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2017-11-10 01:18:09 UTC

Be the authoratative figure and to keep her from going astray.

2017-11-10 01:18:35 UTC

And went on to say if they had invented open ocean craft, cartography and firearms they would have done the same to us

2017-11-10 01:18:45 UTC

For sure

2017-11-10 01:19:26 UTC

I'm teaching history to some kids right now. The poz starts young my friends, and subtle. Implying that woman's sufferage was starting in 1776 with abagail adams and that America was always a proggresive utopia and the founding fathers only held back because of how prejudiced everyone was but could "forsee" a future where everyone was equal

2017-11-10 01:21:16 UTC

Equality, there is absolutely no such thing

2017-11-10 01:21:29 UTC

Except that rich is artificial, contrived and temporary

2017-11-10 01:21:32 UTC


2017-11-10 01:22:01 UTC

I wouldn't want to live in a world with equality, what a bleak existence

2017-11-10 01:23:48 UTC

@Rocky Place I'm curious, what do you do with the curriculum

2017-11-10 01:28:47 UTC

@Flagg I'm only a lowly sub, so I just try to get them to work. Some of them though, even the whites, are delibirately dumb. They'll just sit there and turn in a blank sheet at the end. I do what I can, but I'm not there to lecture. I did correct something telling them that congress prints its own money. I mentioned that it doesn't, and that in fact the federal reserve is a private bank. But very few care

2017-11-10 01:29:54 UTC

What class is it to be talking about monetary history?

2017-11-10 01:30:13 UTC

You should make them watch that animated video - The american dream

2017-11-10 01:33:24 UTC

if I could, I would. Its American history to 1877

2017-11-10 01:35:42 UTC

Man that's depressing

2017-11-10 01:35:53 UTC

Good on you for trying

2017-11-10 01:36:17 UTC

its very depressing. But I'm hoping as a real teacher I have more leeway to change the curriculum

2017-11-10 01:40:25 UTC

Well a thousand similar efforts is what moves the needle

2017-11-10 01:41:24 UTC

My girl literally just looked up from her text and asked why everyone persecutes Jews.

2017-11-10 01:42:02 UTC

Which at least let me scratch my chin and go hmmmm, yeah everyone seems to hate them throughout history. Why do you think that is?

2017-11-10 01:42:52 UTC

Say you know, they really are tied to a lot of pornography and other filth, usury too. I wonder if anyone connected those dots

2017-11-10 01:44:00 UTC

mention off handedly that the majority of the people comeing out as perverts are jewish

2017-11-10 01:44:11 UTC

"Why have Jews been kicked out of 109 different countries at least 355 times over since 250 AD?"

2017-11-10 01:44:29 UTC

Ah yeah. Gotta play into the emotions

2017-11-10 01:44:58 UTC

Work it up to blood libels.

2017-11-10 01:46:56 UTC

That's exactly right

2017-11-10 01:48:52 UTC

So what do we think @Dustin, you guys seceding from the union or what?

2017-11-10 01:49:31 UTC

We did it once already, was a fun few years

2017-11-10 01:50:16 UTC

In all seriousness, probably not. It'd be nice to be forced to leave CA and go somewhere else better.

2017-11-10 01:51:12 UTC

Tbh it would buy the rest of America another decade electorally and demographically

2017-11-10 01:52:06 UTC

But then maybe we need to be accelerationists since it's all burning down in the end anyway

2017-11-10 01:52:14 UTC

I go back and forth on that

2017-11-10 01:53:17 UTC

A collapse is long overdue. It's the industry. Education and media. If those pick up and leave, that might cause CA to buckle.

2017-11-10 01:54:56 UTC

It's crazy how every time I travel anywhere out of LA to do a job, how much more normal the people are, especially women.

2017-11-10 01:55:28 UTC

And how white other places are, by comparison

2017-11-10 01:57:51 UTC

Well you guys have pedowood out there, tons of spics, and a city that's literally known for fags

2017-11-10 01:58:02 UTC

But I can't talk. We're 30 percent black

2017-11-10 01:59:14 UTC

I came up as one of two white kids in an all black elementary school. I went to class with a thirteen year old fourth grader, and took my first beating in third grade

2017-11-10 01:59:30 UTC

Tends to redpill you from an early age

2017-11-10 01:59:41 UTC

I can't even imagine that...

2017-11-10 02:00:24 UTC

Wasn't so bad. Once I learned to fight back they stopped messing with me

2017-11-10 02:00:43 UTC

The other white kid was weak and hopeless, much easier target

2017-11-10 02:01:35 UTC

But they were always loud, unhygenic, rude and would steal anything you left out

2017-11-10 02:03:16 UTC

One year in college, my digital camera went missing. I think one of the spic carpet cleaners snagged it when we weren't there. 2 black guys moved in, and I decided to set up a motion camera disguised as a basic webcam next to my pc. Caught them doing lines, playing video games and eating KFC all day. That was the quarter I left.

2017-11-10 02:03:25 UTC

Coudn't take it anymore.

2017-11-10 02:04:30 UTC

Haha Jesus

2017-11-10 02:04:43 UTC

I was probably more like that other weak kid you went to school with. Not a fighter. Didn't know why I should until getting redpilled

2017-11-10 02:05:50 UTC

Come on Thomas, you can deliver

2017-11-10 02:05:51 UTC

Well I was raised weak by a mother who babied me, I was no different. I was blessed with a step dad who came later and made me a project

2017-11-10 02:06:24 UTC

Yeah I was really overprotected by my mother. It kind of caught up to me once I got into public shcool.

2017-11-10 02:07:37 UTC

Yeah I hear you. You from an area with a lot of browns?

2017-11-10 02:08:55 UTC

Texas, but that was all homeschooling or church-school. Then Colorado and that was my first dive into public education. Fortunately, almost everyone was white, so I had it good.

2017-11-10 02:09:38 UTC

There were like 1 or 2 black kids there and they never seemed happy.

2017-11-10 02:10:28 UTC

Can't blame 'em - we all want to be around our own people. if the demographics were swapped, I don't know what I'd do.

2017-11-10 02:21:07 UTC

True but like everything else, life isn't fair

2017-11-10 02:21:22 UTC

It does suck to be in the minority, undoubtedly

2017-11-10 02:21:40 UTC

And in that sense this thing is zero sum, why we're here

2017-11-10 02:38:46 UTC


That feel when this woudn't even work in America if we did it because Boomers scooped up all the wealth and millenials are the first generation in recorded US history to be poorer than their parents.

2017-11-10 02:43:04 UTC

Mürdoch Mürdoch, Marduk, Marduk? Another God manifesting in our memes?

2017-11-10 02:43:51 UTC


2017-11-10 02:47:35 UTC


2017-11-10 02:49:47 UTC

Murdoch= Marduk?
Marduk was an ancient Babylonian deity.

2017-11-10 02:50:24 UTC

Greeks considered him Zeus, the Romans equated him with Jupiter.

2017-11-10 02:50:30 UTC

We have the best memes, best deities, best poster designs, like nobody else.

2017-11-10 02:50:57 UTC

Fuck yes.^ Even God is on our side. We are unstopable.

2017-11-10 03:05:29 UTC


2017-11-10 03:07:42 UTC

^ Audio recording of Chris detailing his current situation.

2017-11-10 03:17:24 UTC

More details coming from Chris tomorrow. Sounds like the last charge is still up for deliberation. No idea if that means the case picks up tomorrow or whenever.

2017-11-10 03:37:07 UTC

@Flagg Help us out here.

2017-11-10 03:48:40 UTC

Sounds to me like since the charge was certified it'll be sent to a grand jury. Still no bond because they kept the "malicious" portion of the charge keeping it a class 3 felony.

2017-11-10 03:51:34 UTC

"The preliminary hearing is a hearing where the District Court judge must determine if their is probable cause for the case to be certified to the Grand Jury. The prosecutor, or Commonwealth’s Attorney has to put on some of their evidence to establish probable cause that the defendant committed the crime for which he is charged. The Defendant does not have to put on ay evidence, and usually doesn’t at this stage, since it is the Commonwealth who has to prove probable cause. The Defendant can also waive their preliminary hearing, if they think it is advisable to do so. If the Judge finds probable cause, he or she will certify the case to the Grand Jury."

2017-11-10 04:33:45 UTC


2017-11-10 04:34:16 UTC

Anyone interested in this? A good nationalist I know who is in a bind is selling it, he says Its a licensed lithograph from Friberg fine arts.

2017-11-10 04:34:43 UTC

Looks beautiful.

2017-11-10 04:34:57 UTC

He's getting discharged from the army due to his politics and needs the money, he said 300 is a fair price based on what he paid but I'm sure he can be jewed down if you need to.

2017-11-10 04:35:21 UTC


2017-11-10 04:36:22 UTC

He also says that the frame is an acrylic cover that protects it from light, I don't know much about art so take that how you will.

2017-11-10 04:47:43 UTC

Got the words the wrong way round, but great gif.

2017-11-10 04:47:53 UTC

oh rip

2017-11-10 04:48:27 UTC

It's very artsy. Kind of comfy. Should loop it and have it as a screensaver.

2017-11-10 04:49:19 UTC

I sent the raw gopro to the email you sent me, want the links yourself?

2017-11-10 04:49:35 UTC

Nah, Rocky should be able to make use of it.

2017-11-10 04:55:36 UTC

tbh you can hear my heartbeat after we ran and its aesthetic

2017-11-10 05:13:51 UTC

Any operations I plan in the future will involve running. Be prepared @here

2017-11-10 05:14:05 UTC

It's a **really** good look for us.

2017-11-10 05:15:11 UTC

Tbh a group of dudes in polos and masks running with flags and torches is aesthetic

2017-11-10 05:17:49 UTC

Just to counter signal if I ever plan an opp it will involve segways.

2017-11-10 05:17:50 UTC

We learned a lot from Austin. Our flash mobs in the future are going to be pristine.

2017-11-10 05:27:51 UTC

We are storm troopers.

2017-11-10 06:05:38 UTC

hey, the old site had a great article about how bad the gays were. Does anyone have an archived version?

2017-11-10 06:22:59 UTC

That short video is beautiful.

2017-11-10 06:23:18 UTC

Love the stars and stripes barely visible.

2017-11-10 06:26:47 UTC


2017-11-10 06:27:55 UTC

Best optics

2017-11-10 06:35:55 UTC

@joe TX also I have to ask what kind of stimulants do you use to be able to poster 5 collages in one outing.

2017-11-10 06:38:39 UTC

Aryan blood needs no stimulant but the love for his wayward kin

2017-11-10 06:40:33 UTC

Jesus dude your too pure for this world.

2017-11-10 07:00:48 UTC

anyone awake?

2017-11-10 07:00:56 UTC

no go awy

2017-11-10 07:01:07 UTC

wat happened to bloodandsoil

2017-11-10 07:01:17 UTC

is it down?

2017-11-10 07:01:26 UTC

kill yourself jerk

2017-11-10 07:01:27 UTC

scared me

2017-11-10 07:01:29 UTC

it's up

2017-11-10 07:01:33 UTC

don't forget to type www

2017-11-10 07:01:53 UTC

oh I had to do www

2017-11-10 07:01:55 UTC

Did you type www. In front?

2017-11-10 07:01:58 UTC

ok nevermind

2017-11-10 07:01:59 UTC


2017-11-10 07:02:03 UTC

We're trying to get that fixed

2017-11-10 07:02:04 UTC

gonna kill myself now

2017-11-10 07:02:18 UTC

Or Josh is anyway

2017-11-10 07:02:25 UTC

I'm trying to upload my cooking shows and wanted to link thomas for cover art credit lol

2017-11-10 07:02:35 UTC

Not your fault. It needs to be fixed

2017-11-10 07:03:32 UTC

Friendly reminder that the only answer to the Jewish problem is no Jew at all

2017-11-10 07:09:31 UTC

Kys chef

2017-11-10 07:26:06 UTC


2017-11-10 14:23:50 UTC

I'm showing the most kiked movie I've ever seen to a bunch of middle schoolers and I hate it

2017-11-10 14:24:20 UTC

Its called Freedom Writers, I suggest you go look it up. This is terrible

2017-11-10 14:25:40 UTC


2017-11-10 14:25:45 UTC

@Rocky Place I was forced to watch that too

2017-11-10 14:25:53 UTC

Leftist cheering on murder of white man

2017-11-10 14:26:45 UTC

Its got "White savior" BS and inner city kids are just "oppressed" This is the worst sort of mindwashing

2017-11-10 14:35:48 UTC

I just got to "muh holocaust"

2017-11-10 14:36:01 UTC

this movie is even worse than I thought

2017-11-10 14:37:25 UTC

Freedom Writers makes me ANGERY

2017-11-10 14:37:33 UTC

Like that fucking Mexican math movie

2017-11-10 14:37:42 UTC

I've got to show this crap 7 more times

2017-11-10 14:38:09 UTC

Show them triumph of the Will instead

2017-11-10 14:39:02 UTC

This is why I need to be a real teacher

2017-11-10 14:56:40 UTC

Happy Veterans Day men. Especially to our guys who served, thank you for protecting our beautiful country 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

2017-11-10 15:08:31 UTC

Appreciate it. At a pass and review right now

2017-11-10 15:08:52 UTC


2017-11-10 15:09:10 UTC

@everyone let me echo that sentiment from @ashrob NJ , our vets add an incredible and unique value to this org that we should all be thankful for.

2017-11-10 15:19:05 UTC
2017-11-10 15:27:18 UTC

Let's meme Jordan into ranger rgmt

2017-11-10 15:28:20 UTC

I look forward to getting beat up by vets tomorrow 😅

2017-11-10 15:28:30 UTC

I'm sitting next to a recruiter. I'll pass his info along

2017-11-10 15:28:48 UTC

11X Option 40 or he walks out

2017-11-10 15:28:58 UTC


2017-11-10 15:35:38 UTC

Guys if you're in bitcoin sell now

2017-11-10 15:35:51 UTC


2017-11-10 15:36:05 UTC
2017-11-10 15:36:26 UTC

JDAM your local mail man

2017-11-10 15:36:29 UTC

Im watchin it

2017-11-10 15:36:57 UTC

This is probably going to be a drop we've been expecting

2017-11-10 15:49:06 UTC

My old unit

2017-11-10 16:39:32 UTC


2017-11-10 16:39:36 UTC

Remember reuse and recycle hate

2017-11-10 16:45:12 UTC

Hate is as natural a part of human anatomy as legs or lungs. The prevailing Leftist thoughts on the matter do not eliminate the existence of hate, but merely change its form and direction. One is rewired from hating the unjust, the subversive and the unnatural, to hating his own capabilities wherever they exeed those of the inferior, and hating any mind which does not fully and absolutely adhere to the dogma of self destruction.

2017-11-10 16:45:53 UTC

I've gotten some basic bitch liberal girls in my life to start waking up because of the It's okay to be white campaign

2017-11-10 16:45:54 UTC

If there is no hate, there can be no love. If you truly love something, you will hate that which opposes it. And if you do not, then you do not truly love it.

2017-11-10 16:46:00 UTC

"Hate"is spreading

2017-11-10 16:46:00 UTC

to love good is to hate evil. To hate beauty is to hate ugliness. To love your children is to hate what does them harm. To love, you must hate

2017-11-10 16:46:09 UTC

*hate, but also that

2017-11-10 16:46:25 UTC

I made fun of a typo and made two of my own.

2017-11-10 16:46:52 UTC

Absolutely. By the way, you can right click/hold down on posts to edit them. So no need for the asterisk corrections.

2017-11-10 16:47:20 UTC


2017-11-10 16:54:14 UTC

The Austin demo vid has just about surpassed the Houston bookfair vid and has double the likes, and several times as many comments. We've gotten about 100 new subscribers and overall things are looking good on that front.

2017-11-10 17:10:45 UTC


2017-11-10 17:10:52 UTC

3rd sticker design for the sheets?

2017-11-10 17:20:51 UTC

Looks good

2017-11-10 17:25:42 UTC

I like it

2017-11-10 17:41:31 UTC


2017-11-10 17:43:07 UTC

in case anyone was interested. I think page 335 is important to keep in mind.

2017-11-10 18:08:49 UTC

Oh God

2017-11-10 18:08:56 UTC

I just found an old image of me

2017-11-10 18:09:19 UTC

I once snuck into a Jewish community center event for free food during my poor days

2017-11-10 18:09:26 UTC

I had one of them take a picture

2017-11-10 18:09:32 UTC


2017-11-10 18:09:36 UTC

that's pretty jewy

2017-11-10 18:09:40 UTC

I stole a hat too

2017-11-10 18:10:00 UTC

I know. That's how I fit in

2017-11-10 18:50:30 UTC


2017-11-10 18:50:36 UTC

Thats awesome though.

2017-11-10 18:51:08 UTC
2017-11-10 18:54:36 UTC


2017-11-10 18:54:40 UTC
2017-11-10 19:00:43 UTC

That nose I know

2017-11-10 19:02:26 UTC

I had to use the restroom and I asked where the "Little Goy's Room" was

2017-11-10 19:02:32 UTC

They didn't think it was funny

2017-11-10 19:03:14 UTC

Then again I never understood why women called the restroom the little girl's room. Kinda creepy tbh

2017-11-10 19:04:44 UTC

Lmao. Thats Fucking savage man. Just going into a jews food event uninvited and stealing a yamaca and food.
Did you find their jew gold?

2017-11-10 19:05:44 UTC

@Rocky Place , Im going to have to go through that GLR book. The into was pretty intense.

2017-11-10 19:05:56 UTC

"Death Rattle."

2017-11-10 19:06:30 UTC

Dude it was funny but a mistake

2017-11-10 19:06:39 UTC

Jewish food is fucking disgusting

2017-11-10 19:06:49 UTC

Still keep change in the little cap though

2017-11-10 19:07:13 UTC

Well yeah, anything that comes from jews is disgusting.

2017-11-10 19:07:56 UTC

Jewish bread is unleavened. It's essentially a stale, saltless wheat thin

2017-11-10 19:08:37 UTC

Matzahball soup tastes like it does intentionally, to remind them of the holocaust or something

2017-11-10 19:08:37 UTC

Their meat probably tastest acidic too, since they torture the animal before it dies.

2017-11-10 19:08:46 UTC

There's really no excuse for it to taste that bad

2017-11-10 19:09:10 UTC

If Hitler tried Jewish cuisine the holocaust would have actually happened

2017-11-10 19:10:02 UTC

Nordfront always setting the bar.

2017-11-10 19:10:34 UTC

Do we have an official PF flag?

2017-11-10 19:10:51 UTC

It's all a result of hard work, and years of dedication.

2017-11-10 19:11:12 UTC

Stuff like that is the fruits of years of work and sacrifice, we'll get there if we have the people willing and able.

2017-11-10 19:12:15 UTC

And no, I've actually been a bit conflicted as to how our flag layout should best be utilized. I've narrowed it down to several alternatives in my head, but haven't settled on anything.

2017-11-10 19:12:15 UTC

Also, custom flags are expensive, and cost money we don't have atm.

2017-11-10 19:14:29 UTC

AltRight podcast was talking about optics on Nov 1st, They basically came to a close conclusion that described our own aesthetics. The Fascist Axe, Roman eagles. That seems to be the happy in-between spot.

2017-11-10 19:15:55 UTC

The American flag but instead of the stars a swastika and instead of the stripes Hitler strangling a black child

2017-11-10 19:16:21 UTC

I'll send it off to be printed at once

2017-11-10 19:16:25 UTC

My deliberation is whether or not we should carry flags with purely our insignia, blue on white or vice versa, and then alongside that carry US flags with 13 stars or current ones.

Or whether we should carry a flag with our insignia that incorporates the 13 stripes and red/white/blue and carrying that alone.

2017-11-10 19:16:30 UTC

Option one is cheaper, and more flexible possibly, while option two can be more striking.

2017-11-10 19:16:55 UTC

Tbh we only need one or two flag bearers

2017-11-10 19:17:03 UTC

For now

2017-11-10 19:17:07 UTC

I was wondering that too. Do we simplify it to one flag that can carry the American identity with our own.

2017-11-10 19:17:31 UTC

We need our own flags

2017-11-10 19:17:50 UTC

Neither option excludes us having a flag with our insignia.

2017-11-10 19:23:45 UTC


2017-11-10 19:25:45 UTC


2017-11-10 19:26:06 UTC

Essentially, which would it look better for us to wave?

2017-11-10 19:26:18 UTC

Either we do national flag, and org flag, or combine the two.

2017-11-10 19:26:39 UTC

Would it be weird to put the crest in the center and make the thing all blue and white?

2017-11-10 19:27:11 UTC

What crest? And what's "the thing"?

2017-11-10 19:27:36 UTC

the 13 star fasci in the center and make our color scheme all blue and white

2017-11-10 19:28:20 UTC

That's the option in the **B** category

2017-11-10 19:28:26 UTC

I have a 13 star flag

2017-11-10 19:29:23 UTC

Wonder what it would look like with stripes behind it.

2017-11-10 19:29:50 UTC

Option B all the way

2017-11-10 19:30:47 UTC

Option B would also include 50 star, or 48 star flags. It's cheaper and more flexible, because we can always ditch the federal flags. However, if we go for A then it takes money and reprinting to seperate the two.

2017-11-10 19:32:08 UTC

Option B

2017-11-10 19:32:32 UTC

But option A is very striking and means even if we're carrying one flag, then the message is already there. So it means less flagbearers to worry about, and makes propaganda easier.

2017-11-10 19:32:38 UTC

We absolutely need our own flag but it should always be flown with the federal flag. Also a relevant state flag sometimes as well as the Stars and bars when appropriate

2017-11-10 19:34:37 UTC

"Stars and bars"

2017-11-10 19:34:43 UTC

Flag autism activated

2017-11-10 19:35:39 UTC


2017-11-10 19:35:54 UTC

Stars and bars my dude

2017-11-10 19:35:55 UTC

That graphic from the resurrection poster might also be pretty great on a flag

2017-11-10 19:36:11 UTC

@Thomas Ryan how about the whomster flag , but with our logo in the middle?

2017-11-10 19:36:35 UTC

That's been done to death

2017-11-10 19:36:35 UTC

That would be an alternate federal flag with our logo, and be in option A

2017-11-10 19:36:46 UTC

Even TRS has that design

2017-11-10 19:38:53 UTC


2017-11-10 19:38:58 UTC

This is the best option

2017-11-10 19:38:59 UTC

If we're at a confederate monument you fly the battle flag.

2017-11-10 19:39:01 UTC


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