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...Roman Popery

Minor Attracted Persons*

high energy

no, leave pizza out of this

Can we make it a movie/reality?

She's a short stack of tangerine bitch.

Same thing we do every night, Chairman. Try to take over the world

I think my house is haunted

I need to stop watching these top 15 scariest videos thing at night

As in design? I designed them

Yeah we get a lot of stuff done at vistaprint. They are very tolerant of our intolerance

Yeah it seems a bit early to be jumping back on the Trump train one way or another. The guy is elusive af

I don't think we will see a WWIII, the US empire is on the brink of civil war. Any kind of united military front on the side of the US seems implausible in the forseeable future. Especially with all the transgenders and assorted pronouns are now permitted into the armed forces

Short of publicity I really don't see longterm gains. That's just imo. We've already garnered plenty of that with this Pikeville event

on a global level, absolutely. half of our message is nationalist solidarity around the world, but our main concern is our own people and our own interests. I think those are the opportunities we should be jumping at, given the state of identity politics in this country. White people want to know where to go, who has their back.


Sorry I don't type lightening fast like you wimpersnappers

I hate laptop keyboards.


TradWorker shop is not open yet. Should be soon, and there is a decent selection of designs

That's the defacto TradWorker shop

Coming soon!

I think we just ordered a bunch of patches...

Okay lol as long as you're not mad

I think it was just TradWorker Patches

Thank you, Tom πŸ˜ƒ

Dude someone found our old redbubble that I was testing on and ordered 2 Codreanu pillows

It's cool and all but it wasn't ready. Who the hell searches for "Codreuanu pillows"

All sizes. I'f found the Mediums are actual mediums and not some limbo between large or small

@parrott Walmop didn't have screens, I'm steeling one from next door, is that okay?

stealing* see how honest I am, I can't even spell something so dishonorable.

Nite brodah! Hail victory!

I feel like I never get in here when people are awake

Yeah I'm kind of a night owl and I'm always doing something

freaking leaflets, stickers, videos, music, always something

I love what I do, but I'd be totally full of it if I didn't admit it gets overwhelming sometimes

workload is real

Thanks man πŸ˜ƒ

been trying to do the youtube thing lately, thats another thing tough to keep up with

i just keep piling shit on top of more shit and then I come here and whine about it

everyone is good at something

everyone loves something, even if they're not good at it just yet.

I loved drawing. The only reason I can't draw today is because I gave up years ago

Graphic design is mostly just heavy manipulation of various elements. that last things I sent is mostly using a technique called Typography. It's an artform using mainy word placement with few elements

within the field, there's a bunch of sub fields you only find out about when you get deep into it

oh it's totally not. when I found out about it, I had to research it as it pertains to propaganda and that's like my only job. Typography is grueling and boring to learn, but once you get decent at it, it makes a world of difference with the end result

It's one of my favorites πŸ˜ƒ

So what do you do for fun?

Well ya know how they say if you love your job you never work? That's sort of my position right now lol

I don't watch TV or play video games or anything like that

I always suggest to anyone who wants to get involved to find something you're passionate about, get really good at it, to the point where you can rival the pros, and just go all in in that field. Yes, we need street activists. If you love combat and physical fitness, then that is what you should be honing. We need writers. If you enjoy arguing on fb or debating, hone your skill in persuasive writing. We need artists, we need musicians, we need speakers, we need everyone, but we need them to be fanatics about what they're contributing on a deep personal level.

we are all a one-man-army. it will always be this way. it's great to be great at many things, I like to think I am that kind of person. But it is essential to know where your greatest strengths are and to utilize that the most

I still do street activism even though I'm 5'5 and weigh 130lbs soaking wet, but I am far from a street activist by title. I have not earned that.

I'm from NYC

I moved to Indiana recently. NYC has become too hostile to our people

Yeah that's like NYC the sequel

I've given up on conversation and debate. It serves no function. White people will realize, if they have not already by now, that they have to pick a side and pick it fast. All we do is hold up a flag to show we're Team White.

Well yeah, I mean I talk to people on our side only to kind of give further insight into National Socialism and the details of what we're doing, but beyond that I'm not out to convince anyone of anything

I used to be a libertarian even when I was racially aware, so we can all use some further learning

What have you read so far?

Don't be ashamed either if it's just been documentaries. I know people sometimes feel awkward if they haven't read much

I love and venerate Hitler with my whole heart and soul, but Mein Kampf is boring af

I would read GLR's White Power

Most relevant to us as US National Socialists

I'm reading For My Legionaries right now, stuff I should have read forever ago


Rockwell is a great starting point for any US National Socialist

The best I would argue

Some might suggest James Mason, but I reccomend Rockwell first. Mason kind of expands on Rockwell but has his own ideas about how to move forward

I don't know how to make emojis on here but \o

I would have reccomended Turner Diaries but it's very blackpilled and doesn't offer pragmatic solutions

Could get the same sort of message from watching MadMax

I mean I love Pierce as much as the next guy, but for someone just starting off I can't in good conscious reccomend it. Definitely once a firm understanding of National Socialism is in place

I about punched a hole in my wall half way through the book when I was younger

It will trigger the hell out of you

Yeah I read it when I was about 13

Shifting hormones and a radicalizing mind + Turner Diaries = bad business lol

I lost a lot of friends that year

yeah I watched the shit unfold in the years to come

I'm 32 now

Yeah, Mason takes the shit in a very literal, non-fictional sense

Go GLR before anything

even James Mason would say go GLR first

I am freaking horrible with acronyms. What?


ooooo. That really doesn't give insight into NS ideology itself, it's more of a WWII history thing and why we're the good guys.

If I had more 6 hour blocks I would watch it again myself

had to see if it would come as a transparent background


Aren't they about to secede

well not if you're there white man

CRUSH THE URBANITE!! I can say that now that I'm in the south πŸ˜ƒ

Bullshit, you will love it

I took a week off to stay with Heimbach before I made the move and I was like, yeah no this is where I have to be

Here in Paoli

I saw an Amish for the first time. They used to be a novel, now they piss me off a bit


They're just hypocritical. I totally get if you want nothing to do with the modern world, I hate it too, but don't form a fundamentalist lifestyle around that idea and let me catch you in a Pizza Hut with the horse waggon in the parking lot.

I see these fuckers in Walmart almost every time I go, too

oh ffs lol

An Amish girl drove a freaking truck across a historic bridge here and broke the whole damn thing

100s of years of history gone in a matter of seconds because these primates dont understand physical laws


yeah I cant even be mad because they really don't mean it. they're just stuck in some weird time rift

They own a lot of the business out here, so I'm told.

The Eternal Amish

oh yeah, some weird obscure German tribe. that can be fixed overnight

I think people, whether in the Struggle or not, but a little too much energy into that man. He's only ever offered to be a bandaid on a bulletwound, and that's exactly what we're seeing. It's all we should expect.

Well, wtf is America? It's an empire comprised of several regions that don't agree on a single thing and an ever growing discontent with the leadership of each region. We have no cohesive identity outside of consumerism and vagueries about "freedom" and ambiguous notions of "liberty". I think too many White people, Nationalist or not, took "America First" to mean something George Wallacey, but there is no hope for this empire, and we shouldn't even hope for it.

Objectively, that's exactly what it means. America as an empire serves the interests of international capitalism, and at the head of that is Jewish interest. Effectively, America First just means Jews first

When they abolished our immigration policies in the 1960's they sealed the fate of America

I think America's interests might have ended with the loss of the anti-Federalists, but we can see the most clear example in America's role in WWII

When I heard "MAGA" my first impulse as a National Socialist was, "when?"

And that was shortly after the offical draft of the Constitution itself

America was not great for very long

Well, libertarianism is only possible in a Jew-free society. It's a noble ideal, but a pipedream so long as our Enemy holds us by our throat.

Full disclosure, I'm not indigenous American. I'm only 3rd Gen

The founding fathers knew about the Jew, but many were Federalists themselves. If we really want to put a microscope to America, it was never great. This can be viewed as a Jewish experiement. I personally don't like to blackpill that hard.

Likewise brodah! Hail Victory!

You're 6 hours late for work? That's technically quitting

You should write yourself up

I'm sure you'll just give yourself a slap on the wrist. Should be fine.

Look forward to seeing you there! Thank you for taking that incredible journey to join us!


My brother did that for a while. It's a pain in the ass when all you can do is phone the police. It's like being a paid bystander

Getting out of the major cities is something everyone should focus on. It was the best decision of my life

I lived in New York City for 32 years

The air is cleaner, the people are nicer, I can go outside at any time of the night and not worry about a thing, I can carry a gun, and on my spare time I can write stuff like this

If I were you I would save as much as possible and get to a healthier place. The major cities are becoming increasingly hostile to our people

Just did some back reading. I must have missed the part in our platform about our plans to exterminate highknee hunters

If anyone is around Alabama and willing to travel to Auburn, Tuesday we need all hands on deck

Thank you!

Work has been done on the Party song, this should be the final version unless someone has a bolt of brilliance for an improvement in the next few days. To the tune of the Horst Wessel Lied

"Our flag flies high! We stand as one together
In steadfast rows, the youth marches ahead
And through our deeds, we shall live forever
Our battle cry, fills our foes with dread

No more in shame! We raise our holy banner
Reduced to slaves, never was our fate
Stand for our Folk, our nation, pride, and honor
We shall act now, before it is too late

The time is now! Our people have awoken
Proudly we march, in uniforms of black
There won’t be peace, until our chains are broken
We’ve crossed the line, there is no turning back

The fight goes on! Against the rootless strangers
We’ll shed our blood, until the final end
We shall not fall, our people are in danger
So stand your ground, be loyal now comrades"

@Arcturus We're just waiting for our paperwork to be approved for our official charity wing

if he can hold on a few more weeks, we'll have an official charity for him to donate to


We don't convert with words. Thanks to the "Enlightenment" everyone can believe what they want.

I remembered this existed. Reaper crashed on me

I don't really care tbh. I get called Christcuck more than anything.

Hellenic works, Romans and Greeks were genetic cousins anyways

Usually just say pagan to avoid confusion and needless hipstering

@Mamabird I don't know how to use this

Even put the smiley on the wrong message.

I did it.

Not sure what to do with it yet. Just a thingie


>Doing a death metal recording and not letting me mix it

Send stems when ready!

Is it that noise genre? Is a clean mix antithetical to it?

Idk what you kids are into these days, I've lost touch.

Alright, well, send me the raws of everything and I'll make it sound spiffy

If you have the samples in .WAV that would be extra helpful so I can run it through my own trigger VST

I use Drumagog to trigger, so if you have .GOG files that works too

I think you render to .WAV by default in FL

Just make sure to render as stems not the master mix. I cant do anything if its all mixed

Just making sure. Last band I mixed made that error

This was the last bob I mixed

wait no I mastered that

remove and give me notes on what you used

Send me a rough mix for reference so I have an idea where you're going with it

Take your time, I've got plenty of projects

Why? You dont have a mic?

Why would they be hard? You spitting hip hop flows?

lol I did that in To The Fields Of Elysium. No one said shit

"We lose our breath in the depths of a nation wrecked and reflect our spirit's neglect
Rise up break in its time to begin our righteous purge of the Jew within"
*mic drop*

Both verses has hip hop flows

Will we choose to partake and abuse taboos and refuse to awake to the ruse of the Jews


It really is fair game in music. You can throw in a surprising amount of influences and still keep it from being over the top

Idk he got caught pretty bad. I've been lied about before but never any shit like that

They usually pull some degenerate gotcha kind of stuff when they lie

Everyone lies. Telling a girl she doesn't look fat in a dress she clearly looks fat in. Overshooting cock size in high school bantz. Not your whole damn life story

I went 15 years in these circles and never said a word about my past employment. No details at least. Whats so hard about just not?

Jason Augustus 2018-02-08 08:23:57 [tradworker #music]

It's funny that people would rather give money to a guy who pirates music and bullshits about having a vinyl version when none exists than shill out 8 bucks to the creator.

Jason Augustus 2018-02-27 08:00:22 [tradworker #music]

Messing about in Symphobia. Heimbach said he wanted this melody for the anthem

Jason Augustus 2018-02-27 13:58:25 [tradworker #music]

Thank you

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