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Thanks Matt

I am in IL. How can I get notice of events?

Yeah, it is. I understand. It is dinner time

ok. what should i use for email?

dammit. ok. makes sense now. this is why i never heard about events.

i did ask previously, a few times

i did see the group April 30 2016

in Philly

yeah. i heard. other sources.

I registered. Where can I camp down there?

good evening!

Parrot, I can book early and that's best, as I am a Vet with discounts. Any chance you can have someone who has already reserved a camp site to contact me so I can get one at the same area?

I will provide bonifides

I would prefer to get there early.


Now I get it

Got it.

OK, that's a day's drive from me.

And about 40 min. to the local fishing hole



Of course.

Anyone carpooling?

lols nm

B1488 - check out and Code Academy

Anyone know if Damigo was arrested?

Paddy, great tune. LOLS

Parrott, did Michelle give Scott the HIVies?

Please tell me she wont be @ Pikeville.

Ya I wont be around that toxic crazy skank


I'd love to visit Chongqing

Japanese rabbits are special rabbits, too

Talk about high human capitol!

Yes, I hope so too. They'd be a great power-balancer in Asia.

After WWII we subjugated the Japanese, it was a vanquishing that yielded Japanese anti-militarism.

Wish that plot against Roosevelt would have worked out.

BTFO... AntiFa admits Faggotry.

Coolies. Gotta love the pragmatism of Asian race realism

Why Chonqing? Well, I love Hot Pot

Nothing that I know of. I'm trying to wrangle transport to Pikeville, seeing if anyone is passing thru my area on the way there.

Watcing Spencer ATM

I get NO bites here. I know there are conservatives and people sick-of-it-all, but can't seem to find them

I'm in Illinois, NW of Paoli

My cousin David Dick lives there, he's into the off-roading thing.... Good mechanic, 1/4 cherokee 3/4 cracker

I dunno if he is 'awake' or not.....

I shall try, just sent him a message

I know he's a redneck. We're from old Okie stock that did the Grapes of Wrath trip to CA

Most settled in N Bay Area, Richmond, Oakland, back when it was HuWhite

I are praying Parrott-man.

Anyone interested ina livestream/hangout? I am bored.

So there was violence after Spencer spoke at Auburn?

Chris Bond & his beautiful cohost Marie

Chris from AntiComm


ANyone doing any Culture Jamming? My idea is a rogue TV station, playing propaganda.... Advertising it will be interesting.

Yeah, that and stuff for teething babies, works.

JQ: Once someone crosses the threshold, realizes what's really going on, they see it EVERYWHERE

@jer szak Naw man, it's "GroidBuster7 to base. We've got those AntiFa and BLM fucksticks sighted...'

Puff the Magick Dragon.

Yeah JTThraser, I'm trying to get some trasport coordinated from IL or anyone passing near me on their way

Those Spooky gunships could clear a temp landing field. Air America used them along with sticks of Daisy Cutters.

darn it, i'm wearing jeans too. If I can get a ride there....

East central Illinois.

Put out the word to anyone who might know someone going from my area.

Of course, I will pitch in for gas and etc.

Thanks Matt!

We have any goy's in Shitcago?


Khol's has nice black cargo pants

Is NSM and AFP gonna be in pikeville?

Nice. Be good to coord. something with them. As far as I can tell, I am all alone in Champaign, IL.

I *know* there's woke goys here, but I can't find them.

I hope to be in Pikeville on the day of the flyer....

unless you meant something else....

OK, assume I am stupid.... I thought you meant the Pikeville flyer....


I have a printer, but I don't have good paper stock that will last long in the elements, not to mention assholes rip things down

Well, I'm gonna take a break and print out some propaganda to post near (((campus)))

I'm stoked, but lacking transportation. I'm in IL

You could read 10 hours a day for a year and not finish these lists

...and eventually seizing political power

Hello goys!


I still need a ride to Pikeville. I'm not above begging.

East central IL, Champaign to be exact.

wish we had comrades in Shitcago/ChimpCongo

I have no idea ho to contact other attending groups to see about carpooling....

Anyone know if the camping place will allow us to show up early, like on the 27th?

Lynchburg, TN?


I have an idea. If I knew all the groups attending, I could email contacts, asking if they could get the word out that a comrade in IL could use a ride. Whudya think?

Is Matt TWP?

I can carpool with anyone from Indianapolis of IN area.

Why'd he end up in jail?

ayahuasca.... Familiar with WS Burroughs Yage Letters?

Also, the movie 'At play in the fields of the lord' where the anthropologist parachutes out of a plane to hang with s. american natives

burroughs was a surealist beatnik

Yep, WSB was a commie. As were the ginsburgrest of them - kerouac, cassaday,

me too

damn right

jesus, that sucks!

those junky's visit 3, 4 doctors to get all that shit

my sister has RSD, a reflex nerve system issue. they give her all kinds of stuff. it's weird she nods off all the time in the evening

My twitter is @huntersr1488

whoops, belay that. it's @extremusgladius

Sassoon's were Mizrahi? I did not know that

they think they just ought to be allowed to get away with everything, because 'muh chosen people'

I like Rockwell's fable The Ducks and the Hens.

Damned kiked leave a helluva mess


play Hava Nagila

Rabbi's suck tiny little baby dicks

I was, unfortunately, cut as a baby. I know I missed out on my first Beejer

I wish I was uncut

Not really. it has a lot of nerve endings, and protected the mushroom head from being desensitized


Yeah I seen them



Bored .030 over, sawed off, turbo charged, razor sharp, fuel injected multiport nationalism

Make a cold water sxtraction from crushed pills

backstreet, what pills did they give you? I'll find instructions for cold water extraction

apparently i dunno enough about cold water extraction.

I usually get Norcos


5 or 10 mg per way too much acetamenophen

for localized pain, I take aspirin, if I have to take painkillers, I extract. I drink beer... and scotch... i can't have acetomenophen

the opioid


I have a deep hatred of anythign that taxes my liver

except alcohol

and when you have been on it 3 days, and you miss your dose time, you feel like you have sand under your eyelids

I hate the stuff. truns my bowels to cement

Hate to ask again, anyone know of Pikeville attendies rolling thru Illinois?

Was i supposed to get a print-able ticket to take with me?

me too

I dunno, this is my 1st time using discord for anything

Anyone here work in industrial automation?

i'm about to enter the field. i'm more interested in the telemetry and monitoring of things

Yeha I like writing Perl scripts to collect SNMP and MODBUS data. Dont know enough about Seimens gear

Old School

my mom knew fortran back in the 80's

cyber security is a growth industry do it!

Install Kali Linux

use Tutorials to learn.

I haven't used Windows much in the last 6 years

RPi is a good way to go, make sure you set up the RDP so you have an AI to work with if you need to

I use RPi's for Media PC, RetroPi. Good work e! I use mint on everything

good work Absolute I meant

huh dunno much aboot that

Other than an SDD for my OS system drive, my storage is about 2.5TB in a tower. Old, too. All of it is at least 4 yrs old. But, It's not a server

g'nite comrade. sleep tight.

Furor, you can troll, or you can redpill


*if* yer gonna use it for, say... a securitysystem, yer gonna need expansion board. This one:

Any questions, let me know.

am extremely satisfied with it

Well, use the standard latest, the 3B.

Get a high-gain antennae, say, an Alfa?

You need to use a specific wireless antennae.

Frequency and transmission determine antennae engineering

DIY is everything. Check Instructables website.

Good Deal!

Now, go to the RPi website and D/L the projects books

And have fun!

I sure want to, need to wrangle some transportation. I am in IL


WHY NOT?!?!?

Needs me some chris-n-marie time


I got no idear, contact Mods

He runs the Right Voice podcast, he's a solid mate

downside is he's limey


Can I wear a yarmulke & carry a menorah @ Pikeville? Just thought it might throw them off.



[sticks out thumb] Pikeville or Bust!

No illegal, I'd drive as I am 7 hrs away, but Mr Truck is not feeling well.

We're gonna be damned close to Hatfield & McCoy territory

didja get the email?

If you have purchased your ticket, you should have gotten email.

Hey @parrott just got a call from Robert, I think with AFP - said he'd see about any IL contacts heading thru to Pikeville. Did he contact you?

just paranoid, dont need to get my ass kicked in

didja get my txt?

Oh sheesh. Sorry, and THANK YOU Matt for the confirmation.

Thank for the help, Matt. I'll keep ya updated.

Shane I am in Champaign

Are u still in ILLINOIS?

Louisville KY? Yeah I missed out on a ride

Darn it

Anyone you can contact on my behalf would be great. I need a ride from Champaign

If you know any IL goys attending

Cool and ta

Yeah, I'm a proud Cracker/Honkey and I embrace my IL redneck culture. Fuck Shitcago, it should slide into the lake.

I am a damned mutt.

german, swiss, swedish, dutch, english, etc.

too many to add up. roots back to before rev. war.

lots of people left in the interwar period.

they should have drawn borders around ethnic groups



So was Hitler.

And Rockwell

Ooops. Here's the Trans-Free stream. Yech.

Some AntiFag just said 'give us Heimbach and we'll go home'

Whats the link to Hunter Wallace's lvestream?

Good work goys


Anyone read about ASF being infiltrated and their leadership busted?

Everyone list?

Listening to paddy on TRV

Tom I am jst south of Shitcago

Anyone awake?


anyone awake?

Coolies. So, how's your RPi stuff going?

I heard a disturbing rumor.

I cannot verify if this info is correct, but it disturbs me

So, for the past two years I have been attacked by a certain former member of TWP.

I can go, I am in Champaign Urbana. If I can get a ride, that would be great, if not I can take train and meet you there.

OK, so this former TWP member contacted FBI to get TWP, me and others in trouble, telling lies.

If you can get to Champaign, IL we can take the train.

This former TWP member contacted multiple people at my employer trying to get me in trouble. Also contacted the campus police to cause me trouble. I have been under scrutiny because of these things.

AR to Champaign, IL.

I dunno, drive here and I'll pay our way


You can park in my driveway

U of IL, C-U campus

you may have to go to Little Rock, Malvern, Wlanut Ridge

SWEET. We need all the strength we can get


How about Malvern, or little rock?

I'll tell you what, grab a bus to Memphis, take the City of New Orleans and I'll jump on the train at Champaign

8 hrs. to Memphis from Harrison


AND as a buddy, I will get yer ticket from Memphis to Chicago. Just to have someone to drink and ride with

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