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Hey guys, I'm just popping my head in to show my face. I don't use Discord much, but I see a lot of alt righters using it, so perhaps I should start.

_rubs hands and cackles about how to fuck the goyim_

I'm not quite to the point of screening potential sweatshop labor, but I'll be sure to put out the call when we get closer.

Unofficial Poll: Should I publish my Unite the Right speech before the event, or keep it a secret until I step to the microphone?

It's so good I can barely stand not to publish it 😉 But you're right, I should wait.

@SpencerReesh When have I ever shown a talent for subtlety? lol

What do you guys think about setting up a parallel event somewhere other than Lee Park for women and children?

A couple of my guys are texting me saying they're "trapped in the garage"

I'm safe

I'm at my hotel right now


He says it is the garaghe national front used, and some good guys showed up, they might be able to get out

I just heard via social media that there is a warrant for my arrest. Can anyone confirm this?

13 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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