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That's excellent.

Looks like something out of The Great Escape.

"Papers, please."


What about rare earth metals?

I think I'm the echo.

I use push to talk to cut it down. Sorry.

Yes. Aliens.

Headphones up.

Goodnight @FemaCampBandLeader-CA. Thanks for your patience.

@BellaDashwood, at your leisure, could you post me some dummy-calibre source material that I don't have to be an ancient languages expert to comprehend, that shows me why I should be gassed for my impudent pagan attacks on Christianity as a "foreign desert cult?"

She sucks.

Face fagging for real. My policy is to follow only those I've met personally, so get thyself to Charlottesville on August 12.

Me & Benji.


@MadDimension, I was just informed of the torch rally. Have you gotten any feedback about it? I had lodging booked for Saturday night. It's not impossible for me to book Friday as well, but be mindful that surprises like this can make life complicated for people who are traveling long distances.

Traveling with @jackwhite from Harrisburg area. Contact me if you could use a ride.

That makes sense as long as it seems like people are willing to adjust and travel in early.

Been laughing at this meme all day.

We gon get sangin judges

Thank you @SwiFT. I a gud boi!

I think @White_Ryno did.


We love our crack babies, don't we, people?

That debate was so hilarious. "Fact checkers, fact checkers, WHERE ARE MY FACT CHECKERS??"

Fuck you guys.

I half expected a bunch of winged monkeys to come in through the windows like Wizard of Oz.

The way she was calling.

He is Ric Flair.

Is Appolonian Germ on Discord?

>Talking to a woman about tech hardware.

Yes I would restart your computer @MsNatSocialist.

Very good.

Having video is a very good idea.

Donated. Hail victory.

"Hickok45 here. See those antifa over there? Well ..."

Aidan's email address failed for me @MadDimension.



From their carpool discussion for their July 20 training in D.C.

Within the last couple months people have been commenting that the information on how to do this is not updated.

Looks like the most recent response by Facebook staff directs people to report the issue as a problem.

So, how likely do you think it is that antifa used that report channel to ask to have their guest list made private, and that Facebook was sympathetic to them because "they're the good guys"?

Found the ride share link in the discussion section if their Facebook event. @Azrael

Trump wishes McCain a good recovery and calls him "a crusty voice."

Lol yes.


Click on the first "Matters By The Public" @JCAdams.

There's a second one near the bottom, I don't think that's it.

I'm into the first guy, who is going to offer us his perspective "as a Jew," so I'm pretty sure these are the goods.

"I was born in 1954. In the ashes of the Holocaust. The ashes were literally still smoldering."


I can hand them out @MadDimension.


We wuz Nazis.

Ok, I'll DM you.

Actually, I can just put it here, @MadDimension -- Greg never fails to say that whatever Richard Spencer is involved in is leading our movement to disaster. Spencer puts his face out there and leads, and Greg alternatively shits on what he does in public, or works behind the scenes to undermine it. I would be very careful.

They are all going to run into each other--Johnson, Spencer, and Daniel Friberg--at Amren this coming weekend, so that may be something to observe, to see how Greg is posturing towards Unite the Right.

I'm on the train.

Folx on here is loud.

Taking the bar exam tomorrow

Fuck, good point

Sarsad was interneet court pointed. Not premium interneetz lolrer like me.

Sargoon is Kazaa KKKaliber

Website was working for me a moment ago.

Sounds like he's going to be ok.

Our enemies are blowing their collective load right now.

They have overreached and will fail.

Thanks @Goldstein Riots. Impossible levels of cuckery.

Heimbach was a happy man.

Automatically-generated ads for alt right goys.

Trying to hold up the world right now like Atlas. I'll try to jump in later today.

@andrewanglin have you touched base with Spencer yet?

Levels of synth that should not even be possible.

Give this some more RT love--gotta beat the Republicucks:

I gotta run--talk to you guys later. Everyone else get up in chat @here.

@Greg Brewer - OKC, are you referring to the effort that Pax is spearheading?

Hoping we're not duplicating within the Alt Right.

Ok, makes sense.

Can't talk, just listening. Voice chat is always fucked when I'm driving. @D'Marcus Liebowitz

I was arrested that day and I don't blame the cops.

Would be a mistake to do so.

Some good voice posting in here tonight.

What is this Spencer-is-a-CIA-shill trip I hear @weev is on?

Marginally more fair.

That's the point of his activity--raising consciousness, targeting the metapolitical whole. His project is cultural. He wholly concedes that actual political leadership will have to arise from someone else. That person has not appeared yet.

But, these are critiques with which I can live. The literal "he's working for the CIA" meme fatigues me.

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