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2018-06-20 14:17:17 UTC [Fitness #general]  

If you're referring to the chan post ... lol

2018-06-20 14:17:28 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I remember that thread, was a joke

Thats actually an excellent comment imo. Very well put.

Making everyone proud!

Probably lagged

Discord does that occasionally.

2018-06-27 01:19:31 UTC [Fitness #cycling]  

Degenerate ones

2018-06-27 01:20:51 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Just ran for the first time in about 2 months

2018-06-27 01:20:52 UTC [Fitness #general]  


2018-06-27 01:21:56 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Sprinted up a big hill and back to my apt, little over a mile. Amazing how much you deteriorate in such a short time,.

2018-06-27 01:48:48 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I'm getting so fat compared to what I was. Felt good to get back out in the sun and just sprint. Ready for Warrior Dash 2018 ๐Ÿ… ๐Ÿ…

2018-06-27 01:58:26 UTC [Fitness #general]  

a 5k shouldn't be too bad for you bro

2018-06-27 01:58:58 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Join me in August for a Spartan Race at Breckenridge, 12-14 miles. You learn what pain is at those races

2018-06-27 01:59:15 UTC [Fitness #general]  

You're in such good shape these days.

2018-06-28 02:14:03 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Wrestlers gain a toughness and mental grit applicable to all facets of life.

2018-06-28 02:14:07 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Hard workin SOB's

One of those that gripes about us being too "selective" and "elitist".

2018-06-29 04:12:26 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Hey, props for getting out and running that distance.

2018-06-29 04:12:44 UTC [Fitness #general]  

It's fun knowing there is some progress to be made too

2018-06-29 04:12:50 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I'm in the same boat.

Oh yeah. Im all for elitism, dont get me wrong ๐Ÿ˜‚

gj guys.

good work to you all

2018-07-08 04:58:29 UTC [Fitness #martial-arts]  

Pretty damn bummed Stipe got wobbled in the first round

2018-07-08 04:58:42 UTC [Fitness #martial-arts]  

Rematch should be good though

2018-07-08 23:16:19 UTC [Fitness #martial-arts]  

Yeah that stuff with lesnar was stupid

Awesome banner and awesome pictures! Wow!

2018-07-09 21:46:01 UTC [Fitness #cycling]  

@Tanner - SC I want to get into cycling. I now live in a city and know nothing about good bike brands. Aside from obviously googling for resources on my own time, what would be a good starting point for getting into cycling seriously?

2018-07-09 21:46:48 UTC [Fitness #cycling]  

And by seriously I mean tracking my workouts like you do so I receive that data, a serious but hopefully affordable bike brand, and maybe an app for finding popular cycling routes.

2018-07-09 21:57:33 UTC [Fitness #cycling]  

You're the best. Thank you much, I'm going to look into all this now!

2018-07-20 20:55:23 UTC [Fitness #cycling]  

Hah no not yet ive never been as busy as i have bee lately in my entire life

2018-07-20 20:55:32 UTC [Fitness #cycling]  

But 2 things are certain

2018-07-20 20:55:40 UTC [Fitness #cycling]  

Im getting fat, and i need a hobby

2018-07-20 20:56:05 UTC [Fitness #cycling]  

So eventually here im gonna dive all in to the cycling world

2018-07-20 20:56:14 UTC [Fitness #cycling]  

Whenever you find a free moment, make sure to email all of these various paypal emails in regards to the recent censorship of politically dissident journalists and news companies like Red Ice. Explain that you think the denial of service is unjust and that you, as a paypal customer, cannot support such egregious actions taken simply because people think differently.

Here are the emails that you should complain to:

[email protected] (CEO)
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected] (customer solutions group leader)
[email protected] (Customer operations)

We've brought about change by doing this before. Put the pressure on these companies. It doesn't take long to write up a small email. Let's be relentless and let these companies know that this censorship will not stand.

"As a customer of yours, I am thoroughly unimpressed by the actions taken at Paypal to censor various people and companies by refusing them financial services. I may not agree with all that these people have said but I believe in their right to say it! The actions taken at paypal have really made me consider my business with the company."

This is an example that you can write from your sock account. Everyone should be on this hard, Red Ice is a key player in this struggle.

2018-07-21 23:46:50 UTC [Fitness #cycling]  

That is crazy, 50 miles

2018-07-21 23:47:18 UTC [Fitness #cycling]  

Do you eat at all during ?

2018-07-22 02:16:46 UTC [Fitness #cycling]  

Okay good I know youre human then

2018-07-22 02:16:50 UTC [Fitness #cycling]  


2018-07-23 01:44:03 UTC [Fitness #cycling]  

@Tanner - SC At what price point for bikes is everything considered no good ?

2018-07-23 01:44:10 UTC [Fitness #cycling]  

Like $500 and down or ?

2018-07-23 01:44:32 UTC [Fitness #cycling]  

I'll be honest, anything above that is totally more than I ever want to spend on a bike

2018-07-23 01:44:58 UTC [Fitness #cycling]  

But I know nothing about them either I am just now taking a glance at everything that you were nice enough to link me to.

Ayo we need a channel in the #lifeskills channel for dealing with in laws


2018-08-10 02:56:43 UTC [Fitness #oc]  
2018-08-10 02:56:55 UTC [Fitness #oc]  

Good shit brother. Killing it

2018-08-13 01:29:43 UTC [Fitness #cycling]  

Holy crap that's so far

Is there not something to be done for those that threaten actual violence over popular mediums like Facebook? If you read any of the comments on James Allsup's facebook when he was elected, there were many boomers advocating for violence.

Isn't the IRA super commie ?

They trained Africans to rise up against the SA Apartheid gov I think.

2018-08-17 12:06:38 UTC [Fitness #general]  

So crappy. We have to win now for all those that have suffered personally at this point.

2018-08-22 01:07:04 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Just started doing 100 burpees each and every day after I get off work now that it's tougher for me to get to the gym. Definitely a quick, killer workout.

Saw what happened to her.

Incredibly sad. And what's even more sad is that it was preventable.

Nazi war criminal


This garbage frustrates me more than anything else.



IE yacht club

If anyone is caught wearing cargo shorts

Then you're on dish duty

Chubbies and boat shoes from here on out

Cargo shorts are frat heresy

Sorry Perigee

Girls won't join us

If we wear cargo shorts


Apply responsibility and temperance to all things in life

You'll be fine

Knowing obscure stuff about obscure topics will signal that you're different to anyone

Doesn't matter what it is

It's hard to remember that the average person knows only what they see on TV when they get home from work, their facebook feeds, and the crap songs that are on the radio

Avg american only reads 1 book a year

Ok im done, forgot this is media channel.

Lauren is hot, and if she is running around making redpill docs that get tons of views that's pretty damn great

Aight im goin back to my yacht nationalism, carry on brothers

Okay we should take it to pms but dude, don't be blind

She is a public figure

Things are MUUUUUUCH tougher when you are in the public spotlight for all that you do. It's much harder to retreat into a solitude where you can simply raise your kids

And obviously she has to find a man that she enjoys sharing her life with, maybe she hasn't done that yet.

Would you rather she stifle her progress/career spreading the message which may inspire many more white families to pro-create so that she can settle down and have maybe 1 or 2 of her own?

Serious question.

2018-08-25 18:46:42 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

maybe if you already have super high bp but i cant imagine you do

The Trs tropes of calling each other goy and all that stuff is played out

Go out into the public and speak like that

Whats the response

People look at you like youre weird

Good night Mccain

Hope you got all those wars in that you wanted

Ich kann sehr gut Deutsch sprechen ๐Ÿ‘Œ dm me or just speak here

I can help you with your pesky german ch's

Spencer is still around ?


After we've dealt with our demographic issues, we have a long road ahead of us fixing the lifestyles of your average white male.

These kids live such crappy lifestyles and then boom they snap

Like, imagine the isolation, these kids probably attend their institutions, school for the most part, go back home and the only social encounters they have are through an LED box

Rambling at this point but this is getting ridiculous. One after another after another

These kids need to be put to work or something and get off the damn computer

No time for this garbage when you're passing out from a hard days work each night at 9pm



And ribs.

2018-08-26 23:47:41 UTC [Fitness #oc]  



Guys im so sorry! Just joined after I got home. Couldnt figure out how to mute there for a second

Got it muted.

On phone so no bully

Did i rejoin late ?

I will haze anyone wearing cargo shorts

Youve been warned

Just 1 lol

That Arena is packed wow


Being confident and just knowing how to talk to girls like theyre humans is a good first step for a lot of the guys in IE that are transitioning from a NEET lifestyle

Not every social interaction with a girl should have her teetering on edge thinking youre gonna ask her out at the end too

As well as Cargo Shorts

I sold appliances for a bit

LG and Samsung are highest rated on consumer reports/jd power atm

Whirlpool are good, if you have problems its easier to get parts for it and have people work on it than the korean brands

Best case scenario the appliances last 8-10 years, they dont have much longevity anymore

Definitely buy an extended warranty. I recommend buying your appliances at Lowes and getting the 5 year lowes warranty, bumper to bumper coverage and theyll reimburse 30% of the cost of the warranty if you never need it by the end of its term

Whirlpool makes Maytag/kitchen aid/few others

GE sold out their appliances to Haier, the low end ones anyway

Free delivery/hookup as well and they'll haul away the old appliances for 20$ each

2018-09-08 18:51:58 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Upping the volume and doing incline and regular flat bench made by bench press skyrocket and my chest to really start to bulk up

And what kind of argument is that a product is designed to be profitable for a company

Of course it is thats how a business operates

Maytags are good. Heres why you need to get a warranty

The mechanical components will last forever

However, all appliances are full of electronics now, those are what shit out on you

One power surge and your 1.1k maytag combo is toast

Also, the top loader with the agitator beats up your clothes. HE's are statistically better at cleaning clothes although I dont know how the tests were conducted

If you have a 5 year warranty that is 3 years less than the expected life of the product anyway

If you have a queen size/king sized bed a 3.5 cb ft capacity won't even come close to holding your bedding either

Appliances these days suck

But the warranty is up to you

the lowes extended warranty allows you to cash out for the crappy appliances if you have 4 or more issues

within the length of the warranty

Old speed queens are great

Anything new is dog crap

I spoke with reps from just about every appliance company when I sold them

They will tell you to your face

a 120$ warranty that lasts about the length of your appliances expected duration that can be partially refunded in the event you never need it, and will of course pay itself off in the event it IS needed is a great deal

Of course if you don't use it then you think, damn, wasted my money

Call me when your commercial may tag shorts and you have 25 gallons of water sitting in a big metal box that you have to bucket out yourself

Some companies take care of their customers?

You're overthinking this so much

priced below the clearing rate ?

Obviously, but believe me when I say that big stores like depot or lowes arent making much on appliance sales

They take care of you pretty damn well when you purchase appliances there

And the warranty isn't a corporate stupid tax

And honestly, that's pretty damn rude

I'd buy at lowes because they have free delivery/cheap haulaway of old appliances

Plus they'll price match

You probably just missed the big labor day sale though

Oh good deal

Yeah that'll be the best sale until the next 4th of July I believe

GE is solid. Sales are heavily down for them and I think their refrigerators have quite a few quality issues but overall I think their decent.

Buying appliances is seriously a lottery

I had people dish out 2k for fridges/washers and dryers and have them go bad within 2 months

Go look at the lawsuits for every appliance brand due to icemaker issues

Every single appliance brand can't get it right

Idk. Samsung and LG have only recently made their foray into appliances

And idk of any big japanese tech companies that could make appliance divisions

Hah. Yeah I suppose Honda could try. There just isn't a ton of money in appliances

Same, Speed Queens are solid. The older speed queens would last like 30 years

The HE washers by design are supposed to use less water. If they filled with more water they wouldn't do anything but float in the machine

HE washers wash your clothes the same way you wash your hands

They rub the clothes against each other and you can only do so when the tub isn't plum full

And no I don't think so. Maytag is probably the closest and that's only because WP bought them out when they went under in order to scoop up the laundromat market which is where Maytag dominated

They can double as a swimming pool

lol idk, I think at that point unless you have a 10 person family or a lot of dogs, something along those lines, they're unnessecary

4.5cuft should do everything you need it to do

The impeller in HE machines are less designed to turn the clothes over like the agitators

Well there ya go

If a ton of strain is placed on the machine mechanically, like its jumping around too much, the bearings will go about before the motor usually

Hah what the heck

They don't sell Speed queens at Lowes, where I worked briefly when I moved, so I'm not too familiar with them

holy crap

Eric trump said shekels

This ride never ends

Check white pills bro

I love it

๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜„



That's for the office of int students

I thought that was for the bagel shop

Most farm hands in ND are SA as well.

Actually almost brought one to tears when I brought up SA conditions, he was in shock that I knew what was going on over there.

Glad more are getting up to the midwest. They fit right in

Dues payments to the Joshua P adams?


For Zelle

I've got to take off

Who do we send Zelle payment to these days

pls respond

@Grayson Maybe stop patronizing the barber

2018-10-07 19:19:41 UTC [Fitness #martial-arts]  

Was wild

2018-10-17 00:04:32 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

This gym is sick

2018-10-17 00:08:44 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Strongman, pl and oly equip, champs workout here yet its still casual enough for qt's and casual lifters.

2018-10-20 02:06:36 UTC [Fitness #oc]  


2018-10-20 02:06:40 UTC [Fitness #oc]  


holy cow

look at her twitter

I'd let her attack me , yowza

Koennen sie bitte sagen, wenn dieses Stรผck arbeitet? is a shitty way to ask but thats the best i can do atm

Meinen Motor arbeitet aber der "Gang"(?) ist kaputt, also das ganzen Motor arbeitet nicht.

I'm rusty but try that.

Idk the nouns for plastic worm/reduction gear lol so that's basically asking if the motor works, and then explaining your situation with your current motor

Koennen sie bitte sagen, wenn dieses vorgelege arbeitet und auch, dass es nicht kaputt ist?

Yeah and believe me, technical terms can be ridiculous in

in German

Good, glad to have a day off.

How are ya Patrick


2018-10-30 23:58:37 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Arnolds high volume routine will work better if youre stickin a ml in your glute

2018-10-30 23:58:59 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Do a strength based routine, its better for building mass generally than a bb split

2018-10-30 23:59:49 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Add accessories as you see fit tailored to what you want to look like and where youre lacking

2018-10-31 00:02:40 UTC [Fitness #general]  

A strict diet and a strength routine with linear or at least some form of progression will take you places for sure as a natty. Doing a bb split as a beginner/intermediate lifter is wasting your time. You can get to your goals so much quicker with strength based progressions

2018-10-31 00:28:27 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I do a ppl

2018-10-31 00:28:31 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Ppl is great

2018-10-31 00:28:51 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Bb i abbreviated bodybuilding

2018-10-31 00:29:00 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Im at the gym atm

2018-10-31 00:29:13 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Dude bro

2018-10-31 00:29:18 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Nice ๐Ÿ‘Œ

2018-10-31 00:48:05 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Lol same i work early af

2018-10-31 00:48:44 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Sometimes i manage, sometimes i dont. Gf gets into a snoot if im awake to lift by 4, off work by 7 and in bed by 8 lol

2018-10-31 01:54:56 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Keeps a man honest with that schedule thats for sure

2018-10-31 23:14:21 UTC [Fitness #general]  

It's just cucky in general

2018-10-31 23:14:35 UTC [Fitness #general]  

So good for you dude. gj

2018-10-31 23:15:01 UTC [Fitness #general]  

To anyone that still does. STOP varg.jpg

2018-11-02 01:05:09 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Those are crazy #s at that weight heck yeah bro

2018-11-02 02:08:34 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Same with my gym but there is hvac

2018-11-02 02:08:49 UTC [Fitness #general]  

best gym ive ever went to.

2018-11-03 12:02:12 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Is that actually you ? What do you compete in ?

Morning IE family

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