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#FlamingFlag #FlamingFags

Great job

@Herrenvolk - MD I've done some sound before

This is huge. Shows how much the window has shifted into our favor.

What do you think of this Promo poster I made? Anything I should change?


The Jews are scared

I agree that it would be a better move to pray in private. I feel like those who pray publicly at this types of things are doing it for publicity, which Jesus specifically addressed a few times.

No one was shit talking Christianity, I'm a Christian myself, but we need to be as unified as possible for this rally, so there's no need to do anything that was cause major division.

I do like the idea of having group prayer for the event, 100%, but I endorse the idea of doing that in private. Pagans can have their private group prayer too, if they want to.

(didn't mean to steamroll you there, this is a topic I find very interesting.)

Is this good or bad for us?

NBC 29 confirmed that the Nation Gaurd is on standby outside the city.

The also covered the Cantwell incident, and interviewed a Rabbi

We're all here, we should do something tonight

The violence was done by the federal government and the communist scum

@Radical Agenda I saw you out there fighting for us today and taking mace and pepper spray for us today, if they want to arrest you fuck them

Our group is willing to help

There are currently two conflicting narratives being put forward here:
1. Nobodies ever seen him, we don't know him, he infiltrated
2. The guy in the picture is not our guy, and our guy is asleep in a hotel
What evidence do we have either way?

I feel like there's some sort of false flag, 100%

Honestly, Sessions said the FBI and the DOJ are investigating us for domestic terrorism

They could Waco us if we aren't extremely careful

He says "deaths, " then says they arose from "racial bigotry and hatred." They're pinning all 3 deaths on us.

Why is there no helicopter footage of the incident? 🤔

/pol/ was posting screencaps of his fb with his profile pictures being wojacks and pepes

That photo is very convenient


They are the real victims

@MadDimension Me and my group would definitely be interested in going

If it was at noon, we could probably come too

Agreed, man. Kessler has balls of steel for doing that presser earlier.
Hail @MadDimension!


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