names have been released, we could list their names on posters and say something like "not one more death from left wing violence. Enough is enough."

Same. I have a Delton that I picked up for 700. Never had a jam in 2000 rounds

Sometimes, the program gets overloaded and it has to eliminate some useless files

A surefire 60 that didn't cause a single jam?
Yeah fucking right

Hey goys, I have a buddy around the Philly area who wants to get vetted in person. Do y'all know of any groups, chapters, or people he could contact?

@Pale Horse - FL
So apparently, I have a mutual friend with a Houston ANtIFA member from my old HTX Punk days. Let's not broadcast this because I'd love to exploit this as much as I can.
Here's a screenshot of that could damage his credibility with his shitlib buds

Hey, Nathan just messaged me on Twitter and asked me to let y'all know he's ok. Apparently he had to go to the hospital last night

@Thomas Ryan I'm waiting for more info on Nathan, but I can put one on a statue of Sam Houston next week.

Alright. Nate is in the hospital for an eating disorder. He'll be out in a week.



What day? I was going to do one this Thursday

I can't do Tuesdays because those are fraternity meeting nights. We'll just do it on separate days.

@Kevin good luck, man. I'll be praying for you.

If you do a church, mosque, and synagogue, in the same night, it might provide some legal protection from hate vague hate crime statutes. It would at least be a defense to prosecution. But if anyone wanted to do that, I would suggest not doing it for a while given allegations that discord as a whole may not be able to secure.

I'm not suggesting anyone do anything. I'm just remarking on ways to protect oneself in a hypothetical situation, famo

Now, if someone finds meeting times and rooms for Jewish organizations on campuses, that would be a safe compromise, provided our guys can legally gain entry to the buildings


In their own nation, sure.


@EuroChad I'm just glad you're out of the hospital and safe. We'll get you a balaclava next time

Is that faggot still screenshotting me?


Twitter previously

>not using Paracord for laces

Real men go shirtless in winter

His beergut is where he keeps his super nog powers


Oh god. We gotta hit Meyerland, Jew capital of Texas.

Holy shit! Fucking baste

I hope not. Were you not wearing a mask?


Christopher Columbus statue defaced in Bell Park, Houston... Again.
Look at the comments.

├ťberzeugungst├Ąter/├╝bermensch is great if you're ok with german. Skid Mark had a really great song called Guess (gas) them all.
If this doesn't get your blood pumping, you're wrong and I hate you

Virginia goys, heads up

You can't be charged under any statutes if you don't get caught. So don't get caught
This is a link to a law firm's explanation of vandalism in VA. This does not cover local ordinances.
ALSO, VA has a law against people putting up "No Trespassing" signs on other people's property... Which means that was a serious issue at one time for some fucking reason.

If this guy is so worried about that shit, why the fuck does he have a public picture of himself illegally putting up posters?

Not tell me how to live my life! I'm a American!

Fail the test! Rock war now!


National Action?

At this point, one can only assume that they are either purposely making themselves and the movement look bad... Or that they're just fucking retarded spergs.

I never go to Reddit.
Now I am reminded of why I never go to reddit

The spaghett has to be falling out of his pockets tho

Goodnight, Alt-Right.
Sleep tight.
Don't let the red bugs bite
They have AIDS

Spaghet is no laughing matter. We're being serious too.

Plot twist. His wife's pregnancy is a hoax


He admitted to talking to an unknown person and providing them with unverified information that made his group (and the rest of us) look bad.
... So what you're saying is you're retarded. K.

That's all you need to know about these faggots

Mk bby. I cum


You mean the stupid fucking primate who held her kid in front of her while waving a gun at cops

Bc he's an otter


Tom's racist against otters.

I'm making that my backup Twitter account name

Oh no... Not the second one. Nonononono

Time to pack it in, boys. They caught me

The time of the big titty goth gf is over, old man. The time of the khazar milky gf is now.

Oh. Welcome, @Donald OH . Don't be racist.

Bless you, king!


Strongly considering taking my new drivers license picture in the PF shirt

General is a blessing today


Boi he bout to do it

Lamar is black people, coal burning thots, and 1 fascist. I'm not surprised

The DMV in Rosenberg TX is nothing but blacks and mexicans

Tom, are we still allowed to post the Austin Sieg Heil mishap video in general?

@Halfdan I hate you. First they ban our bumpstocks. Then you ban our videos.

If only he was actually shooting them... As a prank. Id never actually advocate such violent acts. I swear

People actually eat anything other than whataburger? Fucking homos

Morrakiu is making a song that rhymes with kas the giges.
Pepper your Angus, bowlthers

Using irc chat?

Carrier pigeons or nothing.

Sleep is a Jewish construct

TFW they only show the collar of the shirt :'(

I love the MUH DICK argument because its so easy to destroy.

That method has never failed me

I've been woke for years, fren


Imagine believing atomwaffen is actually viable and not just a data mining opportunity for the feds.

>not waking up at midnight
What a fucking bunch of posers

PF wives are the most wholesome wamenz in existence

Yesterday, fabbot

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