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2017-01-28 15:15:51 UTC

Am I structuring this correctly? I have this lobby which is public, then I have a voice and text channel which people who I ascribe the role of "vetted" are able to see.

2017-01-28 15:16:53 UTC

I see it

2017-01-28 15:17:08 UTC

Yeah, that makes sense, looks good from here

2017-01-28 15:18:06 UTC

Okay. You not have "vetted" role, even though I don't know who you are.

2017-01-28 15:18:37 UTC

I just PMed you

2017-01-28 15:19:15 UTC

Got it.

2017-01-28 15:22:12 UTC

2017-01-28 15:22:21 UTC


2017-01-28 15:36:20 UTC

This is the end for you old man.

2017-01-28 15:37:30 UTC

Give me a chance here, young'in. After my course in touch typing and Web Browsing at the local community college, I'll blow all your asses out of the water.

2017-01-28 15:41:09 UTC

2017-01-28 15:42:02 UTC

Great job on the antifa flyers, by the way.

2017-01-28 15:42:16 UTC

Heimbach told me something about trying to scale that idea.

2017-01-28 15:42:28 UTC

Ah just community service

2017-01-28 15:42:42 UTC

Right Wing Litter Squads

2017-01-28 15:43:11 UTC

2017-01-28 15:48:24 UTC

I still haven't confirmed the voice thing. Do y'all see the tradworker voice channel?

2017-01-28 15:48:35 UTC

yeah you're connected but muted

2017-01-28 15:48:54 UTC

like that

2017-01-28 15:49:59 UTC

You didn't hear anything I just said, did you?

2017-01-28 15:50:12 UTC

nope you gotta unmute yourself

2017-01-28 15:50:52 UTC

Hrm. At the bottom left I am not muted. It says "Voice Connected" right above it.

2017-01-28 15:51:35 UTC

weird the test one I just made works

2017-01-28 15:51:36 UTC

I hear your degenerate monkey shit.

2017-01-28 15:51:57 UTC

Mr. Bond is the shit

2017-01-28 15:53:21 UTC

Maybe you just don't have a mic selected in the settings

2017-01-28 16:02:10 UTC

I believe I have it configured correctly now.

2017-01-28 16:02:32 UTC

Still says you're muted brah

2017-01-28 16:10:36 UTC

Pretty sure I figured it out, right when Derrick leaves, of course.

2017-01-28 16:20:01 UTC

Ian G Smith

2017-01-28 16:20:16 UTC


2017-01-28 16:20:38 UTC

In theory, you can hit me up on the voice chat, though I haven't been smart enough to get it working with anybody yet.

2017-01-28 16:21:44 UTC

I hear kids in the background.

2017-01-28 16:21:58 UTC

Kid better hurry up and get down.

2017-01-28 16:22:18 UTC

I'm having you over for brunch

2017-01-28 16:22:37 UTC

Have you heard my speaking at all?

2017-01-28 16:22:45 UTC


2017-01-28 16:22:50 UTC

Okay. Excellent.

2017-01-28 16:23:21 UTC

You like pancakes?

2017-01-28 16:24:01 UTC


2017-01-28 16:24:03 UTC

I do, actually. But I assume they would be cold by the time I got there.

2017-01-28 16:24:18 UTC

Virtual brunch

2017-01-28 16:28:35 UTC

Sieg heil

2017-01-28 16:28:44 UTC


2017-01-28 16:29:01 UTC


2017-01-28 16:29:12 UTC

Ne minnesotans in here

2017-01-28 16:29:29 UTC

We're building a group in the twin cities

2017-01-28 16:30:14 UTC


2017-01-28 17:47:40 UTC

Hail Victory!

2017-01-28 18:02:05 UTC

Hail Victory, Chad!

2017-01-28 21:19:24 UTC

Anyone looking for a nationalist fitness and survival FB group?

2017-01-28 21:20:45 UTC

I would certainly join such a group.

2017-01-28 21:22:06 UTC

I'm trying to start one, but it's very low energy.

2017-01-28 21:36:46 UTC

Link it dude

2017-01-28 21:40:43 UTC

I'm making a giant banner

2017-01-28 21:40:48 UTC

What should I put on it

2017-01-28 21:41:06 UTC

I'm just thinking white Lives Matter but open to good ideas

2017-01-28 21:42:35 UTC

2017-01-28 21:53:52 UTC

Do you even lift

2017-01-28 22:02:50 UTC

I do pushups periodically. :/

2017-01-28 22:09:09 UTC

How many in a row

2017-01-28 22:17:47 UTC

I can achieve 23 before muscle failure currently. Working to get that number up.

2017-01-28 22:20:59 UTC

Jew jitsu is great

2017-01-28 22:21:11 UTC

That'll keep you tough

2017-01-28 22:21:33 UTC

And you get to rassle with swaety men

2017-01-28 22:49:36 UTC

I just try to do the APFT basics in the morning and avoid getting too fixated on it.

2017-01-28 22:50:06 UTC

Push-ups until fail. Sit-ups until fail. And some time on the desk bike.

2017-01-28 23:06:00 UTC

Take the 1488 ruck march challenge

2017-01-28 23:07:36 UTC

14 miles 88 pounds in 4 hours

2017-01-28 23:07:52 UTC

Completed by April 20.

2017-01-28 23:12:44 UTC


2017-01-28 23:17:44 UTC

Oosh. 88 pounds would break my back in my current condition.

2017-01-28 23:47:37 UTC

white power

2017-01-28 23:47:57 UTC

So, there will be a project unveiled in central indiana come summer

2017-01-28 23:49:20 UTC

From what I've ehard, it sounds badass.

2017-01-28 23:49:29 UTC

Norse Battalion

2017-01-28 23:49:34 UTC

Anonymous flier and sticker drops

2017-01-28 23:49:54 UTC

not so much a protest movement but subversive, counter-signaling, propaganda, shit

2017-01-28 23:50:09 UTC

me and the other guy have swastika armbands

2017-01-28 23:50:12 UTC


2017-01-28 23:50:31 UTC

If you're not wearing a swastika armband and getting bolts on your face, you're not a serious nationalist.

2017-01-28 23:50:43 UTC


2017-01-28 23:50:46 UTC

That stuff is great.

2017-01-28 23:51:05 UTC

Especially if you can leverage the fertile ground of lingering butthurt from prior work in the Bloomington campus.

2017-01-28 23:51:09 UTC

I'm moving on Ft Knox.

2017-01-28 23:51:28 UTC

Can't dabble like that.

2017-01-28 23:51:31 UTC

Our operations wont be ready for awhile, we need to get our site up first

2017-01-28 23:51:41 UTC

we need as many info-graphics and hate facts as we can get

2017-01-28 23:52:11 UTC

and I'm thinking about creating discs with HTML files that autoplay anti jew documentaries so I can hopefully track them with an SEO and figure out where we get the most hits from

2017-01-28 23:52:41 UTC

The problem with discs and drives is everybody's afraid to open them.

2017-01-28 23:53:21 UTC

And almost no one has disc drives anymore

2017-01-28 23:53:32 UTC

A funnier angle might be pieces of paper with a caption, "Candid Nudes of Jessica Lynn Smith: A Cheating Whore."

Then when they go to the URL, it's red foshism.

2017-01-28 23:53:59 UTC

This is true ^

2017-01-28 23:54:13 UTC

well I mean fuck, we can also just link the documentaries on our site

2017-01-28 23:54:24 UTC

A fun bait-n-switch which everybody will want to check out because it's tawdry.

2017-01-28 23:54:46 UTC

but it seems with bluehost you have to pay like at least $200 to start, I thought with BlueHost you just paid the total bill over a specified amount of months?

2017-01-28 23:54:59 UTC

But you need to use a tinyurl on the cards you throw out.

2017-01-28 23:55:45 UTC

Staples has the perforated business card paper that you can print out hundreds of little cards on for dirt cheap at home.

2017-01-28 23:56:18 UTC

would it be cheaper to print it ourselves? I mean ink costs a fuck ton

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